Friday, April 05, 2019

The Fake Scandal and the Dogs of Dumbarton

There is a bridge near the Scottish town of Dumbarton that has a terrifying reputation. 

For it is said that hundreds of dogs have leaped over its sides for no apparent reason, only to end up dead in the rocky gorge below. 

Since it is Scotland one can't be sure who or what is to blame, furry creatures like mink moving around in the gorge, or a ghost that is said to haunt a nearby mansion.

But I was interested to see that somebody has compared the phenomenon to the hysteria sparked by the fake scandal.

For as Andrew Cohen writes, the little melodrama that has consumed this country for nine long weeks, is also madness. 

To foreigners, our current melodrama is madness, a kind of derangement syndrome. “Are you nuts?” asks a visiting friend from London. The poor man – a leading international lawyer – is staggered by the circus in Canada’s Parliament. He sees us as a country of stability, sobriety and moderation. 

A fevered fake scandal, that in a world under siege by sinister right-wing forces, amounts to nothing more than what Cohen calls a "sordid little scream." 

Saint Jane denies “a power play” as she gives interviews, there to slip in the stiletto once again; Saint Jody records a conversation with an unknowing public servant. With every move, they weaken their government and strengthen the Conservatives, unmoved by women’s rights and Indigenous affairs.

Commentators have lost a sense of balance, seeing evil in ineptitude. The Conservatives, who denounced Wilson-Raybould last fall, now trumpet her virtue. Her loyalists ignore her lethargy as justice minister who left Stephen Harper’s policies in place and who wanted an outsider as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

But as I have also pointed out, it does seem to appeal to those in this country who love to flagellate themselves.

My, my, we are on hard on ourselves. To critics we cannot do anything right at home, where we have full employment, social peace and national unity unseen in a generation. A recent report card by an esteemed professor of international affairs and three graduate students at Carleton University gives the government’s gestural foreign policy a “C-” but overlooks two signal achievements: The successful re-negotiation of NAFTA and the admission of 58,000 Syrian refugees. In Canada, what good are laurels if you can’t recognize them?

There are many reasons for that, and many reasons the fake scandal was able to consume the life of a country for so long, and all of them are deeply troubling.

But I believe I covered most of them, and although the Con media is still trying to beat a dead horse...

Or glorify those two Con tools.

I like this cover better...

I believe most decent Canadians have had enough of the fake scandal...

And that the time has come to move on, and deal with the real threat to our Canada.

The campaign by Andrew Scheer and his ghastly Cons to turn our country into a right-wing nightmare, more Trumpling than Canadian.

Which would complete Stephen Harper's sinister vow to change this country beyond recognition.

The dogs of Dumbarton jumped to their deaths because they couldn't see into The Abyss. Will we make the same fatal mistake?

For we are now only 199 days away from the election.

This country is literally fighting for its life.

And as I've said many times before, and will say again, failure is not an option...


Anonymous said...

Huh? The re-negotiation of NAFTA was a success?! Then why's Freeland still making the rounds in Washington threatening to scupper the deal if the steel and aluminum tariffs aren't removed?

Jackie Blue said...

I can tell you that Americans looking in are seeing "Hillary's Emails" Canadian edition. This American certainly is and so are people I talk with on other sites. There's no scandal here other than the Cons' and their media mouthpieces' frothing, deranged hatred of Justin Trudeau. I don't even think the coverage would have been this obsessive if it was Dion or Ignatieff or any other Liberal Party leader. It's a personal thing with him like no other PM. For whatever reason -- his last name, his likability, his... socks appeal? -- this guy just drives the Con commentariat insane.

Yesterday he was visiting children at a cancer hospital. You could power the entire country's grid with the beaming smiles on their faces. They were so happy. It actually made me cry. Yet the media considers him a corrupt mob thug, a "fake feminist" and a sex-crazed cult leader? Rachel Curran the shrieking Harpie called him a gaslighting sociopath. What a sick bitch. Justin Trudeau has not "sold out" Canada or Canadians and he is by no means the caricatured monstrosity the demented fanfic writers at Macleans, Postmedia and the bobblehead shows portray him to be. He does not deserve to go down in disgrace. He's a victim of persecution. Whether Canada recognizes that or not, I can tell you we would be DELIGHTED to pack him up and the whole family in a luxury transport vehicle, and roll out the red carpet for them in the USA.

