Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Con Media Circus and the Fake India Story

As you know, I have been portraying some of our shabby Con media in traditional  garb, to mock the way they covered Justin Trudeau's visit to India.

On location, from Ottawa and Toronto.

But actually I probably should have portrayed them as the latest addition to the Con clown circus.

For thanks to their orgy of bias, and their latest desperate attempt to destroy Trudeau, they managed to miss the real story.

But they did so stir up the Cons, that their creepy leader is starting to sound almost dangerous.

This raving Con dotard sounds like he has finally lost the last of his marbles.

And of course this is the absolute limit.

The hideous Con clown Candice Bergen going after Trudeau, Again. As only she can.

And also missing the story. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau skipped Question Period on Monday as the opposition demanded proof that India was behind the presence of a convicted would-be assassin during his trip to the country last week.

"This is a very serious allegation," Tory House Leader Candice Bergen said. "What proof does the Prime Minister have that the government of India did this?"

By going to bat for India not Canada, and blowing it up into the Con version of Benghazi. 

Even if all that huffing and puffing threatens to damage our budding relationship with India.

Just as Andrew Scheer was prepared to damage our relationship with the United States, at the start of the NAFTA negotiations...

For the same crass political purposes.

Because none of the elements of this Con conspiracy story make any sense, and when spun together into a giant woolly turban of a tale....

The result resembles nothing less than something Trump might obsess about, when all the paranoid voices in his head are screaming in unison. 

For the following reasons, in no particular order:

(1) Jaspal Atwal is not the bugaboo terrorist the Cons are trying to make him out to be.

He was a would be terrorist thirty four years ago, when he tried to shoot an Indian diplomat visiting Canada, missed, and spent five years in jail.

But he is no longer a terrorist, even the Indian government agrees he's reformed. 

Jaspat Atwal, who was at the centre of a controversy following his presence at events hosted for visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is one of the “reformed” elements in the pro-Khalistan sections of the Sikh diaspora, top government sources told The Indian Express.

Or why else would it have allowed him into that country?

Why would the former Con MP Gurmant Grewal have vouched for him?

Why is Atwal being called a "terrorist" when all he seems to be is a political groupie, whose only annoying habit seems to be his desire to get his picture taken with politicians.

Or famous people like Wayne Gretzky....

And is there a double standard in this country in the way we treat rehabilitated prisoners, with brown faces, like Atwal and Omar Khadr?

(2) You can't understand what motivated Atwal back then, or understand what's happening in India today without knowing what happened in that country in the bloody year of 1984.

When Indira Gandi's government stormed the Golden Temple to dislodge some militants occupying it, and killed hundreds and hundreds of Sikhs...

And tens of thousands of others were killed a few months later, when her Sikh bodyguards killed her, and bloody pogroms broke out all over the country.

(3) Only when you understand that, and the Indian government's growing fear of the peaceful efforts of the Sikh diaspora to investigate the government's role in those massacres, can you understand what happened to Justin Trudeau in India.

And why some elements in India wanted to send a message to him and Canada.

The problem is this: Indian elite sees any demand by Sikhs for justice over the anti-Sikh pogroms in 1984 as a sign of separatism. Last year Ontario’s state parliament passed a motion describing the events of 1984 as a “genocide” against Sikhs. 

The Indian media, which largely prefers the term “riots” (as a way to continue the pretence that both Sikhs and Hindus were to blame), cited the motion as proof that Sikh separatism was growing in Canada.

They don't like the sight of so many Sikh MP's in Trudeau's government. Or for that matter the sight of this new leader...

Who at this time is banned from even visiting India.

So it's entirely plausible that some elements in India did conspire to embarrass Canada by making an issue out of Atwal's invitation to a dinner at the Canadian mission.

And by trying to amplify this shame over NOTHING, the Cons and their stooge media  have only played into their hands.

And they are the ones who should be ashamed of THEMSELVES.

But of course they're not. 

For while neither Andrew Coyne nor Paul Wells tweeted a word about this far more important foreign policy story. 

Which truly does threaten our values, and our image in the world. And tells you all you need to know about the creepy religious fanatic Andrew Scheer. 

instead, they're both still beating their hollow drums over the nothingburger India story.

And to make matters even more alarming, Wells now seems to be looking for conspiracy theories in the vicinity of the Planet Uranus.

As only a Con stooge could...

When will they ever learn?

And how soon can we get rid of them?

End this epidemic of fake news.

And make Canada truly great again...


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Thanks for burying that ridiculous story Simon. Those dumb cons and their media stooges should indeed be ashamed of themselves. Don't they do any research? What desperate losers.

