Friday, February 09, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Losing War on Justin Trudeau

As you all know I'm sure, Andrew Scheer has been having a terrible week, and you can see the desperation in his face.

Even the Con media is getting tired of his never-ending claim that Trudeau took an "illegal vacation" and is starting to ignore him.

Or preferring to ask him questions about what he knew about the sordid Dykstra sex scandal.

Which he is refusing to answer.

Just like I'm sure he would refuse to answer these two questions, that I would like ask him.

Even though after declaring that women have no place in the national anthem, he really does need to explain why he seems to hate them so much.

And quoting his Godzilla or his snake just won't cut it...

But if all that wasn't bad enough, or crazy enough, now he's ending his week on an even loonier note.

By demanding that Justin Trudeau return from the U.S. immediately. 

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is calling on Justin Trudeau to ditch the U.S. trip he embarked on Wednesday morning and come back home to settle the brewing trade war between B.C. and Alberta over the Trans Mountain pipeline. 

 “I’m calling on Justin Trudeau to take control of the situation — to come back to Canada instead of being in the United States this week as this crisis develops,” said Scheer.

Even though there is absolutely nothing Trudeau can do at this point, as Chantale Hรฉbert explains here.

In the escalating feud between Alberta and B.C. over the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is — for now — a referee without a whistle.

Much as he might want to call an end to the hostilities between the NDP governments of the two provinces, he lacks the means to enforce a quick timeout between them. 

That could change over time. But things may have to get worse before Trudeau has a shot, if not at making them better, at least at forcing a resolution of the issue.

And Scheer is only playing cheap politics.

While Trudeau is busy trying to save NAFTA and bring good jobs to Canada. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday pitched Canadian globalism and the country’s new fast-track visa as reasons why Silicon Valley companies should consider Canada as a place to do business and spend money. 

Trudeau brought his charm offensive to the San Francisco Bay area amid increasing unease over U.S. immigration policy and while talks continue over the North American Free Trade Agreement.

And doing a really good job.

Which is more than can be said of the creepy old Schmeagol...

Who hasn't brought a single job to Canada, and is more interested in destroying them AND Justin Trudeau, as only a Con could.

But then that's why he is so frustrated, and why he is leaving this week crawling on all fours.

Still waging war on Justin Trudeau, and looking even more like a maniac...

And yes, he's just not ready, and he never will be.

He's unfit to be the leader of anyone or anything.

And the sooner he is defeated and forgotten.

The safer and more Canadian our precious country will be...  


  1. Scheer may revel being the agitator on the Canadian Hockey team. Sooner or later they get suspended. I think the Con body politic is just about to take away a weeks wages.

    1. hi Steve...personally I would classify Scheer as a member of the Trump Hockey Team, and suspend him and his Cons for life for masquerading as Canadians. And of course for cheating and lying over and over again...

  2. Are we certain than Scheer is not a Liberal plant?

    1. Jackie Blue6:26 PM

      I don't know what species of plant he is. Poison oak, maybe. American Maple? He's definitely not any variant of cannabis, otherwise he'd chill out. Whatever he is, it seems the more he opens his toxic spores, the more people are growing allergic to him. Sooner or later, he'll wilt away and stop spreading fertilizer everywhere he grows -- er, goes. #SunnyWaysMonAmi.

    2. hi jrkrideau...well I'd like to think he is, but the Liberals aren't mean enough to do that. Alas. So we're just going to have to portray him as a Con vegetable... :)

  3. Cons celebrate minimum wage job loss. They are for child labour for sure. This will all shake out ok, and people who work will have some money.

    1. Hi Steve...are you feeling in a generous philosophical mood today? Well I'm not. I believe the Cons are trying to turn us into Trumpkin slaves, and I want to see them all locked up... ๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿป

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Bah it's absolutely freezing out like usual. Sometimes I feel like the only thing good about this country is welfare and free health care. Even our beers suck, I only drink imports.

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Demanding that Trudeau return to Canada to solve a problem he can't solve, is just another sign that Scheer is cracking up. Especially since Trudeau is trying to attract high tech jobs to Canada. In my opinion the Cons are now more Republican than Canadian.

    1. Hi anon @12:31 PM...well I hate to claim the credit, but I would like to point out that I was the first person in this whole country to proclaim that Scheer must be losing his marbles. As you point out, trying to get Trudeau to stop trying to create jobs, and return to Canada to try to stop BC and Alberta squabbling, which as we know is impossible, is totally insane. But they are more Republican than Canadian, and they are desperate...

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Scheer is once again proving to be an idiot. Does he even know why JT is down there? Does he even know the potential for jobs coming here? Can he tell his arse from a hole in the ground? Sheesh!
    Simon, wouldn't it be great if Amazon ended up choosing Toronto for their new headquarters' and the estimated 50,000 jobs it could bring? Granted, there are some pretty awesome incentives offered by other cities in the running but imagine they choose Toronto and Jeff Bezos credits his meeting with JT as helping them come to that decision. Our Cons and their media would be gobsmacked in biblical proportions or simply put, their heads would burst.
    Could they overcome their petty, envious rage and give credit where it's due or would they wallow in self pity? I'm thinking it'll mostly be wahhhhh!
    It may be a stretch but think about it like this, Bezos hates Trump with a passion and would effectively be flipping him the bird, plus the savings of building and running the headquarters' in Canada using the mighty greenback would be huge. I could be wrong but I feel Toronto has a very good chance of winning the bid for the new headquarters'.

