Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Incredible Hypocrisy of Andrew Scheer's Grubby Cons

Yesterday I wondered whether Andrew Scheer was losing his marbles, or whether he was just acting like a shabby Con artist again.

And I'm afraid the answer is he's both crazy AND shameless.

For he will not give up his never-ending assault on what he calls Justin Trudeau's "illegal vacation."

And now he has a new angle, and it couldn't be more disgusting.

For even though Trudeau has already paid for the cost of his trip, the shabby Scheer now wants him to pay back the cost of his security detail. 

Even though thanks to Scheer, and his good buddy Ezra Levant, and all the other lowlife Cons, Justin's life has never been more threatened. 

As I pointed out recently on Twitter.

Which makes me wonder whether Schmear the toxic Trudeau hater has a decent bone in his body.

And while we're at it, also makes me wonder when can I expect the Cons to pay back the security costs of Stephen Harper's trip to India? 

For this was a real scandal. 

The final, official price tag for shipping Prime Minister Stephen Harper's armoured limos to India in 2012 is in and it's even higher than previously thought. The RCMP said it paid $1,200,260 to the Canadian Forces to transport two armoured Cadillacs and a bulletproof SUV to India in November of last year.

Especially since those THREE limos weren't even needed.

The question of whether the cars were even necessary dogged Harper during his news conferences in India, especially after it emerged that the Indian government had offered to provide cars.

But then of course it wasn't just the limos that were a scandal, for even they paled by comparison when compared to the cost of this billion dollar boondoggle...

Where Harper and his porky Cons tried to buy our votes with their Porky Action Plan and OUR money.

For who can forget how nobody could escape those ads even in the privacy of their own homes?

Who can forget how Harper and his grubby Cons turned our country into a pig sty?

Or how many promises were made, only to be broken

And how even I was forced to make a video to try to warn Canadians where their money was going.

So the next time Scheer and his grotesque Cons try to portray themselves as good money managers, so they can whip up even more hatred against Justin Trudeau.

Tell them to take a hike, and to stop being such hypocrites.

And tell them to pay it back

Starting with this limo...


  1. All the parties except the Cons (and I believe, any independents, but I'll have to check, voted for Bill C-262, The "UNDRIP Act", stating that all legislation must conform to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As we recall, Canada and Australia were infamous in their refusal of such recognition, under the evil twins, Boreal Harper and Austral Abbot.

    Romeo Saganash of the NDP was the backer of the bill, with support from many other Indigenous members, in the NDP and the Liberal parties.

    Some commenters at Saganash's site want to name and shame the bigots tho voted nay.

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Valerie Plante on her way out next election, terrible approval ratings. CAQ going to form the next majority provincial government. Quebec Solidaire has it's lowest level of support since the merger with Option Nationale.

    2. Hi lagatta....I have always believed that bigots should be named and shamed. As it is too many in this country get away with murder. Like the lowlife scumbag Ezra Levant and his Rebel gang. So I say go for it...

    3. Hi anon@12:07...don't be absurd. Valerie Plante is just starting and I'm sure she'll be a strong contender to in the next election. As for the CAQ, maybe they will do well in he next election, but it's got so many hacks and dubious characters in it nothing is guaranteed, and all it would take was one scandal for the party to fall apart...

  2. Justin should hold a press conference and answer all the questions, and prove the idiot is insane. He took a bad vacation in the partisan eye.

    I think every Canadian would appreciate he could not show up at club med.

    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Press conference....well he sure doesn’t show up for Question Period.

    2. Jackie Blue1:23 PM

      Justin won't take the bait, nor should he. He's going to let Scheer huff and puff until he blows himself out, just like he did with Patrick Brazeau. Honestly, judging by the social media stupidity all over Justin's account (and even some con hacks at WaPo and NYT), I thought Khangate was old news by now, and the latest overdone nothingburger on the menu was Personkindgate. Now that Trump Jr. has jumped aboard that bandwagon, the cons have approached the precipice of singularity with the party of Cult 45 and his hellspawn. Trudeau doesn't have to run against whoever Scheer thinks he is, or even run against who everyone knows Harper was. He's really competing against a de facto American takeover of Canadian politics by Saskatchewan and Alberta's import of Donald Trump.

      No one besides the Rebel/GOP base of Internet trolls and other backwards nonos cares what Scheer is having his increasingly Trump-esque temper tantrums about on this particular day. His vision for the country is little more than a mashup of Monty Python skits: "every sperm is sacred," "Justin is not the messiah; he is a very naughty boy," and "I fart in Justin's general direction; Margaret is a hamster, and Pierre smelt of elderberries!" Was he the Speaker of the House under Harper, or the Minister of Silly Walks?

