Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Day Justin Trudeau Finally Went After The Cons

For nine long weeks Justin Trudeau has been forced to defend himself from the Cons and their media stooges, who tried to use the fake scandal to destroy him.

But that scandal finally passed away the other day, not with a bang but a whimper.

And now Trudeau is putting on the gloves again.

And going after his Con enemies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau road tested his campaign strategy Friday, lumping Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with Ontario Premier Doug Ford and other right-of-centre politicians who deny climate change, vilify immigrants and tolerate white nationalists.

Pounding Andrew Scheer for being a Ford stooge.

"Andrew Scheer takes his cues from the Ontario premier, so Canadians can expect much of the same if he ever gets elected: Cuts to the Canada Child Benefit, cuts to the National Housing Strategy, cuts to the OAS and to CPP enhancements and on climate change in particular, he's no better."

As well as for being an alt-right sympathizer.

"Andrew Scheer conveniently fails to call out alt-right conspiracy theories. Andrew Scheer fought against a non-binding motion to denounce Islamophobia. Andrew Scheer has proudly spoken at the same rallies as white nationalists. Is that someone who will govern for all Canadians? I don't think so."

And to make matters even better, Trudeau's ministers are also out there now attacking the Cons. 

Like Bill Blair does here.

And manages to elicit this priceless reaction from the notorious Con redneck Larry Miller.

Can you believe it? From the same redneck who once called opponents of the gun registry Nazis.

But then that's who the Cons are, as you can see from this new survey.

The shameless members of Canada's most racist party. The traitor Trumplings in our midst, who wouldn't know a Canadian value if one jumped up and bit them.

But how do they get away with it?

Answer: because the Con media plays along with them, as Andrew Coyne does here:

By attacking the government's plan to slightly tighten up the situation on the Canada-U.S. border.

Without noticing, or bothering to acknowledge this:

Which as I'm sure you know, I have called exhibit A of the vile racism of the Cons.

And one more reason no Canadian could ever trust this monstrous leader.

Whose foul bigotry threatens this country and its values like no leader or party has ever done before.

But at least now Justin Trudeau is striking back.

And with the support of decent Canadians he will lead us to victory...

The Battle for Canada has begun.

And the Cons have had it coming for a long long time...


Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be black said the black man. I'm proud to be Hispanic said the Latino man. I'm proud to be Native said the Indigenous man. I'm proud to be white said the racist.

Jackie Blue said...

I ordered a DVD of the CBC "Great War" docudrama from eBay the other day. I recognized that screenshot from the movie. Talbot Papineau would be proud of Justin fighting the "good Germans" on a modern battlefield. It's almost fate that "Papineau" is the riding he represents and happens to be one of the most ethnically diverse in QC.

Andrew Scheisskopf and Hamish Goebbels are on the wrong side of history. Lebensraum Larry's grandfather would probably be ashamed of him. Stupid Dummkopf! Our ancestors didn't fight fascists and Nazis overseas only to have them pop up and run for mainstream political office at home!

Jackie Blue said...

You clearly don't understand why that's a racist comment, no doubt because you're a racist. All those other groups have faced oppression under the heel of "white" conquest and are still facing it to this day. "Whites" can't even come to a conclusion as to who's "white" enough to belong in the club. Italians, Irish, Poles? I guess you missed that crazy old lady from the Wolf Pack last summer telling Justin to get the hell out of Québec because he isn't "French" enough for her tastes??? "I'm proud to be stupid," said the Conservative!

brawnfire said...

I like that line.

Here's one 4 ya:
Remember the Dumpster's line : some of them are "Very fine people"?
I like "my" Canadian author Lousie Penny's fine line:
F'd Up Insecure Neurotic and Egotistical

Anonymous said...

Yes he is a racist. That's because the Latino man, the black man, and the Indigenous man don't denigrate other minorities like the white man does.

Also, the white man believes his race is superior to all others - the definition of racism. Got it?

Anonymous said...

Coyne got his bell rung, and so did that dumb redneck Larry Miller. As for that poll it’s simply stunning, and shows why this country has such a racist problem. Racism helped defeat the Cons last time and it will do it again this time...

Anonymous said...

"Remember the Dumpster's line : some of them are "Very fine people"?"

I do. Especially CNN, NYT, WAPO and all the other left-leaning 'news' organizations put their own special spin on it to make the gullible masses (that's you) believe that Donald Trump was speaking about anyone other than the vast majority of protesters who were there, NOT as part of any 'hate group', but simply to say "LEAVE OUR STATUES AND OUR HISTORY ALONE!"

The MSM, like you, had conveniently 'forgotten' the whole reason for the protest. The general public, though, wasn't as easily fooled....and that's why Trump's popularity continues to slowly climb. That's why you couldn't take him out at the Midterms. You've told so many flat-out LIES about him (Russia, anyone?) for so long that the Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario now applies: even on the odd occasion that you tell the truth, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.