    1. Jackie Blue6:38 PM

      Elon Musk hates Trump too. I have my reservations about Amazon's business practices, but I actually do hope that Toronto wins HQ2, if only as the symbolic gesture in favor of a rising Canada and against a sinking Trumpmerican swamp. But I would also love to see Musk open up a Tesla factory, or especially do something with SpaceX in Toronto or Vancouver, or even a Solar City plant in Calgary or Edmonton to bring #SunnyWays to the oil patch and crush the oil can cons on their own turf! When I found out that Musk was half Canuck on his mom's side, I smiled. One way or another, it'll be a Canadian science fiction nerd born in 1971 who saves us all from unintelligent life.

    2. Anonymous5:16 AM

      I did not know that about Amazon Jackie so thanks for pointing that out.

      I would hope our labour laws would protect the workers from these abuses and guide Amazon to become a more fair and flexible employer.

    3. Hi JD...I have no idea who comes up with these crazy ideas, but the Con hate machine is in overdrive, and they will use anything to try to destroy Justin Trudeau. So expect them to blame him for the weather soon. Their hatred is pathological, and deeply disturbing. As for Amazon setting up shop in Canada, I honestly can't see that happening. Bezos would love to screw Trump, but the Orange Oaf would be able to use that against him, to portray him as a traitor. And even with all his billions Bezos probably needs that like he needs a hole in the head. Also I don't think Toronto is geographically suitable to be a hub, so I would expect him to locate it somewhere in the centre of the U.S. But then, he's a billionaire and I'm not....๐Ÿ˜•

    4. Hi Jackie...I would rather see any kind of Elon Musk operation set up shop here, than one of Bezos's massive warehouses where the only skilled job as far as I can see is driving a forklift without crashing into all the others racing about. A Solar City plant in Calgary would be nice, and a Tesla factory in my own backyard would be even better. I need about a 70% discount before I can afford to buy one.... ๐Ÿš—

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Scheer looks so glum because the concrete is starting to solidify around his feet. Democracy is based on one person one voice not one voice screeching through a myriad of interlinked fake news social media accounts. What technology giveth, governments can taketh away; especially to preserve democracy. A quick review of various political web sites indicates the Cons are the only party that don't seem to understand this.
    Trudeau has put Facebook on notice and hopefully will follow through with support from the dippers and greens if it does not take action. Trudeau to Facebook: Fix your fake news problem — or else. Link


    1. Jackie Blue6:32 PM

      I hope Canada does like the E.U. has done, and imposes massive fines on FB for promulgating not only fake news but hate speech. Simon has documented very well the nonos' violent threats and vile rhetoric against the PM and his family taking place on social media, and so has Anti-Racist Collective of Canada on their blog. It's about time Zuck be held to account for his complicity or pay the piper. And if that means Facebook gets fined into oblivion, so be it.

      The mechanical monstrosity of Menlo Park has gotten out of control, and needs to either be reined in or shut down. Same goes for Twitter, as I pointed out with that cesspool of a thread about Ella's birthday and the prior attack on Hadrien last Halloween. And if it's that bad for the children of world leaders, it's that much worse for regular folks. Zuck and Dorsey need to clean up their act or cash in their blue chips. #TimesUp.

    2. Hi RT....I don't know if you heard what Scheer had to say at the Manning Concleve yesterday. But it was so extreme it made me wonder whether he's worried about keeping his job. Maxime Bernier and others are apparently restless, so maybe he's afraid of being replaced before the next election. Or maybe Hamish Marshall and Ezra Levant are now running the party, and Scheer is feeling like a mere accesory. I'm going to have to try to find out what exactly is going on in his office, because quite frankly at this point I have no idea. What I do know is that organized troll activity is increasing so we are going to have to find ways to counter it before the campaign begins in earnest..

  8. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Scheer looks like such a loser. The difference between him and Trudeau is like night and day. As soon as Canadians realize what a doofus he is, he'll be gone before you know it. And if it turns out that he knew about some of the pervs in the Con Party he'll be gone even sooner.Go Trudeau go!!

    1. Hi anon...I'd like to be as optimistic as you are, but unfortunately the Con media is still working to make Scheer look better than he really is. If they were more responsible or more Canadian they would realize that Scheer would take this country to a very bad place, and do more to reign him in. But the big media bosses are furious with Trudeau for raising their taxes, so it will be an uphill struggle to try to get the media to be more balanced. I'm still hopeful that will happen, but this time of the year, when most Canadians would rather hibernate, is probably not the best time for that...☃

  9. Another ringer, Simon! I must take exception, though, with the portrayal of that poor snake.

    If I remember my Book of Genesis correctly, the snake was punished along with Adam and his cloned sister-wife Eve in the story of The Fall (he was thenceforward required to crawl on his belly and get struck on the head for—what?—some six-thousand years, we’re told). Let us not punish the poor little feller unduly.

    For, verily, it was Adam who attempted to deceive God by hiding— actually, hiding that he was hiding his nakedness —and, yea, it was Eve who deceived Adam by offering him the forbidden fruit which he did eat and, lo, it was God who told them they would die if ever they did eat thereof—and plainly they did not (wouldn’t be much of a story if they hadda croaked right ‘in the beginning’).

    Thus, the serpent was not only the cleverest of all God’s creations but, for telling Eve she wouldn’t really die if she ate the fruit, and that God had told an ‘untruth’ only because he didn’t want her to be the first smart human in history, the serpent was also the most honest.

    Unfair enough the snake’s act of honesty amongst a cast of liars was singled out and tragically cursed—and, in light of the fact he’s been typecast in the role of the Bible’s only other talking animal with Abram’s ass, we might be a little more considerate before casting him with yet another one.

    Bless you, Simon!

  10. Hi Geoffrey...thank you for that delightful comment. I enjoyed it immensely, although it does make me feel like all those years in Sunday School were wasted. ๐Ÿ˜‡
    Still I take your point, I will be gentler in future on God's humblest creatures, and reserve all my fire and brimstone for the satanic Cons...