      Either way, Canadians wanted something completely different. Any disappointments in that regard that they may have with Trudeau pale in comparison to the fact that Scheer and his clown car have turned Parliament into a flying circus, while he refuses to address the two-headed elephant in the room of Hamish Marshall and now Rick Dykstra. Andrew is not the messiah. He is a very naughty boy. And he'll have to answer for it on election day when Canadians ask themselves, "What did the Trudeau government ever give to us anyway?"

      Well, besides the paychecks for working families, the fastest-growing economy in the G7, the recognition of transgender people's identities under Canadian anti-discrimination law, nationally legalized cannabis, an affirmation of women's rights to reproductive choice, and perhaps most importantly, the complete antithesis of Donald Trump...

      Always look on the bright side of life.

    3. Anonymous4:59 PM

      I'll never forget what Justin did to that Con Brazeau. I'd love to see him challenge Scheer to a fight. Now THAT would be pay back. ;)

    4. Hi Steve...that whole vacation story has been a contrived "scandal" right from the start. The Aga Khan is a philanthropist not a crook, and the way him and Trudeau have been smeared by Schmear and his filthy morally corrupt Cons is the real scandal. If we had a decent media this farce would have been over long ago...

    5. Hi anon@12:19PM...Justin Trudeau has appeared in Question Period and answered more questions in two years than Stephen Harper did in almost a decade in power. Some in this country may have forgotten how he treated the media, but I wrote a daily blog so the Cons can't fool me...

    6. Hi Jackie...good for you for putting things into perspective. Canadians can be a pretty gloomy bunch, so I'm glad we have an American to straighten us out. 😉 And you're probably right, Justin Trudeau shouldn't take the bait. That's what the filthy Cons would like him to do, so they can use video of him getting hot and flustered in their attack ads. I'd rather have footage of the creepy Schmeagol looking like he's losing his marbles, and use it against him in the run up to the next election. If he lasts that long. It's important to attack the Cons, but gloomy Canadians also need to be reminded how lucky we are to be living in a Canada, where compared to so many others we're doing so well and should be counting our blessings...

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Scheer is such a hateful idiot. Earth to Andrew, JT as PM is fully entitled to a security detail 24/7/365, period. Remember when you were still suckling the teat of your Dear Leader while his gold plated security detail stood watch? Well now it's Justin's turn(minus the suckling).
    Suggesting otherwise will rile up your slack jawed yokel base(as planned) but treating the rest of us like we're idiots who would fall for this nonsense is a huge mistake and will only reinforce that you're just not ready and never will be.

    1. Hi're so right, Schmeagol is such a hateful idiot and a little man who makes our big country look small. Although I absolutely despised Harper I never questioned his need for proper security, or demanded that he travel around in a Volkwagen bus, or not be treated like a Canadian Prime Minister. But Scheer and the Con media monkeys seem to think that Trudeau and his family should have taken a row boat to the Aga Khan's island, and has no respect for the man or the office. Scheer is not now, and will never be, fit to lead this country...

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Thanks for reminding me about Harper's trip to India. And let's not forget his massive photo op trip to Israel with a cast of thousands including Ezra Levant's father. The Liberals need to do more to remind Canadians about the horror of the Harper years instead of letting Scheer and his insane clown posse run wild, and make it sound like the Liberals are the problem and worse than they were.

  5. Hi anon@4:59...I too remember the Trudeau Brazeau fight. I wrote about it and got a couple of classic shots of Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley who were covering the fight looking like death warmed over. They were so sure Brazeaub was going to win they practically wept when he lost.
    But sadly I don't think we'll ever see a Trudeau Scheer matchup. Schmear is very brave when protected by parliamentary privilege, but his behaviour in every respect couldn't be more cowardly or less Canadian...

  6. Hi anon@4:41...As I said above, I'm concerned about the way many Canadians seem to have such short memories and can't even remember the nightmare years of the Con regime. The trip to India is a good example. The trip was a total bust. The Indian PM refused to meet with Harper, no deals were signed, and the only things the Cons got to enjoy were the samosas they served on the plane. And of course the trip to Israel was even more of a boondoggle. As they say, those who can't remember the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them....

  7. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Great reminder of the grubby Con years, there is so much more to relive, they are a gift that keeps on giving.
    Hopefully Jim Carrey and others will force Facebook and the other pay per click capitalists to implement controls over amplified propaganda and targeted hate before it forces all political parties to sink into the swamp in order to survive.

    1. hi RT...thank you, and yes I hope Canadians never forget the dark years of the Con regime. But unfortunately too many have. When I see some Canadians including some "progressives" screeching that Trudeau is as bad as Harper I have nothing but contempt for them, for they are the ones who would bring down the Cons upon us again and are either incredibly dumb, or traitors in my eyes. As for Jim Carrey's position on Facebook I support it, even though I never have joined it for all the right reasons...