Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Ascension of Jason Kenney and the Trudeau Challenge

It was Jason Kenny unchained, and a horrible sight if ever there was one.

He looked more like a feverish Alabama preacher than a premier-elect. All he was missing was a handkerchief to wipe the dribble off his chin.

But he had worked hard for three long years to build up his bigot party, and make it the voice of ugly Alberta.

So he just couldn't help himself.

And on a night to be gracious in victory, he went after his enemies like a rabid demagogue. 

Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives have turned years of economic pain in Alberta and deep frustration with Ottawa into a resounding election victory, returning the province to its conservative roots and setting the incoming government on a collision course with the federal Liberals.

He attacked environmental groups, accused them of being funded by foreigners, and threatened to block oil exports to B.C. He demanded more money for Alberta, urged Quebec to join his western confederacy, or else. He practically quivered with joy at the thought of killing the federal carbon tax.   

And of course he went after Justin Trudeau. 

Now there are not one but two premiers clamouring to defeat Justin Trudeau, openly, directly and noisily. The election of Jason Kenney as Alberta Premier brings a second scoop, on top of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, of open warfare between provincial capitals and Ottawa.

Knowing he can count on his bubba buddy Doug Ford to help him try to defeat Trudeau in the federal election...

Try to make make his fellow religious fanatic Andrew Scheer prime minister...
And along with the support of these other Cons in the anti-carbon tax gang... 

And the blessing of Stephen Harper who made robocalls for him.

Complete the hostile takeover of Canada.

But that won't be easy. Trudeau isn't likely to be intimidated by Kenney...

Who I'm sure he despises almost as much as the grotesque Kenney despises him. 

And he has all the weapons he needs to strike back at the new King of Alberta, by among other things holding up construction of the pipeline he bought the province. Or even threatening to cancel it.

He can launch an all out legal offensive at him, if he goes ahead with his plans to punish B.C. Or makes hollow threats to secede.

And as I have said before, and now so does Jim Warren, Con villains like Kenney and Ford could be just what Justin Trudeau to help him win the October election. 

The partisan chaos and conflict with conservative premiers across Canada could be the perfect political recipe for Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cook up a re-election strategy and campaign for next October.

Trudeau wants to portray himself as a guy in a white cowboy hat ready to fight the good fight for the middle class and to combat climate change. For this strategy to work he needs a few opponents to show up wearing black hats at the O.K. Corral, willing to fight him on his issues that support his re-election bid.

Trudeau is struggling. He needs to change the channel. He needs to regain the emotion and motivation that won him the campaign in 2015. Premier Doug Ford and potential premier Jason Kenney could be just what Liberal campaign strategists need for candidate Justin Trudeau to start moving in the right direction.

And this is the bottom line.

Which helps explain why at rally in Calgary the other day, Andrew Scheer looked more worried than exultant.

For he must surely know that being associated with Kenney and his corrupt and bigoted party is a mixed blessing. The kind of blessing that could blow up in his face over and over again.

Especially since the fake scandal has hardened Trudeau, and left him in no mood for sunny compromise...

You know, they once asked his father during the days of the FLQ crisis how far he was prepared to go?

And Pierre Trudeau's answer was "Just watch me."

Now it's his son's turn to fight those who would tear this country apart. 

And I'm willing to predict it will also be worth watching...


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Fake scandal that took out two cabinet ministers, one special advisor and clerk of the privy council. Super fake...

    1. Two drama queens who blew up their party so they could get their 15 minutes. Hillary's Emails was a fake scandal too. So was her husband's blow job. This doesn't even rise to that level. It's a media-inflated cockup and a character assassination against a high-profile candidate in an election year.

      Justin Trudeau is a victim of swiftboating. John Kerry, look it up. The Canadian equivalent being, I guess, swift-canoeing. He did predict that this would be the nastiest election in a long time and he was right. He just didn't expect that the nastiness would come from within his own party, and who would? Does the name Jimmy Carter mean anything to you?

    2. Anonymous6:09 PM

      You are completely deluded.

    3. Hi Jackie....Don’t be too hard on the Cons, they are just so disappointed the fake scandal is over, they are rambling incoherently and as you can see are completely deluded. The real scandal is that the Cons got twelve long weeks out of it, and that the two Connies got to smear a decent prime minister for absolutely no good reason.

  2. Jim Warren and Aaron Wherry's keyboards to Dog's ears is all I can say.

    Although I do think there could be some interesting symbolism in that photo of Jason the tar swamp creature and the Sasquatch from Saskapatch.