But again I think it's worth noting that the coverage is far more sane coming from his home province of Québec than is the English-language press. On Chantal's Twitter feed yesterday she said that no prime minister would have ever agreed to Jody's ransom demands, and the people replying in French were in agreement that she way overstepped bounds and needed to go. Brexit, Trump, the Ottawa/Toronto bubble and the wingnut media out west are making them shake their heads and wonder what kind of peculiar Anglo sickness permeates the culture. Maybe it is Puritan self-flagellation. The stereotype of the perpetually apologetic Canadian taken to a suicidal extreme.

We like him in America. Maybe not everyone, obviously we have our Trumpers and party purists here who irrationally hate Hillary too. But those I talk to, feel bad for Trudeau and for Canadians that you're all going through this. As I wrote in my letter to him that I sent via snail mail in February: this is bullying, harassment on a national scale. Character assassination being the next step up from physical assassination. This fight isn't over. We've been there, done that with the Obamas and the Clintons. And we know the "true" Trudeau: the teacher, the humanitarian, the young Jedi, the happy warrior and tireless fighter for what is good in the world. He will never turn his back on Canada and the people who need a hero. If the Rebel scum alliance strikes him down, he will become stronger than they will ever know.

rumleyfips said...

JWR was on morning shows today, bleating weasel words and evading real answers. Much to my surprise, Hanna Thibedeau ( remember her; a piece of shit who cheated on her taxes - I bet she didn't buy her own drinks that night ) questions the JWR's veracity at noon. She went back to her notes which shoWed that aryan andy'S best girl did actually try to interfere politically with the new and improved AG's independance.

Perhaps the media is pissed at being suckered by JWR's scorched earth campaign.

Gyor said...

Women's rights aren't at stake, Scheer is too afraid to touch abortion.

e.a.f. said...

Simon, you write this has consumed the country for the past 9 weeks. Yes and you've done it also. It really is time to turn the page. The media is. its exploited it for as far as it can go right now.

I'd much rather be reading about what Ford is doing to the education system in Ontario. The kids need all the help they can get. You're in a position to do that.

In my opinion, all of this is dividing the federal Liberal Party instead of uniting it. The federal Liberal party has to be united to win the upcoming election and people who support Trudeau and the Liberal Party might want to stop vilifying JWR and JP because it will come back to haunt the Liberals and Trudeau. Expect to see the words used by Liberals and their supporters against JWR in ads by the Conservatives and Bernier's party. They will use it in such a manner as to attempt to conveince, a man who made such poor decisions as appointing JWR can not be P.M. I've seen this type of advertising before. They will use the words of detractors of JWR saying this is just an example of the poor quality of candidates the Liberals put forward. Many have indicated they believe JWR and JP are not team players. Its a short leap to say, that's Trudeau's fault, he put them in cabinet. He had poor material to work with. Vote Conservative and we will provide you with better candidate for Cabinet material. Its oh so easy. And yes, if your readership is large enough Simon, they will use your comments against Trudeau also. Conservatives and foreign trolls will twist what you meant and said to make the Conservatives look better.

Jackie Blue said...

Perhaps the media is pissed at being suckered by JWR's scorched earth campaign.

Your keyboard to Dog's ears. Even Rosie pressed her on the recording of Wernick and Jody just said no comment and walked away. Con artist indeed.

Jackie Blue said...

That's not the only women's right, you know, or the only demographic that's worried sick about Baby Trump's inner child smearing his shit all over Ottawa. He hates Muslims, he hates the LGBT, he's in league with violent Neon Nazis and gun lobbyists, he has a sick "fascination" with political assassinations... He's certifiable, and he belongs in a mental institution rather than the institutions of government. Don't downplay this maniac and pretend that, like Trump or Ford, he's "not so bad."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like this is truly a media hit job — a media assasination including CBC. An indigenous blogger on twitter was approached by CBC BC about an interview over her opinions of JWR. She passed on her phone number and all her contact information. Then when the CBC journo discovered she didn’t support JWR’s position on this all the CBC journo actually BLOCKED her from her twitter feed!! So CBC will only interview indigenous people sympathetic to JWR and Philpott. This is criminal! Not only is the MSM out to mess with our democracy by taking out Trudeau but so is CBC! Still full of Harper cronies — Trudeau needs to clean house at CBC!! Incredible obstruction to democracy.

