Friday, April 12, 2019

Will Andrew Scheer's Con Friends Help Justin Trudeau Defeat Him?

In Alberta the advance polls are open, and Albertans have started voting in a provincial election Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party are favoured to win.

But the UCP has been hit by one bigot eruption after the other. The RCMP is looking into allegations of voter fraud during Kenney's leadership campaign. 

His once massive lead over Rachel Notley's NDP has narrowed considerably.

So Kenney must be worried, and yesterday he brought in some help all the way from Ottawa.

So Andrew Scheer could demonize Trudeau just like Kenney does all the time.

And so does the monstrous Doug Ford...

Who being a climate change denier like the others can't say enough bad things about Trudeau and his carbon tax.

But as Aaron Wherry writes, all that Con aggression could backfire badly, by providing Trudeau with the enemies he needs. 

Justin Trudeau would probably prefer that Rachel Notley remain premier of Alberta. He'd likely rather have ex-Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne still running things in Queen's Park. But in lieu of allies and like-minded leaders, Jason Kenney and Doug Ford could provide Justin Trudeau with something he has lacked since he dispatched Stephen Harper in 2015: the right kind of adversary.

With Ford looking like a political thug right out of Central Casting...

Since coming to office, Trudeau has been offered up by some as a liberal beacon against a tidal wave of populism, so it might seem fitting that he would be defined now by a battle with a populist at home. Trudeau and Ford disagree on nearly everything, from carbon pricing to supervised consumption sites. The Ford government's austerity measures will stand in sharp contrast to the Trudeau government's spending. And Ford's bombast and family legacy are a neat match for Trudeau's celebrity and surname.

And Kenney looking like some kind of depraved fake cowboy...

Kenney would invite conflict with Trudeau over climate change, the defining issue of the era. He would be eager to blame Trudeau (or British Columbia or anyone else) for the province's lack of a pipeline to the coast — this moment's foremost threat to national unity.

Kenney also is vowing to call a referendum on equalization if he doesn't get a pipeline.

Who would threaten the country's national unity by among other things shutting down energy exports to British Columbia almost as soon as he takes power. 

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney says if he wins the election, he would enact into law the NDP's turn-off-the-taps legislation at his first cabinet meeting.

"We'll turn it into a real law, indicating to the New Democrats in Victoria that if they block our energy, we are prepared to use that," he said.

Which would almost certainly trigger a constitutional crisis, where Trudeau would have to come to the defence of B.C., which could help repair his bruised relationship with some in that province.

As well as giving him a good excuse to delay the start of construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, until at least after the election, which wouldn't hurt either. 

But would leave Scheer in an awkward position...

There's a dual risk here for Scheer — of being overshadowed by two premiers and of sinking his own chances by tying himself to provincial leaders courting controversy. It's possible that, by October, many voters will be looking for a PM who is more likely to stand up to the premiers of Alberta and Ontario.

Looking like a would be Prime Minister too weak to stand up to his bestial Con buddies.

Which I believe will be the issue or burning question of the campaign:

If you think Jason Kenney is a bully and bigot, and Doug Ford is a bully and a bubba, how would you like to see Andrew Scheer become prime minister?

And have all three of those ghastly Cons working together to rip the heart and soul out of this country?

And I'm pretty sure I know what the answer from most decent Canadians will be.

No thank you, I think we'll stick with this guy...

His father must have taught him to choose his enemies carefully, and he is his father's son.

A leader who isn't afraid to take on the bullies, or stand up for our values.

The only one who can defeat Andrew Scheer.

And a real Canadian prime minister...


Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, “turn-off-the-taps”. That’ll impress the oil companies even more. I just can’t believe that, in a province so currently dependant on oil, that the would-be Premier keeps finding ways to attack the oil companies.


Jackie Blue said...

Besides Islamophobia, Kenney and Ford are also rabidly -- and vocally -- anti-LGBT bigots. Scheer is too, but you'll never see him admit it because he's a mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, chickenshit fence straddler trying to thread the needle between attracting swing-vote "disaffected Liberals" and courting Mad Max's unapologetic Petersonian cranks who think fluoride in the poutine is turning the frogs into gay communists. He might not promote a "Liberal practices hotline" for bigots to report two men or two women holding hands or kissing, but I'm sure he wouldn't take any exception to anyone in caucus who would introduce such a bill. The M$M is going to have to quit sissifying JT ("fake feminist" meme notwithstanding) or risk looking like they're on the same side as the Con gay-bashers... which, of course, they are.

