Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Day Andrew Scheer Went Over The Deep End

Andrew Scheer has only been Con leader for about nine months, but already there are signs that he cannot handle the pressure of being Harper Two.

And is slowly losing his marbles.

Yesterday I issued this warning on Twitter:

And sure enough not long afterwards he went over the deep end.

First the creepy religious fanatic made it clear how little respect he has for women, by declaring that he would not sing the new gender neutral national anthem, until he is absolutely forced to by law.

Just like the segregationists in the American south refused to recognize the civil rights of African Americans, until they were forced to at gun point.

Which made it only too clear what Scheer might do to the cause of women's rights if he ever became Prime Minister. 

Which is scary enough.

But as it turns out Ol' Schmear was only warming up, for it was in Question Period that he really lost it, and started screaming at Justin Trudeau.

Until he became harder and harder to understand.

And even forgot to say anything in French.

While his Cons howled like beasts in the background.

But Scheer wasn't finished yet. When Question Period was over he left the chamber to announce for the 550th time that he wants Justin Trudeau to pay for his "illegal vacation."

But was still so rattled he couldn't speak properly, and had to read from a prepared statement. Which looked REALLY weird.

And then it all fell apart.

When reporters ignored the "illegal vacation" story and started asking him questions about the sordid Dykstra affair. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer refused to say Tuesday what fate might await those involved in the party’s mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations against Rick Dykstra during the 2015 election campaign. 

Scheer, who called a news conference to pillory Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his tony Bahamian vacation with the Aga Khan, was instead peppered yet again with questions about the misconduct controversy roiling both the federal Conservatives and their Ontario counterparts.

And Scheer couldn't or wouldn't say anything.

But did look incredibly uncomfortable, or guilty...

Or like a deer caught in the headlights.

But then who can blame him?

For if it turns out he knew as much about those allegations as Stephen Harper and all the others, but also said or did NOTHING.

Harper, his former chief of staff and one of the Tory campaign chairs in 2015 have now all come forward publicly with accounts of how the Dykstra issue was handled following a Maclean’s magazine report on the allegations against Dykstra and the fact that removing him as a candidate was discussed by the party.

He could also end up looking like a pervert caught up in a sordid scandal much much bigger than a phony "illegal vacation."

And if Scheer is cleared, he could end up having to condemn Harper and his own party.

Which would almost certainly cause him to lose whatever marbles he has left...

Which means the Cons can't win, and we can't lose.

We have them exactly where we want them.

And we are going to destroy them...


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Trudope loses the next election. It would be a giant leap for peoplekind.

Anonymous said...

I'd say us taxpayers were "emburdened" by having to pay Schmeer for his disastrous stint as speaker of the house. Never has there been a more partisan speaker as was the Schmeegol. He with the permanent Harper shit stain on his nose.
Remember his shit eating grin and inane response to complaints about Paul Calandria not answering questions during QP? It was "it's Question Period, not Answer Period". I'd love to see JT throw that back at him and rub his nose in it for a couple of weeks.
His stance on the anthem is baffling and quite stupid. What does he expect to gain by refusing to sing it? He already has the old white, hateful misogynists vote.
All in all it's been a bad week for Schmeegol. No one cares about his worn out narrative, his hatred of JT is consuming him and the Dykstra scandal is already proving that, in the words of his deposed Dear Leader, he's just not ready.

Jackie Blue said...

Go away, troll. Maybe you should take a giant leap off a short pier if you're not going to address your own "shortcomings" in life or the failings of Dear Leader Android Sneer. Or is it Vladimir Poutine you've been called to serve in the name of the Dark Side? Either way, no one cares about Trudeau's silly verbal joke when there are far more pressing issues at hand that your Maple GOP/Russian (or whoever) darlings only want to exacerbate for their own self-interest. Trudeau represents the future, just like Elon Musk does but in a different way. Sneer is 38 going on 83. He represents a retrograde motion back into the past. And Canada is not interested in clunkers like you, Donald Dump, or Android Sneer, who all have your heads stuck way up in the atmosphere of Uranus...!

Jackie Blue said...

