Friday, February 23, 2018

The Day the Con Media Ended Up Looking Like Idiots

As I'm sure you know, I have absolutely no respect for most of the Parliamentary press gang.

They are incredibly mediocre, gratingly provincial, almost entirely dedicated to trying to return the Cons to power, to satisfy their corporate masters.

And their coverage of Justin Trudeau's visit to India, from their perches in drab downtown Ottawa, couldn't have been more appalling and disgraceful.

For first the Con media couldn't hide their contempt for the traditional clothes Trudeau and his family wore, in an attempt to reach out to the Indian people.

Which I thought was borderline racist.

But then they probably get extra brownie points (or badly needed food and booze bucks) for going after his children...

So who knows the real reason they were so worked up?

Maybe it's just that Parliament is on a break, so there's nothing easy to write about. And their greedy and increasingly desperate bosses are still demanding stories.

More stories !!!!! More words!!!!! 

Or no job, or no gruel, or no whatever...

So you can understand why the old boy's press gang went into a frenzy, when they saw this story hanging like a tiny worm from a hook.

They couldn't believe their luck. It seemed to them, at least at first, that you COULD cover India from Ottawa.

And they went for it like a starving trout goes after a big fat fly.

Again, and again, and again, and again. 

And were even joined by the grubby hate monger Ezra Levant. 

Who knows a story with bigot potential when he sees one.

While Andrew Coyne fired off one anti-Trudeau tweet after the other like a man possessed, or retweeted the hateful garbage of other Con media dotards.

It was a frigging frenzy, but unfortunately for the Con media they forgot to ask who was holding the rod and the line attached to the hook. 

And it was left to John Ivison of all people, to remind them of the reality of India.

How did Jaspal Atwal, a man convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian politician and a former member of a banned extremist organization intent on creating a Sikh homeland by dismembering India, get into that country in the first place?

“This was not an accident,” said a senior security source within the Canadian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Atwal has developed links with the Indian government and his political views “have evolved” in recent years. “They no longer see him as the enemy,” said the source, who believes it is convenient for some in India’s government, if not necessarily for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to embarrass Trudeau for being soft on Sikh separatism.

Asked which part of the Indian government might be so motivated, the source said, “The intelligence service.”

Which was followed by a report from the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation, which made themselves, and the rest of the Con media look even more like idiots.

Or suckers.

And of course the other story they were flogging, the one that claimed that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi was shunning Trudeau, wasn't exactly strengthened when Modi tweeted this:

And it got considerably worse for the Con media, when these photos were released.

And no doubt had all of them cursing the complexity of India, and longing for the simpler days of Stephen Harper...

When they could share samosas with Boss Harper, and kiss his ass all the way to India.

And of course, happily join him when he flew across Canada on Modi's plane, and debased himself beyond recognition.

By looking like Modi's personal servant, which was far more cringeworthy than anything Justin Trudeau has so far done in India.

But then of course the Con media are bitter. They would have LOVED to have gone to India with Trudeau, like they would have done in the good old days.

But now it's the bad old days for the Con media. They're throwing interns overboard, and rationing toilet paper in the newsrooms, just to stay afloat.

So their bosses couldn't afford to send them... 

And they had to cover India from Ottawa or Toronto. Sad.

And the story can be summed up like this:

The Indian Intelligence Service had an agenda.

But the Con media was only interested in destroying Justin Trudeau. 

So they missed the real story, played into the hands of Hindu extremists and The Rebel bigots.

And Trudeau, and Modi, ended up looking much better than they did...


  1. Shameful beyond belief the press coverage of this. And its not just the Canadian Press, CNN, BBC have also grabbed on to this fake news.

    I just listened to Jerry Agar on 1010 and the panel concluded the trip was in Andrews words pointless. They said no trade deals were done.

    1. hi is worst example of a media gang bang I have ever seen. A frigging frenzy if ever there was one. And while I think Justin Trudeau might have gone just a little bit overboard, it was all harmless, and probably a great way to make Canada more friends in India. Which is necessary if you are trying to lay the groundwork for a new relationship with that giant country. And what disgusts me is the way the Cons in Canada cheer against their own country. They really hate our Canada, and it should hate them...

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Haha nice spin job you Trudeau shill. The damage has been done, this is going to cost him in the polls.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Anon 9:30, Haha, have you considered becoming a Con comedian? All you need to do is stand there and say stupid things like your comment. The only drawback is that in typical Con fashion they'll be laughing at you, not with you.

    2. Jackie Blue12:08 PM

      @anon 9:30am I really don't think most people care. Especially not as long as Android Sneer keeps openly courting the neo-Nazi isolationists at Deplorebel Media, and affixing himself firmly within the Trumposphere of religious fanatics and hateful bigots. If ever he shows up at an NRA convention, there'd be more people on the Canadian Olympic abstract ice-sculpture team than cons in Parliament. It'd make Mulroney/Campbell '93 look like a landslide majority. The biggest electoral victory ever, believe me.

