Friday, February 02, 2018

Who Will Trump Nuke First, The FBI Or North Korea?

As I'm sure you know, Donald Trump is at war with the FBI, in a desperate attempt to save himself from Robert Mueller.

And although it's a war he cannot win. 

President Trump entered office last year as a singular figure. But he has come to resemble two of his predecessors in one crucial respect. Though he’s more paranoid than Richard Nixon and more mendacious than Bill Clinton, he seems bent on following them down a road to hell: a confrontation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Like them, he’ll lose.

There's a widespread feeling that we're in great danger.

And with good reason.

Trump has a Plan B and it could kill millions.

The White House has grown frustrated in recent weeks by what it considers the Pentagon’s reluctance to provide President Trump with options for a military strike against North Korea... 

The national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, believes that for Mr. Trump’s warnings to North Korea to be credible, the United States must have well-developed military plans, according to those officials.

But the Pentagon, they say, is worried that the White House is moving too hastily toward military action on the Korean Peninsula that could escalate catastrophically. Giving the president too many options, the officials said, could increase the odds that he will act.

And now that we know that Gen. McMaster might be urging Trump on, instead of restraining him...

This should indeed terrify everybody.

With as many as 8,000 artillery pieces and rocket launchers positioned along its border with the South, North Korea could rain up to 300,000 rounds on the South in the first hour of a counterattack. While that arsenal is of limited range and could be destroyed in days, North Korea would still have time to cause widespread destruction. 

In a rare appearance last year on the CBS News program “Face the Nation,” Mr. Mattis warned that war with North Korea would be “catastrophic” — “probably the worst kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes.”

And so should this:

The tensions bubbled to the surface this week with the disclosure that the White House had abandoned plans to nominate a prominent Korea expert, Victor D. Cha, as ambassador to South Korea. Mr. Cha suggested that he was sidelined because he warned administration officials against a “preventive” military strike, which, he later wrote, could spiral “into a war that would likely kill tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Americans.”

But then what can we do? Except hope that the other generals can restrain Trump and McMaster.

Or hope that Mueller can strike first...

And failing that, ask Randy Rainbow how can we solve like a problem like Korea? 

Before it kills us all...

Yes, yes, I know. 

Total nuclear destruction isn't funny.

But laughter is the best medicine. 

We know the hog is dangerous.

And we know what we've got to do... 


  1. With the Olympics starting next week in S. Korea, I find this very disturbing!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes it is disturbing. I know one of the Olympians and it bothers me a lot. Hopefully Trump isn't that bestial to cause trouble when the Olympics are on, so we can all relax for at least a few weeks. But we are living with a madman so anything could happen....

    2. e.a.f.1:53 AM

      If the American athletes leave suddenly, find your bomb shelter. He'll wait until the Os are over.

  2. I wonder if Trumps regrets that final game of lawn darts .

    1. Hi rumleyfips...I don't think Trump regrets anything, he's too much of a psychopath to care about anything but being caught. But hopefully one of Mueller's really big lawn darts will land on him one day...

  3. In defense of Trump. I am a Montreal Canadiens fan love them long time. They suck but mgmt refuses to belieb. So a come to Jesus moment is needed. IMHO that is a metphor for Trump. America needs a total rebuild. Trump is the Punisher breaking windows.

    There is so much spin and counter spin going on, dueling networks and big corporations deciding what is the news that it is impossible to know the truth.

    However we still have ocams razer. The first point is Putin would likely execute anyone who was foolish enough to game Ameria election.

    The second point is that after 18 months of investigation we have none, zero evidence that Trump worked with Putin.

    The third point is that the alleged and sometimes proven corruption of the FBI, CIA , NSA and all the alphabet agencies has always been well known. JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran Contra, 911, ISIS the list goes on. Watch the movie Made in America and draw your own conclusions.

    I may have talked to many ex CIA alphabet people. What they might have told me is there is no one organization. There are dozens of cabels in constant warfare. They have ideology but the ultimate goal is just power.

    So the alphabet sees Trump as a threat. They felt the same way about Nixon and Watergate took him down. The release of the Nunes document will be about as anti climatic as Gerolda Rivers or as his one time father in law Kurt Vongeet Jr called him Jerry Rivers opening a safe.

    The point is that Trump is sowing KOAS in the alphabet soup and this is a good thing. The rest of the stuff he is doing is regressive beyond belief.

    1. Hi Steve...I grant you two things. The Montreal Canadiens need a Jesus moment, and the U.S. like other Western societies needed a jolt to steer them it away from growing inequality. But I disagree with everything else. Trump will only make his billionaire friends more powerful and the U.S. more unequal. Putin knew what was going on, he's ex-KGB not a secular saint. And Trump is a nuclear threat to the whole world...

  4. If by execute, you mean financially reward them, Putin has already done that.

    Mueller has released no evidence because he is good at his job. This ids completely different from no evidence existing. Do you believe that the world disappears when you close your eyes ? Same logic.

    1. hi rumleyfips...yes, there is far too much wishful thinking and wilful blindness going on. As if you can build your own alternate reality, and call it the truth. The truth is the truth, and in most cases not that hard to determine...