Hi Simon, speaking of cons going over the deep end, since you're on Twitter, do you think you could take a few pokes at the savage con supporters all over Justin's account, who sent venom to little Ella-Grace when her dad posted a sweet message about her birthday a few days ago? And/or write an article about it to let your readers know? I don't have Twitter, and am hesitant to join because of people like this. Maybe Yvonne who also posts here, she can hit those orcs right in the Twittersphere too. Here's the thread -- make sure you don't read it on a full stomach:

I hope the R.C.M.P. monitors the prime minister's social media accounts, because this stuff is REALLY cruel, and the people who stoop low enough to write it should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. It's not the first time they've attacked a Trudeau child as proxy for hatred of their dad; they vilified little Hadrien for his Halloween costume last year, which means that Xavier is their next target if he hasn't already been caught up in the fray already.

Their justification is that bullying the children will prevent a "dynasty in the making" from happening, that if only people had been sufficiently mean to Justin when he was a little boy and Pierre was PM, he'd never have become prime minister because he'd have gotten scared off from politics altogether. So basically, a "political abortion." Yet they have the gall to call themselves "pro-life."

And where is Andrew Scheer to call off the dogs? Or to say very simply that regardless of one's political persuasion, verbal abuse of the party leader will not be tolerated, especially verbal abuse of the party leader's family -- and in particular his children. Justin embodies "when they go low we go high." But instead of signing onto that, Scheer continues his obsession with National Lampoon's Bahamas Vacation as these wild beasts are now bullying Justin's little children! Coward. But I wouldn't expect any different from the foam-at-the-mouth "leader" of the Rebel Party. This is Ezra Levant's monster after all.

rumleyfips said...

What makes him think we want to hear him sing ?

Anonymous said...

My goodness what a devastating post. Mr Scheer is obviously having some kind of breakdown. His obsession with the Trudeau vacation is probably a symptom of a mental disorder, and when the media started publishing some critical articles it was probably enough to drive him over the edge. The man needs psychiatric attention, and should probably consider doing something else before he has to be hospitalized.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Cons are the lowest kind of perverts and child molesters so nobody should be surprised. But unfortunately I doubt the RCMP can do much to stop them from bullying the Trudeau children. And even though Scheer has five children I doubt he will say anything because he's such a coward. The best thing we can do is make sure the Cons never get anywhere near power again.

e.a.f. said...

perhaps he and dtrump could get a room together at a psychiatric facility and share the expenses. It is possible Scheer simply finds the fast pace of questions too much for him. Its a job which requires thinking on your feet. He perhaps thought he could do what Harper did, which was restrict questions to 5 friendly press people. Not so much.

Scheer doesn't have much to attack Trudeau with so the vacation is something he can go with. Its a vacation which most Canadians would not be able to afford and the idea is to paint a picture of Trudeau as an international elite, who has little in common with Canadians. the old, if you repeat it long enough routine.

Attacking a child of a politicians while they are so little is simply not acceptable. It says more about the attacker than anything else. If the kids are adults and involved in some way in their parent's political career, they're fair game, but little kids, that is desperate and depraved.

the media will continue with the Dystra narrative and Scheer and his Cons will continue to deflect with the "vacation" narrative. the voters will continue with the narrative of": I get that check from the feds each month to feed my kids thanks to Trudeau. Not many, when it comes time to vote, will care about the Dykstra and vacation affair. Its the money they receive to feed their kids.

yvonne4tn said...

Simon I think we need you to do a meme for this
"Canadian citizens are launching the * @CPC_HQ PAY IT ALL BACK CAMPAIGN.*

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:51PM...Don't feel sorry for Scheer. He is one of the nastiest and most divisive politicians this country has ever known. He may be cracking up but his evil came first.

Simon said...

Hi anon @8:35 AM...I know you Cons are freaks of nature, I know you would love to lick Trump like a lollipop, but could you please speak English instead of Trumpkin? Don't you realize it makes you look like members of some weird cult. I also realize you are not too bright, so you can't understand that Trudeau was joking, and that you probably weren't too popular in high school, and you're bitter. But come on even you can do better than that. And please don't get your hopes up about winning the next election, because it would almost break my heart to see you so disappointed. Again....😂😂😂

Simon said...