    Dare I say, Andrew Scheer's "walk in the snow"????

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Trudeau is even bad for the Liberal brand in PEI, they don't want to be associated with him. They would be wise to replace him before Scheer ends up with a minority government come this fall. His public image has been heavily damaged.

    1. Well, thanks a lot, Jody and Jane. Some integrity. Spite and malice indeed.

      Have to say though, as I posted earlier: he warned them about putting their eggs in one basket back in 2011. Heck, he resisted getting involved with politics at all because the nastiness didn't fit his nature, and he even used that word "nastiness" to describe it. But he reluctantly let them draft him even though he really did want to spend more time as an MP and looking after his young family. Now he's caught up in a mess that's not of his own making. This breaks my heart.

      I care what happens to Justin and wish him well. But I'm almost at a point of angrily blaming the party itself for his misfortunes. They chew you up and spit you out.

    2. Hi anon@12:32 PM...I notice that Con trolls have been spreading that nonsense all over the internet. How much does Hamish Marshall pay you for each comment? For the record Justin Trudeau is still the most preferred PM in Canada, way more popular than Andrew Scheer, So your attempts to divide progressives are doomed to failure...

    3. e.a.f.4:09 AM

      it is doubtful the federal conservatives will wind up with a minority. Trudeau will be in a position to form government first, even if he has fewer M.P.s. He can form a government with support from the other smaller parties. That is why its important not to keep knocking them. There is nothing left of the other parties in alberta. its just a straight across NDP and UPC. Not good for democracy.

    4. Anonymous11:09 AM

      Simon 9; prove that "nonsense" wrong. In the words of Judy Sgro...put up or shut up.

  4. e.a.f.1:50 PM

    This election for Alberta will help the federal Liberals win the oct. election. Ford is already doing the ground work for Trudeau by cutting health and education. Once Kenney starts his "eagerly" awaited changes, and talks of leaving Canada, that's all Trudeau and the federal Liberals need. The channel has been changed by his enemies not his friends.

    Its time for commenters here to stop bashing the NDP. B.C. has an NDP government and is one of the few provinces which has a carbon tax and a successful economy, with spending on health care and education. The opposition party in B.C. is named the B.C. Liberals, but they are not liberals in any true sense. They are and were Cons. they brought major corruption to B.C. along with the highest child poverty rate in Canada for 15 of the 16 years they ran this province. The government of Campbell & Clark was littered with Cons. In my opinion, they were the B.C. LieberCon party. Trudeau will need to hold on to his Liberal seats in B.C. and the NDP seats because if they go, Conservative, he won't have as many seats for a back up party.

    Now we will see if Jason can deliver any of what he is "promising/threatening". it would be some fun to see him try to leave Canada. He's land locked. He can turn off the taps to B.C. if he wants. Gas is already $1.70 in Greater Vancouver. Going to $2.50 will drive people out of their cars and onto public transit.

    The people of Alberta think its all about the tar/oil. They fail to understand they only have the mcjobs, even if they pay very well. Many of these companies are owned by countries like Communist China. We all know how their human rights track record runs and now China has imprisoned approx. a million Muslims for "re education". China will not permit Kenney to turn off the taps. If they want the product, they'll get it and Kenney won't have a choice. It was after all his "good friend harper" who sold Canada down the river with his "free" trade agreement with China.

    When foreigners own your natural resources they own you. Kenney now has his own province, which he can try to turn into his own banana republic. Scheer better watch out. After he looses this election, the Cons will have a national convention and Kenney will most likely run for leadership to try and have another run at becoming P.M. Being Premier of Alberta is only a stepping stone for him and we know what happens to stepping stones.

    I think it was Tommy Douglas who used the line about laying down and resting awhile and getting up to continue the fight. Rachel Notley will most likely be back again in Alberta or another NDP leader. B.C.'s first NDP government was voted out of office after one term, but came back when the Scoreds (what the B.C. LieberCons are based on) were just too right wing. B.C. elected Mike Harcourt as Premier and the Glen Clark. We then went to 16 years of B.C. LieberCon rule and we're back to NDP goverance. They're once again cleaning up the right wing's mess.

    people might want to take note the Alberta Liberals failed to elect any seats to the leg. its just a two way street there now. Not good for democracy.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Bashing the NDP - along with everyone else - is all the Liberal supporters can do. They've been crying for weeks, months, years that the NDP is "in bed with the Conservatives" because they are too stupid and arrogant to realize that as an Opposition party the Dippers will come after the governing party as we expect the Opposition parties to do. The Liberal supporters across social media have already started the classic Liberal tactic of imploring NDP and Green voters to vote Liberal so the vote isn't split and Scheer wins by default, that their vote for anyone but "Justin" is a "wasted vote" (all the while hoping for vote splitting between the Cons and Bernier's party). Remember, it's always someone else's fault other than the Liberal Party's fault or Trudeau's fault whenever they find themselves in hot water.