Scheer, like Peterson (who has actually met with Ford about the sex-ed curriculum, and that point should be hammered home in campaign ads) couches his transphobic opposition to C-16 in the usual vague dog-whistles about free speech and "Christianphobia." Who's his opponent, and by definition theirs? The stark contrast of a prime minister who marches at Pride, issued a public apology to LGBT people who'd been persecuted in Canada, has introduced anti-discrimination legislation, raised the transgender-rights flag for the first time on Parliament Hill, and who is the son of the prime minister who decriminalized homosexuality in 1969 and was famous for the phrase "there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." A prime minister who has for all intents and purposes declared furthermore that the state has no business in the bathrooms of the nation. A prime minister who aroused the ire of none other than Vladimir Putin by welcoming persecuted LGBT refugees from Chechnya to Canada when the Russian asshat in chief, the vice president in charge of the Ministry for the Prevention of Vice, and their vile Make America Germany Again government that fantasizes about having Paragraph 175 in the Constitution, had closed the door to build WALL. A prime minister who then ends up being savagely bullied for all of this by Con bigots in the M$M and the social media vomitorium. Michael Coren brought this up in an interview with Wendy Mesley earlier this year: one of the major reasons for what he calls the "visceral hatred" of Justin Trudeau, "a visceral hatred of this man that goes beyond politics," is his support for LGBT rights -- which, by "guilt by association" ends up leading his most virulent opponents to hate him and even wish him dead and threaten to kill him because they believe he is gay himself.

Well, "because it's 2019," being LGBT-phobic is no longer a tenable position in mainstream Western politics (or at least it shouldn't be). At least in civilized societies, which by definition would exclude the United States. Canada, I would presume (and hope), does not want to emulate its lesser sibling running a MAGA fan club from the basement of Westboro Baptist Church. Legault's government veers way too far in the direction of Islamophobic laïcité, but Québec is famously anti-clerical and I recall that the panelists could barely hide their seething contempt for Scheer in his first interview on Tout le Monde en Parle. Alberta is Alberta, but obviously there are some decent people there who are disgusted by Mr. Incel's Mike Pence act. Ontario in particular should ask themselves if they want to see someone who, for all intents and purposes, has the ideological undercurrent of Bruce McArthur directing the national agenda. In the war between the horse's asses of the apocalypse and the rainbow unicorn, support the rainbow unicorn. Bigotry has no business in the agenda of the nation.

Marmalade said...

"Happy Hour" is coming in October!

rumleyfips said...

Everybody needs a hobby. Sheer's is making Trudeau look good.

Anonymous said...

With friends like Kenney and Ford on your side who needs enemies? Scheer himself is disgusting enough, but put them all together and I agree with Simon, Canadians just won’t trust them. They can see what Ford is doing to Ontario, Kenney will probably be even worse, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make those Cons look lke a threat to everything Canadians believe in.

Anonymous said...

I would much prefer the Galloping Homophobe not win Oilberta's election and in spite of the corruption and hatred the UCP is mired in, the Con voters will, as a Trump voter would, ignore all the ugliness and vote him in anyways. Stupid is as stupid does.
With Ford, his first budget seems like he has an audacious plan to ensure the Ontario electorate is drunk for the next election. Corner stores selling booze, licensed establishments can serve at 9AM, tailgate parties and local parks, once a bastion of peace and tranquility, will be overun with drunken louts. What a great example for the kids to witness. The fighting, broken bottles, garbage, beligerence, the stink of urine and passed out, pukified punks. I know it sounds like Doug's backyard and I want no part of it. And that's from someone who's had their fair share of beer in life and still does. The Cirque Du Soleil at Ontario Place is merely a thin veil trying to hide the true ugliness of Duhg's double vision for Ontario.
The three amigos' three ring circus may just be what JT needs to secure victory. Paint them from The Land of Oz where one has no brain, one has no heart and one's not too shy about terrorizing vulnerable youth. By themselves, they're atrocious. Together they'll morph into a hideous, slimy, leaking blob with three heads and snakes for brains. Sounds like Medusa and I don't want to insult her so I'll call them ANDOJA, The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving.