    1. HI anon@11:32 AM...thanks, the story is ridiculous, but I can't even dream of burying that story. There are so many other things I could have added, like a big referendum campaign the Sikh diaspora is organizing to push for the independence of the Punjab. And I'm sure that when I suggest that Atwal should not be treated as a terrorist for something he did thirty four years ago, half the people reading that will wonder what is he thinking? Just like they did when I defended Omar Khadr for almost ten years. But I don't care, I try to do the right thing as my parents taught me, and as they also taught me, that's all you can do...

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    You think you're very clever you Liberal shill, but nobody cares what you say, and Trudeau is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      DREAM ON CON!!!!!!!

    2. Jackie Blue6:55 PM

      @anon 12:04 PM -- Don't you have a Beer (or Vodka) Hall Putsch at CPAC to get to, Boris? Or a new Dana "She-Wolf of the AR-15" Loesch video to watch as you're polishing your Kalashnikov? Go home comrade, you're drunk. Vladivostok is not a riding of any province in Canada. Say hi to Czar Vladimir and the Mango Matryoshka of Mar-a-Lago, why don't ya? And don't let the door hit you where your Uncle Joe split you!

    3. Visitor - Pierre D.8:14 PM

      Calling Simon a "Liberal shill" is a massive joke. He's levied plenty of criticism to the Liberals and NDP in the past, but he knows what we all do, that if the Conservatives return to power, it will be an Oil Lobby government, averse to women being paid on an equal footing and hostile to LGBTQ2 issues. That's why they need to lose again, so they can grow into the 21st century and propose cogent policy.

    4. Hi anon@12:04...now don't be shilly, I'm not a Liberal. I support all progressive parties, the Liberals, the NDP, the Greens etc, I dream of helping to unite the left one day into a massive movement for change. And in the meantime, all I care about is making sure your nasty bully Cons never come to power again. And I'm sorry to say that if you think Trudeau is finished you must be delusional. The latest polls suggest the Liberals are just as popular as they were the night they were elected. Sorry. 😎

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    The good news is Trudeau went up in this week's Nanos poll and the media is still bankrupt and begging for a bailout.

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      We should start a boycott of the shitty media, or at least boycott stooges like Coyne, Wells, and David Akin. We should also let the Liberals know that we are against any kind of handout. To pay people to attack you is the very definition of insanity. Die Con media die.

    2. Hi anon@12:08PM...that is good news indeed. It's amazing Justin is still standing after all the toxic hatred flung in his direction, but it encourages me to believe that most Canadians can see beyond that garbage. The Liberals may not be perfect, but we are in a much better place than we were during the hideous Harper years.

    3. Hi anon@3:58 PM...sometimes when I'm angry I feel just like you do. But when I cool down I worry about throwing out the baby with the bath water. So while I wouldn't rule out anything, I think I'll try to embarrass them first. Buzz around., annoy them like a mosquito, and encourage others to do the same. One mosquito or buzzing bee can be ignored, but a thousand can't. Zzzzzz.... 🐝

    4. Has Rex Murphy finally retired? I don't listen to national CBC much nowadays (listen mostly to Radio-Canada, some local CBC shows).

      Yes, I knew about the Golden Temple massacre. By the way, you'll find Golden Temple brand products in many Indian and Pakistani shops in Canada, which gives some idea of the temple's cultural importance.

  4. Heres another thought, the Cons are so outraged about who Trudeau meets with, then ask them why is Conrad Black in this country, a convicted fraudster who was granted Canadian residency immediately upon his release from a federal U.S. prison?? This after he renounced his Canadian citizenship in the past and dissed Canada. Seems to meet the reformacons were in power then, what happened to tough-on-crime?? When is Scheer going to demand that His Ex-Lordship be deported to Britain where he belongs?

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      I suppose you might ask, Unknown, why Black has been here for the past two years on the Liberal government's watch. It's not hard to understand why Harper looked the other way. They were kindred spirits. I'm not sure that's the case with the Liberals although they don't seem to be particularly vexed at Black's continued sojourn here.

    2. Hi Unknown@12:44PM...that's a good question. Like in the case of Atwal, I wouldn't hold his criminal conviction against him. He paid his debt to society, so as far as I'm concerned, as much I detest that right-wing blowhard, what he did should not be held against him. However I also remember how he gave up his citizenship to dress up in that absurd red robe, and look down at us like we were grubby peasants, and for that I can't forgive him...

    3. Hi anon@3:58 PM...is there someway the federal government could evict Tubby ? I ask because I honestly don't know. I don't want to see his rights violated, but if he could be ordered to walk the streets dressed in his red robe ringing a bell as a condition for staying, I wouldn't object too loudly....🙈

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    If the Cons were the government and the Liberals or the NDP acted against the interests of Canada like the Scheer gang are doing, you can be sure the Cons would be screaming blue murder or treason !!!! They will burn down our country to try to destroy Justin Trudeau, and we must destroy them once and for all in the next election or we'll end. up as fucked up as Trump's America.