    2. Yeah, just like it was Hillary's fault the purity ponies stayed home, voted for Stein or wrote in Bernie. There's just no convincing the LWNJs of basic math, is there. The results speak for themselves.

    3. Anonymous8:53 PM

      Does the truth hurt?? All one has to do is read comments and tweets from Liberal supporters on social media. The funniest thing about it is previously they were hoping for vote splitting between the two right wing parties so Trudeau would romp to victory and now they are pleading for others to vote Liberal to prevent it.

      Far from left wing, quite centrist in fact, and hardcore partisans like you are the only nutjobs here.

    4. I'm not a purity pony; I'm a socialist.

    5. Anonycon @4:55PM... Nobody is bashing the NDP, except when lke Nathan Cullen they act like Con tools. But the fact is only Justin Trudeau can bury the Cons, vote splitting is a real danger, so no progressives should waste their votes supporting the NDP and the Greens. I realize you Cons have already started your campaign to get Canadians to vote for anyone but the Liberals. But the stakes are just too high, so good luck with that one....

    6. I don't read social media and I don't use social media because I have no interest in wading into the vomitorium. I didn't say you were a LWNJ, I said it's impossible to convince LWNJs, in general, to put country before party purity, instead of being a bunch of selfish Sarandons. Have a little empathy, will you? If you were really a centrist, you'd be pragmatic and accept mathematical realities, instead of cruelly mocking and insulting those who are trying to convince others of the truth. No, what hurts is seeing people's willingness to swallow lies ("but her emails! But his SNC!") if it confirms their prejudices, and then refusing to accept responsibility for the fallout. I suppose if you repeat a lie over and over again it becomes not truth, but politics. Bullshit theater is the most painful horror show to watch.

    7. Anonycon@8:53PM...That has to be one of the dumbest comments I have read in a long time. Try to remember this, or write it on the back of your hand if that helps: vote splitting is GOOD if it hurts the Cons, and BAD if it hurts the Liberals. Is that really hard to understand, or should we water you instead of feed you?

    8. e.a.f.4:21 AM

      simon, its not them or us or Liberals or Conservatives. its about democracy, the U.S.A. has only two real political parties and it has turned out to be a real mess.

      By encouraging people to vote Liberal, when they usually vote NDP, Green or Bloc it still could loose the liberals the election, if Scheer is really having a good year, (not expected though). Once there are only two parties left in Canada, it could put the liberals out of contention if the Conservatives get foreign assistance and more money than the Liberals.

      In the last federal election some people voted strategically and yes, I'd be prepared to do that. However, I live in a riding which has historically been NDP. it would perhaps be in the interest of federal Liberals to vote NDP. In Elizabeth May's riding, it would be best to put aside differences and vote for her. Voting isn't a straight forward thing, if you're trying to keep the Conservatives out of forming government.

      Trying to move the left over to the federal Liberals won't work. They're not "left" enough. They're still big business. the Greens won't do it and neither will socialists like some of us.

      We have a national health care system and CPP because the NDP held the balance of power and "pushed" the Liberals into passing the legislation. The next piece of "socialist" legislation in Canada was brought in by Pierre Trudeau and that was Plan 71, the U.I.C. Both Conservatives and Liberals spent decades dismantling it. the next "socialist" act was by Trudeau Jr. which is the cash for kids the government sends out each month

    9. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Simon 9:59/10;09

      First of all I'm not a Con. Just as I'm not a Lib, Dipper, Green, or any other party supporter. I'm what is called a swing voter. I've voted PC/CPC, Liberal, NDP and Independent. I voted CPC federally 2006/2008 because I felt the Liberals needed an airing out, I voted NDP in 2011 because I felt by then Harper had to go and also the NDP deserved a chance to show us what they would or wouldn't do with power (although they fell short) and Liberal 2015 as the best option to get rid of Harper. Trudeau, ironically like Harper before him, said he'd be different, but has instead proven to be Harper-lite on too many fronts for me. So this time I'm giving the Greens a serious look. You don't like it, well too bad my friend. Remember, your guy - and the others - need voters like me to get power, so trust me, my voting demographic wields more power than you or any other ankle-humping group of partisans can imagine. Wasting my vote?? Hardly, except in the eyes of arrogant, fear mongering partisan stooges like you parroting the party talking points. The only vote that is wasted on election day is one that wasn't cast.