Which is all pretty hilarious, given his total lack of character and general boorishness. Donald Trump is a complete ass, and does so many awful things that you don't actually *need* to tell lies about him to make him look bad, but you do it anyways. You're 'Progressives'. Lying is second nature to you.

So now, you're going to elect help Andrew Scheer as our next Prime Minister because you just can't admit what an awful guy Junior tuned out to be (and there's still more to come, as anyone following the story closely knows). Enjoy the next few years of Conservative earned it...;)

Anonymous said...

"Yes he is a racist. That's because the Latino man, the black man, and the Indigenous man don't denigrate other minorities like the white man does."

(That's a keeper, that one. Doesn't even require rebuttal...)

Anonymous said...

I’m not surprised that the Cons are racists, but what shocks me is how racist the NDP and the Greens are. What is happening to this country?

Jackie Blue said...

Coyne is so intoxicated from sniffing his own anti-Trudeau hate farts that he apparently became nose blind to the rancid stench of the orange elephant in the bed. "Because it's 2015" was when Trudeau welcomed the first wave of Syrian refugees. At the time, he got to share a friendly "bromance" with that compassionate black guy who so many Americans hated. Well, a new tenant moved in the White House a year later on the wave of that racist hatred against Bromance Black Guy, and his deplorable ethnic cleansing policies spurred on Haitians, Guatemalans and countless other "others" to flee the United States out of desperation. It wasn't because of Trudeau's tweet, it was because Canada is literally within walking/driving distance -- what were they supposed to do? Fly to Paris? Self-deport to Mexico? These are people fleeing for their LIVES! Duh, no shit Trudeau and the Liberals would have to recalibrate as a result of a racist lunatic living in the MAGA Klavern downstairs and the Deplorable Party at home picking up the same eliminationist rhetoric! Is Coyne really that fucking stupid or just willfully obtuse? Shame on him for calling refugees "props" for Trudeau's political advertisements! These are human beings and he really does care about them! The only reason he's struggling to accommodate the influx is because everyone else has closed their hearts and homes and he can't do it alone! Have people forgotten little Alan Kurdi already???

Jackie Blue said...

Hey, racist troll 2:47 PM and probably 8:57 AM? Trump has not been cleared of anything, moron. Barr is burying the full Mueller report with his bullshit Wikipedia-length summary just like he spiked Iran-Contra. Party before country through and through, that's the RepubliCON way.

But that's beside the point. The subject of this article is Conservative racism, which is at the core of the CPC and GOP's ideology and platform. As for your "waaa, Charlottesville was about statues and history" canard, what other country puts up statues to traitors who lost a war? Try putting up a commemorative monument to Mengele in Berlin and see how far you get. Confederate "history" is the heritage of HATE. A young woman protesting AGAINST racism was killed at that race riot by one of your "very fine people" who Andy Pander's gal pal went to cheer on. They were carrying torches and chanting "Jews will not replace us." Still think we're crying wolf as you're howling for the Wolf Pack, asshole?

Liberals and progressives are liars? Justin Trudeau is an awful person? Bullshit! Right-wingers project more than an IMAX theater showing Triumph of the Will on the surface of the moon! You may have a knack for simplistic, base-level infotainment propaganda, but what you're inured to are FACTS. Your side lost in 1945 and you will lose again. Because let me tell you something right now: If we can't save the world, we damn sure are going to avenge it. Now go fuck off and have a wank to your pirate copy of Faith Goldy, She-Moose of the SS.

Steve said...

really I think JWR in her whole truth thing, said white man truth is not a truth. Given the history of relations that may be a fact, but its still not going to pass muster.

John B. said...

Racists, rednecks, Nazis, fascists, white settlers, native sons and male people everywhere! Bring on the great comeuppance. There won't be any equity anywhere in this world where the pink man's been until his rotten entitled progeny have suffered through it. If their great-great-granddads had only known what the bosses had in mind, the libertarians wouldn't be finding it so easy a go now that we've arrived.

Du kriegst die Motten. I never figured that day would come but I'll take the Marxists back on any one of them.

e.a.f. said...

A. 2:50 p.m. racists are in every walk of life, every political party, every income bracket. ITS the nature of the beast. However, people are racist by choice or their willingness to discriminate is by choice. People are entitled to their views. Its just not appropriate and in many cases to act out their beliefs.

I would question though where you get your facts from regarding racist Greens and NDP members. You obviously haven't been to an NDP function in British Columbia. They're multi-cultural as are the Liberal functions.

Racism is not confined to whites though. Racism is alive and well within "ethnic" groups also. More than one person in Richmond, B.C. has gone into a mall or shop and been told to leave because they not Chinese. that has been going on since the 1990s.

rumleyfips said...

I have voted NDP a lot and Green when there was a local candidate , but no more. They have both chosen political expediency over integrity .

brawnfire said...