Anonymous said...

f Scheer and his Cons do win the election Ford and Kenney will feel free to do whatever they want and our Medicare system won’t stand a chance. Progressives need to unite to make sure that newer happens for I truly believe it would be the end of this country.

Anonymous said...

Yesssiree d'ems our leaders andd thems gonna fix eveery thing d'ats wrong width this cuntry. Dey are opinionated, loud annd doin't listen to all d'em educated ass wholes dat creeted dis mess in de first place.

Happy Days

Steve said...

How do obvious slimebag end up running a province or a country? Do we really have democracy, hell no!

Steve said...

He promised 28 billion for transit 10 years from now, and took away a billion or more today. Well Played Uncle Doug.

Steve said...

they are shipping more oil than ever. She is doing the right thing by us a fair price

brawnfire said...

Have another drink, Bozo.

e.a.f. said...

Steve, having Ford run Ontario is democracy. People voted him into office. We may not like it and many in Ontario may be having "buyers" remorse. As I say, "they voted him into office and now they will have to live with it, or perhaps die because of it". Its just that children don't get to vote and they usually are the first to be negatively impacted.

It wasn't as if the people of Ontario didn't know what they were voting for.

lagatta à montréal said...

I confess that the media and people in general in Québec are laughing at the changes in beverage law in Ontario, which would bring it into the 1960s. There are no more public drunkenness problems in Québec than in Ontario (I'd say rather the contrary). However drinking in parks here has to be in the context of a MEAL, and no, a bag of chips doesn't count. All our corner shops (dépanneurs) sell beer, wine and cider.

I am well aware of the problems caused by substance abuse (I've worked with Indigenous street people) but think it is possible for most people to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with a meal in good company without the results you describe. The real solutions have to do with health and social measures, and not broad prohibition.

I confess that my friends and I have broken that law in Ontario parks. All of us were over 50, we were having splendid meals from markets and multicultural takeaways in Toronto, and none of us got remotely drunk.

Of course shithead is against public transport, and has just shat on Indigenous nations and Franco-Ontarians - the contrary would be surprising.

I'm surprised that shit for brains actually introduced programmes such as free dental (suspect the coverage will be very limited) for seniors, but I guess it is clientelism as older people are more likely to vote conservative.

Has Drug Ford ever succeeded in producing his rotgut buck-a-beer?

e.a.f. said...

Why doesn't some one put up some billboards in Calgary of Kenney in this lovely coat and boots. Just have him wsdding through tar and dead fish and birds.

His wanting to turn off the taps to B.C., I say go for it Jason. We'll buy oil from some where else. We're already paying $1.50 to $1.60 a litre. If it goes to $2.00 people might pay attention and stop driving so much. Works for those of us who would like to see something done about climate change.

In my opinion, it looks like Kenney would be shooting himself in the foot by closing the taps. How are they going to export even the amount they currently do? How will the oil companies like that? He under estimates B.C. and the NDP/Green government here.

Kenney, doesn't appear to understand the days of the tar to gas is over. its too expensive and uses too much energy. Alberta has a fairly educated work force. it would not be difficult to change their economy to one based in new technology. North American and Europe have a shortage of machinists, etc. Those who worked in the oil fields could easily transfer their skills to new work. B.C. is building a dam with enough electricity to power just about anything and we're not going to need any of it for at least 30 years if not more.

brawnfire said...

Hi Steve,

While I agree, the outcome is crummy, it's still democratic alright. So far. (No indication of Russian interference).
What it comes down to is the perennial problem folks like me keep warning about: Spitting the progressive vote.
The progressive vote was larger overall than the Cons in the Ontario election. More of us voted against Doug Ford, than the vote for Doug Ford.
DF won with 40.5%. That means that almost 60% voted against him. But, they didn't get behind one candidate. The progs went 33.5% for the NDP. 19.5%--were clear Grit all the way through. That left 5% to waste their vote and win no seat.