    10. @Anonymous mood-swinger 11:19 AM

      And yet the Cons will always vote reliably in droves every single time. As our embattled Albertan friend below said, they'd vote for a Con if he ate puppies. Fickle fools such as yourself abandon ship if you don't get everything you want for Christmas. Well, thanks for doing your part to punish millions of other innocent people in your own selfishness and arrogance by being a fair-weather friend. Harper Jr. is Scheer and his clones, not Trudeau, but I guess there's no amount of convincing you to put others' concerns ahead of your own because of your warped view of one guy. You may not be a "partisan," but you are most definitely a purist. You let your impossible demand for perfection to be the enemy of the good.

      "Both parties are the same" is what led to a President Trump. In part thanks to the mythical "economically anxious" Obama swing voters like you and the spoilers who went for Stein. You seem to take a disturbing delight in "wielding a lot of power" to sway elections that have the prospect of harming your neighbors, but that's OK with you as long as you got your disappointment off your chest.

      I guess it's too much to ask that you grow a conscience and stop thinking only of yourself.

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I see a pretty precipitous fall for the likes of the right-wing provincial governments in the coming years, despite their successes now. They're galvanized because they have a clear enemy, as we did when Harper was in power. But given that their own agenda is so unpalatable to the ordinary person, all they have is vague attacks of Justin Trudeau not following through on some of his promises mixed with tepid condemnations of the carbon tax, but straddling that line of full denial.

    As the election date nears and people get a clearer sense of just how empty a suit Scheer is, the Liberals will spring back, particularly if there's a sense that a counterweight is needed to all the right-wing austerity governments.

    1. Hi anon...I think you summed up the situation perfectly. Give Con clowns like Kenney and Ford enough rope and they will hang themselves. And yes, Canadians will vote for Justin if only to provide a counterweight to that foul Con posse. The carbon tax is a problem for some because the Cons are making it sound like a tax grab, and forgetting to mention the rebate. Or that it’s the best way to fight climate change. And the good news? That should make for some great attack ads...

    2. e.a.f.4:24 AM

      B.C. has had a carbon tax for almost two decades now and our economy is still moving along nicely. Ontario which voted for Ford is going to loose 3.500 teachers. the news is reporting B.C. has advised Ontario teachers, B.C. is hiring. I'm sure we'll be picking up a few teachers from Alberta also.

  6. You'd think they could afford better tailors. Or some shoe polish. I'll cut the others some slack on the shoeshines but Palliser has no excuse because I'm sure he could bend down that far.

    I'm going to keep that picture and show it to anybody who laughs at Americans for electing Trump.

    What's the use.

    1. Hi John...I know how you feel. If any of my friends in the UK asked about those Con clowns, I would probably have to lie and deny that they are Canadians. Justin Trudeau’s socks have helped us look cooler than we once were, but with that Con posse running around they are clearly not enough. We have allowed a bunch of third-rate right wingers racists and homophobes to rule over us, and all I can say is how low have we fallen...

  7. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I love that last picture of Trudeau with his bodyguards. He does look like he’s ready to rumble, and Kenney better not try to mess with him. How Albertans could elect a bigot like him makes you wonder what kind of people live there, and do they really think that Kenney can solve all their problems? I just don’t understand it, but I blame Harper for spoiling Alberta and making it think it’s better than all the other provinces.

    1. Right on, Anon.
      re: "How Albertans could elect a bigot like him makes you wonder what kind of people live there"
      I once entertained the idea of moving there (before I knew better!). Thank God I didn't. The mindset: I just don't understand it, either.
      Here, we're stuck with Doug Ford, for now, but, at least, most of us, 60 percent of us didn't vote for him.

    2. e.a.f.4:34 AM

      In my opinion, people voted for Kenney because he made promises they wanted to believe. Albertans are frightened. they had a good 20/30 year run at things and now their economy, which is based on tar/oil has run into trouble. They want to believe its Notley's fault. They don't want to accept tar has reached the end of the road, for at least a decade if, not forever. if things go side ways in the middle east perhaps there may be a revival of the tar fields, but for now, not so much. When a city like Calgary goes from people having difficulty finding parking downtown to going to parking downtown is easy, there is a problem. Lots of Albertans are moving to Vancouver island. There's work here. of course our economy could take a shit kicking because what drove it was the housing market. The housing market is driven by dirty money which is being laundered.