      There's a reason why the con papers are losing money. For one thing, they keep fellating each other, snarking at the prime minister out of bitterness like high school students who weren't invited to the prom (or troublemaking dunce-caps at the back of the class putting thumb tacks on the teacher's chair), and alienating the average Canadian. Whatever missteps (or misinterpreted steps) Justin makes get over-exaggerated by the jealous merchants of misery, and don't reflect the fact that most people think he's doing a pretty damn good job (especially compared to his predecessor and the lunatic south of the 49th). That lame joke about Justin throwing up in the Indian prime minister's lap (à la Bush Sr.) being christened "the greatest closing line anyone has ever written" (because Andrew Coyne is the Oracle of Delphi and final word on the subject?) is an example. 1990 called; it wants its SNL punchlines back.

      Not to mention, roasting the children is lower than low, and I see this happening a lot more as the toilet-paper press keeps mainlining its own supply and has become desensitized to the gateway drug of Justin-bashing, only to move on to stronger and more damaging "stuff" in their stash: Sophie-bashing, Margaret-bashing, and now even Xavier/Ella/Hadrien-bashing -- the Fentanyl of hack "journalism." Perhaps if they smoked a bowl of sunny ways, they'd chill out and be better writers, but no. They've devolved to the level of Internet trolls, and that's a "sorry" state of affairs for journalism in any country, especially Canada.

      Do you really think Canada wants to throw their Kennedy-esque, globally-minded, compassionate Jedi schoolteacher overboard in favor of a white-nationalist altar boy Crusader who'd happily sign up to be a Sith Lord in training for Darth Cheddar and Vlad Palputine the first chance he gets, thus turning Canada into a shithole country like the United States? How much are you getting in rubles to post Pravda propaganda for Papa Putin and President Pervert?

    3. hi anon@9:30...dream on Bobo, and lay off the crack. You Cons are such desperate losers, you'll grab any little straw and run with it. But most polls show that none of this nonsense is having any effect on the popularity of any parties in Canada. So prepare yourself for more bitter disappointment, and four more years of Trudeau...

    4. hi JD...I let the occasional Con loser vent his spleen at me. And what they have to say does make me laugh. But I actually feel I'm doing a public service. If you don't let the Cons let off a little steam, their heads will be exploding all over the place, and nobody will be safe... ;)

    5. hi Jackie...I don't think most Canadians care either. I think the Cons would like to see us all wearing flannel trousers and hair shirts. But most young people I know thought the Trudeaus looked cool, or hilarious in a good way. And the boring old white men in the Con media are only showing how out of it they are. Justin is too cool and too popular for them, and they bitterly resent it. No soup for them, and ten more years of living in Ottawa... ;)

  3. Trudeau is doing pretty well on trade deals. TPP, EU and now India. Diversity and diversification .

    1. hi rumleyfips...I think Trudeau is doing a decent job of running the country and the economy. The stats speak for themselves, and he has raised the image of our country out of the gutter, where it was after Harper was finished with it. The Con media seems to have too much time on its hands, it can't seem to see the big picture, and how foolish they look...

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Nice try Simon but the Fakers were faster out of the starting gate and created enough spin to suck the ?real? news in. Fortunately its only a minor skirmish in the overall scheme of things and hopefully the truth will filter through. Trudeau is correct not to propagandize the government's mission like the Harper "Canada's Action Plan" but I am disappointed that the Liberal party is not doing enough to draw these clowns out into the daylight. Whats wrong with on line videos showing clips of the Con website and asking for their platform on key issues, a W5 investigation into US, British, German election hacking, how its done, what propaganda looks like and why it is effective. Oprah style 60 min debates between supporters of various parties.
    Except for you and a few others it seems the great Liberal machine is sitting on their butts letting Trudeau carry the load while they wait for election time. Not a very smart strategy, in my opinion.

    1. hi RT...I realize that trying to counter the barrage of Con propaganda is difficult, but if nothing else I wanted to point out that our media is so ignorant they don't realize the enormous power of the Indian intelligence services, and are totally unaware of the games they like to play. But I do agree that the Liberals need to do something to counter the Con games. They are far too passive. I realize it's not in Justin's nature to be caustic and unpleasant, and that's one o the reasons people like him so much. But the Liberals do need some enforcers on their team to keep the Cons honest, and the sooner they start the better...

  5. yvonne4tn3:21 PM

    Thank you Simon for exposing the Con Media again for what they truly are. The Parliamentary Press have become nothing better than Rebel Media. As the election gets closer and closer it seems as if they have already *circled the wagons* and will continue to spew their biased talking points.

    1. hi Yvonne... I was just going to say the same to you. ;) I have been very impressed by the way you and your friends on Twitter have been letting the Cons have it. I have never seen such a disgusting display by our Con media, and they deserve all the punishment they get....

  6. when Harper went on a second honeymoon with his own limo do you not think
    the Indian goverment was not insulted beyond belief?

    1. hi Steve...yes I'm sure they were offended, and in fact the same questions over Khalistan came up when Harper was there, which the Con media seems to have forgotten. Nor do they point out that if Jagmeet Singh was Prime Minister the situation would be even worse, because he's not allowed to even enter India. And my position is that if the Indian government is going to play those stupid games, then screw them, we don't need them as much as they might think, and the less of that nonsense the better...

  7. The problem for the liberals is the NDP have the Sikh advantage. Will they vote for the Turban or the man? This is the only way Andrew Strange will be PM.

    1. hi Steve...At least one pundit has pointed out that this whole India experience just might have something to make Trudeau more popular with the Sikh community and counter the influence of Jagmeet Singh. And I'm sure it does. But I also know that Sikhs are a pretty independent group, and won't be simply influenced by who is wearing a turban on their head...