Anonymous said...

Angela Sterrit is the CBC journo that the above comment is about. Blocked an indigenous woman from her twitter feed after trying to interview her thinking she would support JWR. It’s one thing to cancel the interview but another to block the woman from her twitter feed so only positive JWR tweets are on her thread. This is beyond biased. It should be against the ethical rules at CBC which is to be our unbiased news source. Crazy times we live in. JWR seems to be mendacious about far too much. I think she is unbalanced and out of her mind. Why can’t people see thru that mask of hers!

Jackie Blue said...

JWR seems to be mendacious about far too much. I think she is unbalanced and out of her mind. Why can’t people see thru that mask of hers!

Trudeau derangement syndrome. There's no other explanation. If it was anyone else, the M$M and CBC wouldn't have gone this berserk. We went through this with Hillary Clinton, and now Canada unfortunately has the same contagion. As I pointed out in my aforementioned letter to him referencing "but her emails."

We are deeply sorry that our American prion disease has infected your side of the border.

brawnfire said...

The Aislin political cartoon is priceless.

And this piece, Simon, reads right on point with a side of drama.
It should be widely shared for benefit of the dazed and confused, and falling asleep. Mind-numbing, though the "scandal" may be.

brawnfire said...

Anon 3:50 PM
You're showing lack of knowledge.
NAFTA was renegotiated.
If it wasn't, there'd be no NAFTA to ratify.
Ratification is the stage things are at now.
Ratification requires passage into law by the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament.

brawnfire said...

Re: "It's a personal thing with him like no other PM. For whatever reason"
Thinking on it, having read many many criticisms of him, many very petty, here and in the comments sections of news articles in the CBC, the kinds of things they say are the tip-off regarding what they really resent.
There's that saying, "When one finger is pointing, four are pointing back." Seeing in him what they lack in themselves or wish they could be/have/be as comfortable with, and hate him for it. Here's a man who has everything; famous name and pedigree, beautiful family, money, etc, etc, etc, and for all of that, his NICENESS, incredibly, is top of their list! Niceness and kindness comes hard to conservatives. They hate that their hate doesn't dent his essential niceness.

Anonymous said...

Both the Connies and Liberals are big tent political parties. That means there are some common bonds but significant diversity in the party as well. The trolls and media stooges act like stone masons attempting to split a block of granite, a tap tap here one there, inspect the grain, add a little stress and then wham the block is cleaved along the fracture line or ends up in many pieces depending on skill. Justice, tied into equality and a minority group is a Connies wet dream. Fire up the trolls and "opinion" pieces, monitor clicks and comments to see what sticks and what splits the target group. Tap, tap a stone mason at work!
You first have to know that the game is all about finding fracture lines, once found all that is required is a sharp tap and watch the Progressives break themselves apart. The block of granite is too strong to break by brute force.
Wish I knew the answer but if I were a block of granite and sensed someone tapping I would start moving and shifting faces making fault lines harder to exploit. The unfortunate thing is the masons have had us locked in their cross hairs for 9 weeks with no really organized effort to escape. Time for a change, forget JWR and revisit in a few months when the scum has had time to float to the surface as it always does. Meanwhile lets have a go at tapping on some Connie fault lines, the diverse opinion on embracing the white supremacists, their off shoots and Trump provides fertile ground. Where is our army of trolls, bots and media stooges when we need them!
Another sure way is for all progressive to refuse to click on any JWR media hype and threaten to boycott any sponsors... preaching to the converted is not the purpose of the opinion pieces, like a hedge fund its all about levering fault lines.


Anonymous said...

Of course NAFTA was renegotiated. But if you call a free trade deal that leaves in place punitive tariffs against Canadian steel and aluminum a success, I'd hate to see what you'd call a failure.

Anonymous said...

The then-Attorney General JWR broke the law by illegally taping a peer. When will JT's legal team slap her with a lawsuit?
And what's with Cons shouting out about brave women? Where are they when we talk about womens rights on abortions or pay equity?
Convenient Cons indeed.

Anonymous said...