      In Vancouver when large residential towers are built, the developers expect to sell half of them in China. there are so many empty homes, the B.C. NDP has instituted empty home taxes. that money will be used to build affordable housing for working people. Even if you make a $100K a year its not enough to purchase a house in greater Vancouver. Houses did fall below a million, but its one very old house, bulldoze special, in industrial area. it was $980,000.

  8. Hi Simon,
    Quoting your article excerpt by Warren: "Trudeau is struggling. He needs to change the channel. He needs to regain the emotion and motivation that won him the campaign in 2015."
    and, as I replied in your earlier post: I happened to catch Justin Trudeau's Cambridge Town Hall on TV last night. (same night as the Alberta Election, a couple hours earlier)
    He had the fire in his belly.
    No need to worry on that account.

    1. Hi brawnfire...I didn’t have a chance to watch the town hall, but some friends who did were also impressed. I think the fake scandal has shaken him up, and as you say put some fire in his belly. I like Justin because he’s a nice guy, but it’s an ugly world out there and he needs to start kicking some Con ass. BTW I saw you left a comment over at the Disaffected Libby’s blog so I think I should warn you that he’s a ghastly toxic Trudeau hater who has even suggested that Justin should be raped in jail. And he is also a vile misogynist and homophobe, just so you know. Please feel free to annoy the hell out of the dirty old bugger, but watch your back...

    2. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for alerting me to what I didn't know about him.
      However, also know that I bid him BUH BYE hours before I read this message alert of yours. (6:47 pm)
      Thick-as-a-brick is a total waste of my energy.
      Looking for more Libs on progblog, to satisfy my curiosity, the Lib in his label is what led me his way. His Blog Title itself suggests he might be redeemable. LOL!

    3. P.S.
      HERE, where it'll get so much more traffic, is THE PLACE to add what I said to him, there:

      "Prime Minister Trudeau, who is still our Prime Minister, has implemented a nationwide carbon tax.
      This is a FIRST for our country, a huge step, compared to anything Canada has ever done on climate.
      What you and the rest of us dissatisfied environmentalists can do is back him up; get behind him on it.
      This is a TEST for all of us.
      I know what I'll be doing...."

  9. Voters get what they deserve. If they want to live in celibate chaste Kenny world. God Bless Them.

    1. Hi Steve....yes Jason Kenney makes a fine premier of the cowboy province. A guy with a life long chastity vow who lives with his mother. I can forgive him for living with his mum, but the chastity vow is really scary...😎

    2. Perhaps he'll kiss his horse.

  10. Simon & friends, I think you're gonna like this:
    Ford's gas pump campaign a scandal that's going to stick :)
    All we need to do to make it stick is make sure everyone we meet knows about the REBATE. (the part the sticker omits)

    1. Hi brawnfire...yes, that big bubba sticker is a great attack ad opportunity. I’d like to get a bunch of stickers with the rebate information on them and then go from gas station to gas station plastering them on the others. But I’d have to be quick because I’m sure some gas station owner is going to go to court, and Ford will be the one paying....

  11. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Its not surprising that rural bring back the good old days Alberta voted Con but more surprising a growing progressive city such as Calgary went Con while Edmonton stayed NDP. Perhaps it was the higher unemployment rate in Calgary that provided fertile ground for making false promises or the greater percentage of old stock money that swung the balance of power. Whatever, its now on to the standard Con ploy where things are much worse than we thought so while the average person is protesting cuts and cursing at their provincial/federal neighbors the duly elected will make sure that their backers get to loot the piggy bank. Yep,primarily under Con guidance the oil output has doubled over the past dozen years but its Trudeau's fault that royalties have evaporated and the number of workers has decreased. The only new jobs that will eventually be created will be the result of a huge inflow of tax dollars required to clean up the environmental mess when its all said and done. Meanwhile, it shouldn't take too long for Calgary to decide that Kenney is just as useless as his Ontario cousin Dougie.


    1. Hi RT...I’m trying to convince myself that economic despair made so many Albertans vote for Jason Kenney and his corrupt bigoted party. But I’m finding it really hard. You have to be really dumb to believe that Kenney can magically being back jobs, when oil is a dying industry, and automation is reducing jobs in the oil patch just as it is reducing jobs in the auto industry. But as you say, it shouldn’t take too long for them to realize that they have been suckered, and it’s going to be a brutal awakening...