    1. Hi anon@4:20 PM...I agree, except that neither the Liberals nor the NDP would sell out their own country like the Cons do. It's absolutely disgusting and unforgivable. But you're right, in the age of Trump we can't lose the next election to the traitor Cons or our country will never recover.....

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    That's a great breakdown of this convoluted story Simon. These Con clowns are absolute fools in their quest to attack JT and are using the Trump playbook to lie and spin their way to what they think is a victory.
    Once again I'll tell them that the majority of Canadians are not idiots who get their news from the Con MSM, the rebel or the CPC website.
    The truth is out there and only the Con base are too stupid, gullible or just plain ignorant to look beyond the Con cocoon to find it.

    1. Hi JD....Thanks for your kind words, but as I mentioned above I wasn't too happy with way the post turned out. I was just too tired, I kept nodding off, and had to fight the temptation to crawl back into bed.
      Still, I know I'm right, and if I have to write more similar posts to drive my point home I definitely.will. There is a nasty undercurrent of racism in this story, and that's enough to make me attack the Cons like a bat out of hell. I'm tired of their dirty and un-Canadian games, and I really do want to help bury them....☠

  7. Jackie Blue6:44 PM

    Maybe someone should ask Android Sneer why he's allowed his party to be taken over by and give a friendly wink to white-nationalist terrorists at home, and apologists for them like Ezra Levant and his Team Rocket pet Pokémon, Hamish Marshall. FFS, the cons got upset when Trudeau called La Meute morons, because how dare the prime minister be impolite and hurt Nazis' pwecious widdle feewings, or not respect their point of view and "let them lead the way" like the insufferable David Brooks of NYT infamy says Democrats need to do. As for India, well, surprise, surprise, foreign policying is hard, and much more complex than the (literally) black or white simple-minded nonos of the Crapper brigade are able or willing to comprehend. Their motto seems to be: if it's white, it's all right; if it's brown, shoot it down. Has Hambone uploaded a PDF of the party's Rassenhygiene platform to the official CPC website at rebel dot media yet?

    Now, this Atwal guy, from what I understand, is something similar to a low-level informant, or a de-radicalization agent -- which is something that Trudeau wants to pursue in Canada, and rightly so, because it's had success in other countries. But cons don't like the idea of a successful de-radicalization approach, because fewer terrorists means less fear to sell and less money to smell. At the end of the day, though, this curry-flavored nothing-burger is really just another racist Schmear campaign to make Trudeau himself look like a "terrorist sympathizer" for taking selfies with brown people who have beards and turbans and even introducing them to Sophie and the kids. You really can't get much more craven than dragging the family into their vitriolic attacks, but apparently the cons and their acolytes love dancing the limbo like fall-down drunks at a wedding reception and asking themselves, "how low can you go?" If Wee Andy replies, "just watch me," you'll know he's about to hit rock-bottom like Wiley Coyote about to fall off a cliff.

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they jump the shark with greater altitude than Eddie the Eagle or Seb Toots, by accusing JT of aligning himself with "Obama bin Laden" while Ezra includes clips of the 44th president's speech before Parliament in his next unhinged YouTube rant as proof of this satanic infiltration by the Moose Limb Brotherhood. Canadian cons are as much ignorant trash as the GOP, and it's pathetic that your press appears to be a nationally monopolistic equivalent to Fox News. They distort, they divide.

    1. Hi Jackie....I feel exactly like you do. I don't think the Liberals are fighting back enough. I realize it's not in Justin's nature but somebody needs to start giving the Cons a taste of their own medicine. And of course try to straighten out our bought Con media. Are you sure we can't make you an honorary Canadian, and make you the Minister of Con Punishment. Something like the Inquisition, just a little more radical.
      I bet you could get the Cons to behave themselves, or run all the way to Mexico, where we could arrange to have 50 cartel members meet them. 😼
      Oh well, I guess we'll just have to keep doing what we can to rid both our countries of this Con infestation. And one thing is for sure. The harder the struggle the sweeter the victory...

  8. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Scheer has opened the door to international propaganda. He doesn't understand that unlike crony inspired domestic propaganda that after the event you are just used toilet paper. There is no Me vs The Others allegiance like that found with the Rebel. What an idiot!

    1. Hi RT....I watched Scheer on the news tonight, and he was practically quivering with excitement to have Justin Trudeau back in the House so he could attack him over the fake India story. And on the day of the budget, how pathetic is that? Gawd, I've extended my stay at my family's castle in Scotland this summer. I think I'm going to have to rest up for a while, before the election campaign begins,...🤕