Freeland is not threatening to scrap the deal, she is merely lobbying to have the illegal steel and aluminium tariffs lifted. Closing the NAFTA deal is threatened by the House which believes there were insufficient Mexican labor rights built into the agreement. Remember who knocked Freeland and Trudeau for trying to build more human rights into the agreement before Mexico went its own way?


Jackie Blue said...

Nor is he an unscrupulous backstabber like... certain members of his party. At the end of the day he can go home knowing his heart is in the right place, even if the results don't always turn out how he'd have liked. Sad that politics seems to be an environment where assholes thrive. Justin wants to do things differently. Not his fault if other people -- and yes, that includes women -- prefer the old style of rodent copulation as a way to get ahead.

Jackie Blue said...

Trudeau probably has grounds for libel against Curran calling him a "gaslighting sociopath." (Then again he certainly has grounds for numerous lawsuits against Ezra and everyone else who's called him a terrorist, a cross-dresser, a sexual predator, and so on and so on.) They're trying to make him Ted Bundy and the second coming of Sir Johnny Mac, even though Philpott herself said (mealy-mouthed, thorn-laden fake olive branch that it might be) she has no reason to doubt that he is a feminist, and other indigenous leaders -- including the premier of Nunavut -- have praised his work on reconciliation. Instead we get screeds from hacks like MacDougall calling him Trump, JWR's grandstanding filibuster where she compared him to Nixon, and Curran's stalker-ish tweet that's really the lowest of the low.

My heart breaks just thinking about what his kids must be going through, the oldest two in particular. They must be at least peripherally aware of the vile lies and innuendo being put forth about their father. Let alone the vulgarity directed at them personally by the subhuman skidmarks in the social (and mainstream) media vomitorium. There must be some grounds for a pain and suffering case or at least some action taken with the CRTC. Such courageous feminists are the Cons and their diarrhea-spewing mouthpieces, not caring one bit the impact their barrage of anti-Trudeau hate might be having on, especially, his little girl. Shame on them all.

brawnfire said...

Hi rumleyfips,
Re: "Perhaps the media is pissed at being suckered by JWR's scorched earth campaign."
I saw what you saw and Jackie saw earlier today. But you know what really warms my heart? Tonight the Globe & Mail (where it all began) has not a single new headline that mentions JWRs name! Nor her friend's.

Anonymous said...

I think at the end of the day SNC was NOT the story or why JWR started on the war path with Trudeau and first Carolyn Bennett. This may be ALL about the indigenous rights framework that was being considered, consulted on and drafted. This would be radical for Canada.

SNC was a convenient PROXY to get back at Trudeau for the putting off the indigenous file until after next election and solely —to ‘gaslight’ the public and feign it was all about ‘speaking truth to power’ yadda yadda yadda....Canadians would not have responded well to her grand plans for this ‘nation to nation’ concept but this righteous virtuous nonsense accusing Trudeau of interfering with the justice of the land is far more seductive to enrage the public. Throw in the media who seemingly are out to destroy Trudeau and the Liberals and BOOM — the crazy fake scandal all ‘manufactured rage’.

The real story may be in the end the media frenzy and the assault on our democracy. If we have no true free press our democracy is under threat. Even CBC has been hijacked by the Harper leftovers.
Good evening everyone. Such a relief to read common thoughts on it all. Makes me feel I’m going less ‘crazy’ as it all seems like some kind of bad ‘B’ fiction! FL

Jackie Blue said...

It IS about the radical reparations framework. It has always been about the radical reparations framework. SNC was a red herring; the Trudeau-hating M$M and of course the stooges in the NDP and Greens all took the bait. Now even Fife himself seems to have realized that he got Rickrolled by this sorceress. None of the bobbleheads will ever admit verbatim that they were wrong, but even he tweeted late last night that JWR and Bennett fought over the indigenous file. In your haste to tag Trudeau as Nixon North, you got the wrong crook, asshole!

Dominatrix LeStrange with her S&M Lava Lamp bamboozled the whole country, except for those of us who were sounding the alarm from day 1. The trap of "identity politics" that Trudeau naively got himself into as part of the ostensible zeitgeist of today's liberal philosophy is why he, the "colonial settler" can't say anything about it. Not when she's already marshaled up her "big house" cult to wage war against the man she considers public enemy #1. Her guiding principle is clearly "my way or the highway," as in "get outta my way, or be roadkill on the highway!"