    2. e.a.f.4:39 AM

      Simon, you haven't been to Calgary recently. People are desperate. they're not bigoted. Look at who the Calgary Mayor is, a man of colour and Muslim.

      Alberta has had slumps/depressions before and then they recover. They may have believed Notley was not interested in providing a recovery because of her position on the carbon tax. Edmonton has always been an NDP strong hold. Their economy is not so tied to oil

  12. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Congratulations to Albertastan for electing Kenney and confirming that the majority of them are as mindless and hateful as a typical Trump voter. A steady diet of bullshit from the right, gleefully aided and abetted by the Con MSM and ba-bam!!! Duh majority has grunted. Dragged their knuckles to the polling booths they did, marking their X on the ballot, wondering why their signatures are required. SAD. It's sad because if the electorate had any clue that 40 years of Con rule is what brought them to what ails them today, maybe the outcome would be different. Ignorance is bliss and now they have Kenney's ass to kiss(eww).
    That picture of Duhg and Jason holding hands is priceless. Dumb and dumber professing their love to power and each other while the planet approaches or already has reached the tipping point on climate change. If they and Scheer think they can bulldoze their way to turning this country into a Trumpian shithole then they will have once again vastly underestimated Justin Trudeau, at their own peril.

  13. "Desperate people do desperate things"! and Common sense does NOT prevail!

    1. e.a.f.5:29 PM

      You're quite correct and there is no need for A. 1:37 p.m. to vilify them.

      If we look at the various governments various provinces have elected over the years, its like the pot calling the kettle black. Ontario just elected Ford. Man. and Sask. not great Premiers either. B.C. finally got rid of the B.C. LeiberCons last year after 16 years.

    2. Anonymous5:47 AM

      "You're quite correct and there is no need for A. 1:37 p.m. to vilify them."
      There's another tiny violin playing again. You may be able to gloss over the absolute ignorance of the majority of Albertans but when they give rise to the likes of Kenney they need to be called out on it and as it is my right, I did. I could care less what you may think about it because given the blinders you've worn in re: to Jody and Jane and now this, I find your apologistic tendencies to be quite tedious and they often fail to address the root causes of real issues that affect real Canadians. Blunt as this may be, if you take a snip at me, expect one in return. Have a great weekend!

    3. @JD 5:47 AM

      The more I'm seeing of your country, the more it looks like any defense of the Economically Anxious™ "good Albertans" is the new "good Germans." God(dess) save us all if that specter expands nationwide to reflect a model of the "good Canadians." We've already got enough "good Americans" to go around.

      Because it's 1939 and all, I think we're Poland. You guys next door must be Czechoslovakia (Québec-o-slovakia?), because you have a greater likelihood of being broken up. At least if Kenney has his way and starts his resource war, not to mention "swing voter" trolls like our spoiler comrade at the top of the thread.

      Have to say though, you and Simon and most of the frequenters here do give me a tiny flicker of hope that the following statement has some veracity to it. Justin Trudeau himself clearly believes the same:

      "It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."

      ― Anne Frank, "The Diary of a Young Girl"

    4. Anonymous2:36 PM

      Awesome comment and quote from Anne Frank, Jackie. I always appreciate your commenting, your rapid fire wit and your fearless ability to shoot down the Con trolls. Plus the fact you seemingly love this country more than a lot of so called Canadians I know. And above all, your uncanny ability to see the most decent PM we've ever had for who he his. Your caravan(if needed) is always welcome here. :)

  14. Anonymous10:30 AM

    The PC's in Alberta screwed around and then the Alberta NDP got elected at the wrong time - just in time for recession. Now they have the Kenney and the UCP. Reminds me of what happened here in Ontario in the '90s. Peterson Liberals called and early election, the NDP got elected just in time for recession. Then "we" election the Harris PCs. History repeating itself.


  15. Good day to you, Simon,
    Not only is the coming carbon tax fight perfect for our Prime Minister...
    I think you're on to something, that you said this: (same thing I've been thinking for the last little while)
    "And he has all the weapons he needs to strike back at the new King of Alberta, by among other things holding up construction of the pipeline he bought the province. Or even threatening to cancel it"
    Especially, in light of this latest:
    A new poll suggests many Canadians support the idea of a huge public spending blitz to address climate change, similar to what politicians in the United States have dubbed a “Green New Deal.”
    A majority of respondents to an online poll by Abacus Data — 61 per cent — said they either support or somewhat support such a proposal, described as “a massive government jobs program and investment in clean energy, green technology, and electrification.”

