Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Donald Trump: Comic Book Hero or President Chicken?

The voices in Donald Trump's head are screaming so loudly these days, he's been shooting off in all directions.

One moment he's all for raising the age limit for buying a gun, the next moment he isn't.

And of course this is just a really bad joke.

I mean can you believe that?

Or be surprised that they were laughing at Trump's comic book courage all over the world...

With some pointing out that Trump tends to run, or slide away, when confronted by even the most feathery threat...
While others wondered whether a man who couldn't be bothered to shield his son from the rain...

Could really be counted on to shield other kids from a hail of bullets.

While yet others, like his biographer and CNN's Don Lemon, pointed out the lengths he went to avoid getting shot at, and how much he hates the sight of blood...

And let's not forget how he once said that the way he used to sleep around, avoiding STDs was his Vietnam.

Is that the stuff of heroes, or syphilis, or what?

And the good news?

The way Bob Mueller is going after him and his associates, he'll soon be running for his life...

In a desperate attempt to avoid a long prison sentence.

While his disloyal subjects whoop and cheer.

And shout all hail President Chicken !!!

And all I can say is Trump has made an idiot out of himself again.

And we are going to pluck him, and mock him.

Until the day he is defeated....


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I think you're being a bit harsh. He says he can do it, and I want to believe him. Next time there is a school shooter, fly him there and let him run in to solve the situation.

    1. hi anon@11:17 AM...you know, you may be right. President Chicken does need to show us his magical powers to suppress armed criminals without a gun himself, so that we can all sleep soundly in our beds. I can just see the little kids in their pyjamas staring out of the window saying " Is it a flying whale, or a monster chicken, or is it the Terminator Trump? WAAAAAH!!!"
      I just can't shake the feeling the dotard is going to take us all down with him...

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    So after our soldier of misfortune, Trump, storms the building unarmed, then what? Run at the gunman while screaming and pissing his pants? Would this be his Call of Duty or should he stick to his usual Call of Booty?
    Knowing Trump would never have to face that scenario I suggest he test that theory of "courageousness" with something that would garner an equal result. Run out in front of a speeding dump truck. Vroom! Vroom!

    1. hi JD...Try to think positively. Any gunman who saw President Chicken come at him, clucking wildly, would probably be paralyzed with fear. And would have to be treated for Post Traumatic Trump Disorder long after it was over i.e. three times a week for life.
      And yet, when I watched Trump deliver that line on TV, it was obvious he has no self doubt. He really does seem to believe that he could run into a building where a gunman was slaughtering people, and force him to surrender, with only the force of his personality. Good for him, let's parachute him in to the next hostage situation....

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Lots of hate on this blog. You people need to get out more often.

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      A Con Trumpette complaining about hate? Heal yourself before you complain about others. Simon doesn't allow the kind of violent comments you see on Con sites like the Rebel. So stop making up fake news!

    2. hi anon@3:09 PM....Donald Trump has done more than any U.S. president to whip up hatred against others. Despite that I don't allow any violent threats to be made against him on this blog. Whether it comes from the right or the left, if it's violent or vulgar it's deleted upon arrival...

    3. hi anon @4:28 PM...thank you for restating the House Rules. I forgot to tell anon@3:09 that I receive about a dozen vile or violent comments a week and they all come from the right side of the political spectrum. So as you point out, people in glass houses...

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Just the mental image of that fat orange chicken running into a building where a crazed gunman is on the rampage is enough to blow my mind. His only hope would be if the gunman died laughing.
    If that doesn't work there's going to be feathers all over the place.

    1. Hi anon@5:38 PM...yes, as the guy on that CNN clip pointed out, it's not as if Trump can move quickly. Even when he's on the golf course he does almost no walking, preferring to use a golf cart to take him everywhere. It's a joke, but as I said in my post, the joke is on him....

  5. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Now he is Superman.... faster than a speeding bullet more powerful than a locomotive ... but unfortunately he had to cash in his few remaining brain cells to achieve that status. Its not looking good, the abstract higher purpose Javanka team have lost their access to the classified daily brief which will further limit their influence so now the military and the multitude of myopic self interest cronies are in charge. Hopefully chaotic impotence on the war front will persist until Mueller and the mid terms get the job done. But its a long shot with a delusional Superman in charge of the button.

    1. Hi RT... Oh great. Now you have me thinking of the orange chicken dressed in a Superman or Trumpman suit. Although with the number of villains in his administration, I think Batman's Penguin might be the ideal fit. With Javanka as the Joker, and of course Mueller as Batman...