Anonymous said...

Like firemen turned arsonists the Connies have a way of starting fires and then years later arrive at the scene claiming to be able to quickly extinguish the flames. Although the liberals are not blameless the cons are experts. Start useless wars which creates millions of refugees and then angrily holler that you need to be elected to quell the invasion when the homeless and starving show up on your doorstep. Oversupply natural resources and unlike Norway have no real effort to add value or save for a rainy day and then angrily accuse others when it starts to rain. Cons like Bush, Harper and others set the most recent fires and after several years of battling the flames a new Connie firefighting crew with a pumper truck filled with gasoline arrives. Seems we have reached a state where the buildings are burning at a faster rate than the liberals can rebuild them. What smoldering three alarms will Trump. Dougie, Kenney, Scheer? set during their time in office? Who will arrive 15 to 20 years later to put it out with gasoline or neutrons?
In addition to taking Canada down the oily super power path his tough on crime minimum penalty scheme seems to be at the root of the current SNC fire. Fires big or small Connies love them all!


Jackie Blue said...

Its just that children don't get to vote and they usually are the first to be negatively impacted.

Disabled children in particular. April is Autism Awareness Month and Ontario's autism-funding clusterfuck is an international embarrassment for Canada. He is sacrificing the most vulnerable to save a buck-a-beer. This is the epitome of cruelty. I'd say it's cruel and "unusual" but Donald "Action T4" Trump would no doubt give his clapping seal of approval.

Speaking of Trump (i.e. Donald and... Fred Jr.), Ford and Trudeau would make an interesting case study. Two political leaders with diametrically opposed tracks, evidently spurred on by the premature deaths of their respective brothers. Trudeau launched his campaign for Liberal Party leader on what would have been his late brother's birthday, I think he would have been 38 or 39 had he lived. Clearly, Michel's tragic death moved Justin to embark on a career of public service for Canada. Rob's, on the other hand, appears to have been the catalyst for Doug to exact revenge on the whole of Ontario. For whatever reason, one chose to be his "brother's keeper." The other went on to be Torontosaurus Rekt.

Curious divergence, but also kind of frightening. Zero percent chance Trudeau would have gone on to be outwardly destructive, as it's just not in his nature. But one stops to think how different things could have been had Doug undergone an epiphany and truly been a candidate "for the people." If he'd properly funded addiction treatment and compassion centers in the province. If he'd cooperated with Trudeau's government on the legal cannabis rollout. If he hadn't run a campaign with a promise of cheap, piss-poor, readily available BOOZE as pretty much the entirety of his platform! And said that he had learned so much from Rob's self-destructive tendencies and wanted to be an agent of change, for kindness toward addiction sufferers and the disabled, the vulnerable of all stripes. If he'd had a Scrooge moment -- picture a Tiny Tim from one of the ABA centers showing up on the campaign trail, his first words after weeks of speech therapy being "For the people, everyone!"

But, then, if Doug had a Scrooge moment, if he had a change of heart because he suddenly grew a heart to change in the first place, he wouldn't be a Conservative, would he?

Anonymous said...

"but think it is possible for most people to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with a meal in good company without the results you describe."

In that scenario, I agree. As a park supervisor, I've witnessed that as well but because it was technically illegal, I advised them that discretion could save them from being fined should an overzealous law enforcement official pay a surprise visit. In short, don't flaunt or advertise it.
On the other hand, I've had far more incidents involving people doing exactly what I described in my original comment. And that's while it is illegal. By legalizing it, these people of the party hearty crowd wont know or care under what context it falls under and I can only see many problems arising because of it. The futility in trying to explain the rules to a belligerent drunk will no longer be the exception for me, sadly, it will be the rule. The results will be more calls to law enforcement, more incident reports and more stress for an already understaffed team that has to deal with it. It will be these louts that ruin it for the responsible drinkers.
I found this comment from a doctor to be quite an eye opener in Ford's quest to drunkenize Ontario.