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Hi Brawnfire and Simon, I highly doubt JT will attempt to slow down construction. For better or for worse, it's just not in his character. However, I think the process of getting the go ahead will in itself keep this pipeline from being built for a long time, if ever. Jason Tarball may have to run his gooey pipe as he suggested to Alaska. Huh? Good luck with that one Tarball. He may have to run his pipeline up his fat ass until he floats and rides the trade winds to the east coast or China.
      I forgot to ask earlier about that weird picture of Kenney and Scheer at that rally. Simon, you thought Scheer looked worried. I thought he looked like someone about to or who has already shit his pants. Trust me, I've seen that look before and it couldn't have happened to someone more deserving.

    2. LOL, JD. There you go again LOL you're killing me!
      Simon did also, with his "should we water you or should we feed you" remark. (which, LOL, to be clear here, wasn't referring to you)

      I like to think the man, our Prime Minister is still growing into his job. Capable of surprising us. On policy. Though I have no solid reason to think so.

    3. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Hi Brawnfire, Simon's water or feed them remark is also one of my favorite one liners of his. I actually got the floating Kenney butt pipeline idea from Simon's graphic of the floating Kenney creature from the black tar lagoon. If you haven't seen it yet I'm sure you will. It floats, it farts and it's as hideous as the man himself.
      Thanks again for your candor. I've always found in life that laughter truly is the best medicine and Simon's often times hilarious graphics is what first attracted me towards his blog. The cause and the commenting is what sealed it for me and I've followed his blog ever since. Almost 6 years now. If I don't have or cause at least 20 belly laughs a day as I navigate through this thing called life then I am left wanting. It is another day lost, mired in the torturous bile that infects this poor tortured planet. Trying to make it right is as admirable as it is our duty and being able to laugh along the way certainly lightens the load.

  16. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Hi Simon, I write from ‘ground zero’ on the Kenney front. Our riding managed to keep an NDP MLA as 2 other inner city ridings in Calgary and all of Edmonton. But rural and suburbia as elsewhere are tribal conservatives where he could have eaten puppies and still been elected now that the ‘right is united’. Their popular vote was the same as when they were divided in 2 parties and the NDP held most of their vote this time but it’s now hopeless for progressives going forward here.

    The conservative base in Alberta will always be the majority here. The NDP won with the right divided. There were a handful of seats with vote splitting on the left of the UCP but wouldn’t have changed the majority outcome. This place is diseased with greed and ignorance —they only know the boom that comes after the bust economy here only no more booms are on the horizon in our lifetime. Oil sands are done for expansion and with more and more output they employ 38,000 LESS workers. The party is over here unless Albertans change themselves and open their eyes up to the reality of climate change and the need to diversify into sustainable energy and technology jobs.

    I think Alberta is ‘yesterdays man’ — it will be left with a weak petroleum economy unless they add more value to the product and an ever growing pollution and environmental mess to be cleaned up. The oil sands have been a ‘sacrifice zone’ to the enviromenmt and AB has little to show for it as they run deficit after deficit budgets even at 100$ oil under the PC’s. No magic bullet but no one will admit it out loud.

    My worry is that Kenney really wants Trudeau’s job and will be on the attack along with his miseries as on the Maclean’s cover to hurt the Liberals in the federal election. Alberta is going to cause grief for all of Canada.

    1. I sure find your input valuable. (per my "I don't understand these people).
      Thank you, Anon @2:17

    2. My worry is that Kenney really wants Trudeau’s job and will be on the attack along with his miseries as on the Maclean’s cover to hurt the Liberals in the federal election. Alberta is going to cause grief for all of Canada.

      Maybe that's what Scheer is really schitting his snow pants about: getting Joe Clarked or even Patrick Browned by Canada's foremost king of the incels. Trudeau was so right (he's been right all along) when he said of Harper, "Albertans are setting our agenda too much right now." Which Albertans of course took as an excuse to lash out at Québec. He better get tough because it sounds like Master -- er, Pastor Bates is running a cult from Mother's basement. Blue balls were and are a powerful motivator for ISIS too.