Hi JD....I hadn't thought of that, but it's a very good point. Scheer owes the tax payers a fortune for his fraudulent performance as Speaker, and for always ruling in favour of the Cons like the leaning tower of Pisa. And yes, I well remember his immortal words, "it's Question Period not Answer Period." Justin Trudeau should throw those words in his face every now and then. But he won't because he's too nice or too Canadian. Which is a pity because of course the Cons are about as Canadian as a three dollar bill. Schmeegol is indeed a grotesque misogynist, as well as a brutish homophobe. But the good news is that judging by his failed newser, even our hapless media is getting tired of his manic obsession with Trudeau's vacation. It's time to send him back to the ghastly planet he came from...🚀

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I hadn't heard of how the Cons had targeted little Ella Grace, but of course I'm not surprised, many of those freaks are more beastly than human. And I will try to work that into a post because there are no creatures on earth I despise more than bullies. One of several Con comments I deleted today was one where some loser reacted to your comment by claiming that he would also go and bully Trudeau's child. They really are the scum of the earth...

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...I have no idea why Scheer thinks that anyone wants to hear him sing Onward Con Soldiers, or hear him talk about Trudeau's vacation every day for the last three months. As I said in my post, that seems to me to be the very definition of insanity...

Simon said...

Hi anon@2:51PM...I have long felt that Andrew Scheer is not playing with a full deck. So I am very glad to see that some in our Con-friendly media are starting to take a critical look at his bizarre behaviour. And I agree with you, he should seek help, and probably become a full time minister...⛪️

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f....yes, Scheer and Ezra Levant's former bum boy Hamish Marshall are obviously hoping the vacation story will make it easier to frame Justin Trudeau as a member of the hated "elites " who according to the billionaire Trump are sucking the dollars out of our pockets. I think it's a mistake not only for the reasons you mention in your comment., but also because it makes Schmear and his Con thugs look like bullies. And if the past is any guide to the future, will only make Justin Trudeau more popular..

Simon said...

Hi Yvonne...thanks for the tip. Let me do some research, and see if there is anything I can do. And once again congratulations to you and your Twitter friends for refusing to let the Cons get away with murder...l

Anonymous said...

Scheer is nothing more than a pathetic cartoon character making attack ads under Marshall's direction. All are uploaded to YouTube or elsewhere and stored for massive distribution once election day approaches. The plan is the same one that got Trump elected; coordinate the use of bots, semi automated accounts and hyper zealous followers to disseminate a virtual wall of fake anti Trudeau propaganda when the time arrives. Their official party website is nothing more than a hate Trudeau site sprinkled with bogus Rebel style "sign the petition" ploys designed to identify new highly motivated followers that will serve as part of the amplification process when the bots are released.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are slowly starting to come to grips with how social media was used to hack the US election but the knuckle dragger in chief is slowing progress along with social media's desire for revenue even if it is at the expense of democracy.
One strategy is to counter attack using the same methods but this will just accelerate the destruction of democracy. A better solution, is to implement standards supported the government and filtering algorithms that let people see what they want but also rates the content similar to a spam filter so the reader knows what type of material they are seeing. Read all of the junk mail you want (providing it is not outlawed hate) but at least know the classification and actual source before wasting your time reading it. The movement is still in its early stages but hopefully in another year the Schmearmongels plans will be thwarted and his party will have to campaign on real proposals explained in some detail and not fake political news movements launched in the virtual world. Link additional link


Simon said...

Hi RT...I'm afraid you're right, the influence of that ghastly Levant stooge Hamish Marshall is growing by the day. Either him or one of his goons is assembling a troll army, and fake news is slowly but surely leaking into our Canadian social media. My instinct is to fight back, and give them a dose of their own medicine. I'm afraid I've always been only to eager to fight that bully trash. But maybe you're right, that might just accelerate the destruction of democracy. So let's see what can be done instead to clean up social media, and use a strengthened democracy to destroy them...