You are delusional about me, for sure, and off-base about the rest of which you speak.
For all your protestations YOU obviously missed the obvious: Or are of the same mind as DT:
Out of the horse's mouth, unfiltered and unadulterated: "You also had people that were very fine people, ON BOTH SIDES."
It ought to be a no-brainer:
There are NO very fine NAZIS!
There are NO very fine WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

lagatta à montréal said...

That is very sad. So you support those who are for "the few, not the many"? Obviously the Liberals don't support toxic racism, xenophobia and homophobia as the modern Cons do, but they do support capital over labour.

e.a.f. said...

rumleytips 4:51 p.m., what do you mean by "political expediency" over integrity?

Lagatta, oh, how true. The federal Liberal party is no friend of Labour. They'll do the min. required to ensure they stay in office, but a friend of capital is who they truly are. THat is where most of their money still comes from. Trudeau is doing some good things for Canadians, but its how he stays in office. Trudeau won because he ran on a platform of improving things for Indigenous people and repealing the child tax credits Harper implemented and sending cash. People have benefited, but if he hadn't done that what would have differentiated the Liberals from the Conservatives enough to get them elected. Yes, people were fed up with Harper and his Cons violating our Constitution and the poor treatment of Veterans, etc. They felt "safer" with the Liberals because most of the changes brought forward over the past 60 years have been made by the liberals. Twice with NDP backing.

The Greens a few years ago had a policy convention which caused a stir and it would leave me thinking long and hard about voting Green. Elizabeth May opposed it, but its still part of the party platform.

Anonymous said...

"Racism helped defeat the Cons last time and it will do it again this time..."

Larry The Stable Guy has slipped in the bullshit again. He either needs an education on what white nationalism means or he knows and like Andy Pandy, doesn't want to upset their racist followers. More than likely the latter. It's disgusting that he brings up his family's efforts in WWII and then defends the very thing they were fighting against. Grampa must be rolling in his grave.
This bloated pork chop really needs to give up on those tight jeans and imagine his poor belt, probably tightened with a torque wrench and clearly cutting off the oxygen supply to his ass. He reminds me of a defective sausage, bulbous on one end and sorely lacking on the other.
It's also quite telling who the hardcore racist elements of the Cons are by simply casting out a lure that condemns white nationalists and seeing who gulps it down, hooks and all. In this case, Larry the large-mouth b-ass inhaled it.
I cant wait for the debates in which Aryan Andy will be pressed on his close ties to seemingly every racist element in this country and who always vote Con. It'll be a duel of the douchebags as he and Mad Max fight for those cherished votes while his little nazi chipmunk, Hindlick Himmler will be feverishly working on talking points to distance Andy from the rot, but to no avail. Scheer trying to defend the indefensible will leave him blushing like a timelapsed tomato on the vine, except this time he wont be able to cut and run as he did when asked to explain his ties to the rebel not so long ago.

brawnfire said...

Hey, JD
LOL, I can't let that one pass without a standing ovation!
"tight jeans...tightened with a torque wrench and clearly cutting off the oxygen supply to his ass."

brawnfire said...

Saw the first of 'em in the flesh when I was out and about yesterday! (two stereotypical pro-con local yokels and proud of it). One was a sturdy 20/30-something camouflage-wearing, with sun-glasses, & MAGAT-red baseball cap, but with an anti-Trudeau never-again slogan. The other, shabby old geezer, (literally dirty old man) raised his cane, in salute.
I'm wondering if they'd have dared to be so obvious, say, riding the TTC?

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:57 AM...I think that Jackie, Brawnfire, and the other commenters have hopefully educated you about the realities of racism.So I would just add this. The other day I read an article about lynching in I believe the New York Times, and I was horrified by the picture of a large group of white people posing for a picture with the body of a dead black man hanging from a tree. They were smiling and looking like they were so proud of themselves and it was beyond disgusting. And remember, thousands of African Americans met the same fate, so unless you understand that you can never understand the horror of white racism. And the idea of having white people like me and you feel sorry for ourselves is absolutely ridiculous...,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your luck, Brawnfire. It is spring and with it comes the melting snow exposing the various piles of dog feces when we're out and about. Mr. Camo man is clearly inviting his fellow inbred rednecks to show their approval for his love of Trump and hatred of JT. He's also inviting confrontation that may not end up very well for him. For me, a MAGA hat is a symbol as odious as a swastika and anyone wearing one are either too stupid to know it, or know it and don't mind advertising that they're a racist POS. As I said, careful what you wish for Camo man.

lagatta à montréal said...

Indeed. Other than Indigenous reserves and some ridings in BC where it is impossible for an ordinary worker to find decent housing, Papineau is one of the ridings most in need of more social housing. There is a great deal of unsalubrious housing especially in Parc-Ex, but also in parts of Villeray. And the average working person is very poor in the riding. Fortunately, the Left has succeeded in electing Andrés Fontecilla of Québec solidaire and a Projet Montréal council.