      There are a lot of similarities, as I've pointed out, between the respective Trudeau and Clinton Derangement Syndromes: Pavlovian reactions to the last name, fever-dream conspiracy theories about family foundations and sex cults, and first and foremost misogyny -- the equivalent "misogyny against men" being defined more succinctly as homophobia. Remember when obvious projectionist Kenney got the big boys (and some Stepford wives) enraged at Trudeau for pointing out the epidemic of sexual assaults at rural construction sites, and then those demented protesters went out in the streets with vulgar comments and posters about Margaret and calling Justin a mama's boy if not worse? Far from being a fake feminist, Justin Trudeau might be one of the few men in the world eligible for a Cassandra award!

      I feel the same way here about the homeschool-dropout hicks in Dixieland and the American Rust Belt as a lot of Canadians do about the six fig rig pigs in Oilbertastan. "Clean coal" is all they cared about in West Virginia, but Trump played to that anger very well. So did irrational hatred of a high-profile candidate, part of which included the cloud of (media-created) "corruption scandal" and a bigger part was just personal venom. Everyone and everything else, the planet included, be damned, fuck you, it's all about me, and if the world burns or blows up Jesus will take care of it anyway.

      What the fuck are these people smoking? There's an old saying, "oil and water don't mix," but apparently tar sludge goes great with holy water to mix into a particularly poisonous brand of Kenney Kudatah Kool-Aid. "Make Alberta Godly Again!"

    3. e.a.f.5:38 PM

      A:2:17, thank you your thoughts from Alberta. agree this is Kenney's side job as a stepping stone to the leadership of the Cons.

      In my opinion, unless Alberta transitions to a new economy, they will be where they were prior to the Leduc strike. What will make things worse this time, is all the budget cuts Kenney will make, much like Ford is doing--getting rid of 3,500 teachers. On the upside B.C. still needs more teachers, paramedics, nurses, doctors, trades people, etc.

      Many of the younger voters in Alberta have only been there for 30 years or so and have been through the boom years. Older Albertans lived through the boom and bust. Some of them were prepared for that, this group, not so much. They expect it will come back, and it won't. Calgary is well placed to attract other industries, which include the tech industry. Lots of office space, decent and affordable housing, nice city with good community centers. A lot of tech companies have moved to Vancouver but the price of real estate for workers doesn't work. Calgary would benefit.

  17. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Sadly, Alberta is exactly as the rest of Canada thinks they are. it's populated by uneducated rednecks who are both racists and homophobes.

    I've never been so embarrassed to live here in the last 40 years. Yes, all the bad things you've heard about Albertan are absolutely true!

  18. Off topic but the facts are in, the Deep State made a false case against Trump. Now taking out Trump is a good idea, but what we have seen proves there is no rule of law.

  19. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Must agree with Anon at 5:18. AB has become worse over the years — more intolerant and more angry. It’s a petro state full stop. Notely bares some of the blame for stoking the hysteria over pipelines and she repeated the same half truths that have been debunked but it sure got people mad as h. and looking to blame her and Trudeau.

    Friends in the oil biz here will admit the TMX will do little to change the ‘math’ on jobs here as the jobs were in building new mines not in the operations — more production with less jobs is the real story up there. The oil industry is actively ‘demanning’ the industry to stay competitive. Those jobs are never coming back but no one will admit it. Frankly the unemployed oil workers should blame the shareholders in the American companies that are packing up and going to Texas where the Permian is the best return on investment play vs. the expensive oil sands.

    I think BC should fight like H. NOT to be the next ‘sacrifice zone’ for the environment from the toxic bitumen as there is no ‘do over’ once that crap hits the ocean. It is not the same as oil yet the NDP and the Cons here spew the same lies about it and most of the public are too uneducated to understand the difference and the true economics of the industry. I wonder did Notley really believe some of the lies she repeated over and over again?

    The reality of Alberta is that if you’re going to have a shot at government you have to be the bitumen cheerleader. Nothing less will do here. Alberta will continue in decline if they stay on the same path but as long as they can blame it on Ottawa they will have a scapegoat and never have to take responsibility for 40 years of mismanagement of this resource that they have little to show for it. It has made some private citizens very rich but the public wealth isn’t there.

    Now we must fight to keep Trudeau in power if we are to remain a civilized country. Shocking how many of these bozos have been ‘elected’ —says more about the people of Canada — these bozos are merely a symptom of a sick society not the cause but once they have power they concentrate it and with MSM firmly in their camp it’s hard to fight.

    Cheers and Happy Easter all!

    The silver lining I hope?! ...I think Kenney just helped Trudeau as is Ford. If you take Alberta out of the equation the rest of Canada are smarter than that! ;)