Read this Twitter thread from a blogger who goes by the name of "Rombough Sunni," and who herself identifies as Métis. She's very good. I'm wondering if she was the blogger who that biased CBC reporter blocked. She has receipts that would blow up the whole thing.

Now, the man from Oz behind the curtain of the Wicked Witch of the West is Mr. Raybould, who apparently is the son of a high-ranking individual at the Fraser Institute. Fraser Institute is the infamous Koch-affiliated think tank (sort of the "Cato Institute" of Canada) that has been working on a plan to court indigenous populations into an ostensible land-expropriation program, that actually ends up playing into the hands of libertarian free-market types who want to sell off resources to the highest bidder. Including foreign buyers. The 800-page nation-to-nation manifesto is just one component of this. By the time Bonnie and Clyde got done with Canada it would be a colony of everyone else in the world. Balkanized beyond belief. Palestine North. Nothing like a good old-fashioned race war to rile up Alberta and Québec, eh?

So far from being a "truth-teller," JWR may very well be a grifter and a radical ancap who would sell out her own people to the prospectors as long as she gets her cut. Wonder if she ordered $24 Manhattans at that dinner with Warren and Lisa. Philpott is probably a useful idiot who served her purposes in this grand scheme, but an accomplice is still an accomplice and she deserves zero sympathy. No, JWR is the Elizabeth Holmes of Canada, a sociopathic bullshit artist who got drooled over by a bunch of idiotic old men and insecure women seeking a feminist she-ro to laud for the cause. The clan war between Wilson vs. Trudeau can't be discounted as a factor either. She wants to bulldoze Daddy's Charter through one way or another by seeking revenge against the son of Pierre.

It's positively Shakespearean. Brutus and Cassius stab the young Caesar, but Brutus just happens to be the witch of Macbeth. Fuddle duddle toilet trouble. A tale told by a shrew, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. In other words, a LIE. No fake news, no fake news, no Russia, no Russia... Canada had its first real test of fake news and it failed, BIGLY! The prank call was always coming from inside the big house!

Anonymous said...

Spite and malice indeed, Simon. When I saw that nauseating cover at the grocery store I grabbed another magazine and covered it up to save others from tossing their cookies before they even had a chance to eat them. I also sent the spite and malice image to Maclean's stating that journalists with integrity cover both sides of a story and not just the ones that slam JT and glorifies Queen Jody and Calamity Jane. The link to Mr. Cohen's article was also included.
Finally, Andrew Cohen provides us with another voice of reason, from Grossmedia no less. Me thinks the board of directors will not be pleased with this story nor will the Dumbarton hounds Coyne, Selley and other JT deranged mutts in the Grossmedia fold. The more they defend the indefensible, the more their bias will be exposed.
In a way, the pathetic smear job the Con media is inflicting on JT is quite similar and reminiscent of his boxing match against Brazeau. Brazeau came storming out, scoring a few early hits, but as the fight dragged on, his oxygen source was depleted and he was left to clumsily flail away, repeatedly missing his mark while JT methodicaly destroyed him.
We need more journalists with integrity like Andrew Cohen to speak out and tell the truth, not just her "truth". It'll take time but I do believe when all is said and done, Justin will come out on top and the Con tools of the MSM will be further pushed to irrelevence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting side note on SNC-Lavalin

This stuff is never as back and white as the Cons and MSM want us to believe. This adds a bit more colour to the picture - along with the Indigenous file proposed (“nation-to-nation”) changes.


brawnfire said...

Jackie, looks to me like there's more to what you say about the whole matter than those dismissive of you might like to think. I did a cursory scroll through the list of Simon's March posts and don't see anything addressing this piece of old news (My apologies to Simon if I just managed to missed it): This article by Brian Giesbrecht was published on March 11th, almost ONE MONTH AGO. There's a lot in there there, plus the readers' comments):

brawnfire said...

Re: Canada had its first real test of fake news and it failed, BIGLY! The prank call was always coming from inside the big house!