As for buck-a-beer, a beer store employee advised me it's not widely available and reports are that it has a distinctly skunky odour and taste. That may be a good indicator for cannabis, not so much for beer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brawnfire, you're absolutely right. In my riding, the PC's won but the combined NDP and Liberal totals would have beat him. And I'm rural which is usually staunchly conservative. I'm sure the same scenario played out in many rural ridings where just enough people held their noses, took their Pepto-Bismol and voted for Duhg.
The NDP and Liberals, both federally and provincially need to set their differences aside and meet somewhere just left of center to ensure this country never becomes the divided, putrified version of Trump's America.

lagatta à montréal said...

Here the law is clear about it being in the context of a meal; and yes, violators have been fined.

It does seem odd - I disagree with the Ontario blue laws, but changes have to be responsible ones - especially considering the early death of his brother who was a misuser of multiple substances, even including food.

Anonymous said...

Good article from Mr. Ruby, RT. She ran the DOJ like an autocratic dictator. My way or the highway. Don't piss me off by firing me, or else? Well, we've seen the pathetic or else and history wont be kind to her because of it.
I suggest she create a law office with two other partners and call it Me, Myself and I.

e.a.f. said...

In response to your title question, in B.C. you might add Global News, with Chris Gailus, chief teleprompter reader. There was interviewing Andrew Scheer. Scheer made a couple of statements, no challenge and total lies. it went out as fact. When you have news stations using their "prime" news reader, to do "interviews" with Scheer, you know what will be happening as we get closer to the federal election, Scheer took the opportunity to take a wack at Notley.

Trudeau is in Vancouver today, Saturday, for Vaisakhi. Vancouver holds its parade Saturday's, Sunday in Surrey. They're the largest Vaisakhi festivals outside of India. You can bet the Liberal organizers will be out in force.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Although Justin Trudeau is not gay, there is a strong current of homophobia in the way many toxic Trudeau haters go after him. That homophobia is compounded by misogyny because of his support for women’s rights, so it is indeed an ugly combination. Fortunately most of those who belong to the new generation don’t share those retrograde attitudes, so the future really does belong to us....

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...I haven’t thought of it that way, but I guess you’re right. And when the time comes for Scheer to face Trudeau in a debate, that should become even more obvious...

Simon said...

Hi JD...I don’t want to sound like a Puritan, but I am strongly opposed to the way Ford is promoting alcohol use. Alcohol abuse is to blame for some of the worst kind of human behaviour from violent domestic abuse to car accidents. So the idea of a Premier promoting alcohol consumption for crass political purposes is not something I welcome. And I would invite Ford to spend a few days in an emergency room to see what I mean. And I fear for people like park supervisors for their job just became more dangerous. So please be careful...

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, thanks for your concern. I should request a taser just in case a wild, drunken Con takes a run at me screaming "Doug said I could"...ZZZZAP..."dwink heww" . I'm joking of course but the thought is amusing. How do you prefer your Con? Slightly singed or flambéed?
I've gotten pretty good at spotting the violent types and will call law enforcement rather than confront them. And therein lies the problem. Ontario's new Open For Partying scheme will be a hit with his base and for Dougy. He'll take the credit from his adoring, glassy eyed crowds while law enforcement, hospitals, addiction treatment facilities and recreational areas are left to clean up his mess.
Heather Mallick wrote a good piece on this.

Anonymous said...

An interesting review of populist nationalism including an interview with Hillary Clinton on the most recent Fareed Zakaria GPS show. Her comments about how promoting human rights is not just a moral pursuit but also a strategic weapon were quite interesting. Also the key issue is immigration and Trumped up fear of loss of identity and control, other issues such as economic, health, environmental take a back seat in the minds of those that have been radicalized.


Jackie Blue said...

This is why I have confidence Trudeau will still be an Avenger for the greater good, no matter where his career in public office takes him. He's Hillary Clinton with an XY chromosome. A decent and compassionate humanitarian with undeserved baggage connected to his surname and targeted by an irrational mob and a right-wing wrecking-ball machine. Despite all the CRAP flung his way including knife attacks from within, he remains committed to his fundamental belief in improving people's lives and building a better world, not just for the denizens of it but the planet itself. Nevertheless, she persisted -- and so does he.