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Trump is a traitor who deserves to be jailed for life for treason, He should be executed but he's probably got syphilis of the brain so Guantanamo will have to do.

    1. hi anon@2:19...well I'm opposed to the death penalty, even for Trump. But I can understand why people feel that way. If anyone deserves it he does....

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    That traitor has just releases the Nunes memo, the Russians are celebrating, and the stock market is crashing. Trump has shown his true colours and his days in office are numbered. Him and the hooker Stormy Daniels should start looking for a house in Russia.

    1. Jackie Blue7:04 PM

      Speaking of the stock market, though, how about this for creepy: The Dow closed today with a massive drop of 666 points.

      As if that wasn't enough:

      Trump intends to build the "temple" in Jerusalem (embassy) and is being egged on by his son-in-law who owns a towering skyscraper at 666 Fifth Avenue. The famous luxury promenade where Trump perversely joked he could shoot someone to death and his fans would still be devoted to him.

      Trump's Dissociative State of the Union address was delivered on the eighty-fifth anniversary of Hitler being sworn in as Chancellor of Germany (January 30th, 1933).

      A couple of nights ago, there was a "blood moon" eclipse visible in full from the Pacific coastline.

      And the Nuclear Winter Olympics kick off next week, with the athletes from the two Koreas trying for a last-ditch effort at peace by competing as one unified people. Prior to that, of course, is a nationally-televised all-American gladiator contest between "Patriots" and "Eagles." Only one of which Trump considers unpatriotic. (Gee, wonder why.)

      Who knows, maybe we really are on the eve of destruction.

      Anybody know if the groundhog saw his shadow? It's a wonder we're not all seeing specters in the darkness going bump in the night...

    2. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Although there is lots of spin on the stock marked drop related to a great job report therefore interest rates going up which results in higher borrowing costs causing the market to go down I see an opportunity to put a better spin on it. Not completely wrong but the motivation is pure conspiracy.
      Trump has hitched his wagon to raising stock prices as a shining example of his financial prowess and accomplishments in making America great again. He bragged about American anti globalization inspired superiority at the meeting in Davos Switzerland. This irked the globalists,the deep state, the illuminati, the bilderberg group, Soros, the Clintons etc and in retaliation to teach Trump a lesson they are withdrawing their trillions from the US stock market with the worst crash in history on the horizon. Run, get to the front of the line to get your money out before it is too late!!!
      This of course cuts both ways but the nutters are hell bent on running down the rabbit hole so we might as well hasten the journey to the bottom.

    3. hi anon@2:37pm...yes I guess that answered my question, who would be first North Korea or the FBI? But him and the Republicans are making a big mistake. You don't wage war against an institution like the FBI and hope to get away with it. I know Trump is desperate, but he's only sealing his own fate...

    4. hi Jackie...thanks for that, it is like an episode of a satanic Twilight Zone. The omens are all ominous. But let's hope they are only announcing the imminent end of the orange anti-christ, and that they will all be followed by a giant rainbow that can be seen all over the world announcing the end of this horrible nightmare...

    5. Hi RT...I am assured by my Bay Street uncle that the stock market crash is only profit taking, and caused mainly by the fear of high interest rates, and a little bit of uncertainty about where Trump is taking his country. And he's rich so he should know. Right? Personally though I would like to blame the Illuminati, for at this point at least I'm counting on them and the Deep State to get rid of Trump...;)

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Simon how could you do this to me ? First you scare the you know what out of us with the Korea story, then you make me scream with laughter with Mueller pounding Trump and that singing nun. Have mercy on us we can only take so much. :)

    1. Hi anon 4:24 PM...I know, I'm sorry. I read an article about Randy Rainbow a few days ago in the Washington Post, and I was waiting for a chance to spring one of his YouTubes on you all. And I like the Korean one the best, so I was waiting for some news on that country. But maybe I jumped the gun, and bombed so to speak. Still the nun was hilarious, and laughter is the best medicine, and goodness knows we need it these days. So no I'm not sorry... ;)

  8. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Video: For all the hype, Nunes memo delivers sad trombone for Trump

    Video: Air comes out of Trump's Nunes memo balloon

    58 second mark:
    Joy Reid to Rachel Maddow: “You know what the only thing better than one whack memo? Mo whack memos! We’ve been promised mo magic beans by Devin Nunes! Mo gastrointestinal beans!"

    Video: Schiff: Nunes memo damages intel community, trust in Congress

    Video: Nunes memo presents incomplete picture, but FBI's hands are tied

    Video: Nixon's right-wing media vision ultimately a help to Trump


    1. hi David...thanks for those links. I don't get msnbc, so I do enjoy watching Rachel Maddow videos...

  9. e.a.f.1:57 AM

    There was an interesting conversation on the news this past week. The speaker pointed out should the Americans start a nuclear war with N. Korea, they will respond. However, the opinion was the impact will be much harder on the U.S.A. given their citizens simply aren't as tough as the N. Koreans. The N. Koreans have suffered through all sorts of misery, but they continue. The average American couldn't last a month in the deprivation the N. Koreas have gone through.

    If dtrump starts anything it is hoped the N. Koreans remember where the 49th parallel is. We might want to move a little north of it.