Along these 'interior, lines, I'm reminded of the superb international best selling Inspector Gamache Series by Canadian author Louise Penny.
He's Chief inspector of the Quebec Suretee (sp) solving a series of crimes, with an important sideline story of politics and inside crime in the Dept.
The running theme of which is this quote, she on occasion repeats/re-dedicates:

Matthew 10:36 "And a man's foes [shall be] they of his own household."

Steve said...

Okay when your on the same side as Conrad Black, you have to re think your positon. When Conrad and I agree, it has to be ultimate truth, which Trumps, my truth, or indigenous truth.

rumleyfips said...

Can anyone point me to a good survey or summary of the nation to nation people to people quandary that exists in reconciliation discussion. Google found me a couple of pieces that both predict the end of the rule of law followed by a Balkanization with hundreds of independent states . The two articles are so close that I need to see if there are any other takes on the subject. And no, I' probably not up to reading JWR's 800 page book.

Anonymous said...

Brawnfire, you make some very good points as to the cause of their JT derangement syndrome. When you add them all up they point to the basic, pathetic human emotion called jealousy. A deadly sin that is forgivable when immaturity is at the heart of it, but when supposed adults allow it to consume them, the results can have devastating effects for all involved.
The Con MSM is in dire need of mental help to deal with their sick obsession. It's approaching pathological levels if not already there. They're like zombies stalking their prey. Devouring any morsel they find and regurgitating it in print. This is not normal. Someone from within needs to seek help for these tortured, pathetic souls.
"Jealousy is a kind of civil war in the soul, where judgment and imagination are at perpetual jars. This civil dissension in the mind, like that of the body politic, commits great disorders, and lays all waste. Nothing stands safe in its way; Nature, interest, religion, must yield to its fury. It violates contracts, dissolves society, breaks wedlock, betrays friends and neighbours. No body is good, and every one is either doing or designing them a mischief. It has a venom that more or less rankles wherever it bites: And as it reports fancies or facts, so it disturbs its own house as often as other folks."
William Penn

e.a.f. said...

On line news it reporting, out here in B.C., that Toronto Councillor John Filon, had his house shot at and that several weeks ago some one tried to force their way into his home. What is happening on Toronto council that would cause that. The guy has been on council since 1997, it reports. In my opinion that is a tad more serious than the JWR and Trudeau non scandal.

e.a.f. said...

No provincial or national politicians would advocate restricting abortion in Canada. Its up their with "my god given rights". There are millions of people in Canada who have known nothing else but the right to an abortion. Even Harper was clear, his personal feelings would be kept out of the abortion issue. The issue has been settled by our Supreme Court.

I don't know if Scheer "hates" these groups, but they definitely don't conform to his vision of Canada. He doesn't want them in the country, in my opinion. His association with some on the racist line is unsettling and it is not part of main stream views. He doesn't "belong in a mental institution". He has the right to his views, but he ought to keep those views to himself. I'm from the school of, you're free to have the thoughts you want, you just don't get to act them out or push them on other people. You can't change how people think, you can only change their behaviour via example and laws, et.

e.a.f. said...

It is an ongoing assault on the Indigenous community and the "white" press to portray Indigenous people as having only one view. that never turns out well. The Indigenous community is as varied in political opinions as those of European descent, Chinese descent, etc.

Don't know the players in Ontario and Quebec, but here in B.C. when it comes to things like the pipeline. About half of the Indigenous communities are for it, the other half against it. (my fractions may be off, but you get the idea)

e.a.f. said...

It wasn't wire tapping. Please don't spread misinformation. Its trollish and adds nothing to the conversation. She recorded a conversation, which is her right to do so. It is perfectly legal to "record" a conversation in Canada as long as one party to the conversation is agreeable. No one is going to sue JWR over anything such as this. To continue to suggest any one does so will keep the story on the front page and going into an election, that is not good. The election is still 6 months out and people will forget this quickly, if the msm and others let it die.

brawnfire said...

HI JD. Very astute of you. Jealousy was the word I was thinking of using, then opted rather to describe the how the why the derangement comes about.
Thanks for your wonderful contribution which rounds it out.

Frank said...

Kinsella has an ax to grind with the federal Liberal party. But I stopped listening to him when he claimed Ford wouldn't be that bad as premier. I guess if you are a well to do lawyer I guess you'll come out fine in Ford's Ontario.