Friday, February 02, 2018

Kellie Leitch and the Incredible Shrinking Ezra Levant

As you may remember, Kellie Leitch and Ezra Levant had a very close working relationship during the Con leadership campaign.

Both shared the same view that only they could save our Canadian values from the "barbarians" i.e. the Muslims.

And that like Donald Trump, only they could save us from the "elites" i.e. Justin Trudeau.

But mostly it was about money.

For as Press Progress reports, Leitch paid Levant a lot of money for his services. 

Kellie Leitch paid Ezra Levant’s alt-right Rebel Media tens of thousands of dollars during the Conservative MP’s controversial leadership campaign. 

Elections Canada records reviewed by PressProgress show the failed leadership candidate cut Rebel Media five separate cheques worth $11,300 between September 2016 and February 2017 for services labelled “social media.”

In total, the records show Leitch’s campaign paid Rebel Media $56,500.

And while we already knew that Levant's Rebel Media has no principles.

Rebel Media did not disclose its financial relationship with Leitch’s campaign to its audience even though the alt-right website covered Leitch multiple times during the same time period as it was receiving tens of thousands of dollars from her campaign.

Leitch apparently had none either.

For even as her ads were appearing on some of the Rebel's ugliest stories...

And she was pretending she had Canadian values.

Or posing as the real Canadian Trump... 

The mortal enemy of the "elites." 

She wasn't fussy where her money came from.

A few people who gave Leitch’s failed leadership bid the maximum possible amount include Manulife CEO Donald Guloien, CIBC CEO Victor Dodig, wealthy Tory elite Hal Jackman plus Postmedia CEO turned Ontario PC candidate Rod Phillips.

And so much for the people's champion.

And the good news?

As you know, all that money got Leitch absolutely nowhere. 

And as for Levant's Rebel Media, it too is greatly diminished.

Or as Canadian Cynic reports, just a shadow of its former self. 

Since no one else seems willing to do it, I suppose it falls to me to point out how, despite putting on a brave face and padding its masthead with bogus reporters, Ezra Levant's vaunted Rebel Media is now nothing but shadows ... a desperate but tiny collection of fake journos still trying to pass as a larger and serious media outlet.

And yes, as Cynic says, how the mighty have fallen.

That, boys and girls, is the object of pathetically sycophantic adoration from all of "Rebel Nation" ... three talent-deprived yobs struggling mightily to maintain the pretense of a going venture, all the while scrambling to keep the lights on.

Oh boy, I can only imagine how much the desperate Levant must miss Leitch...

And surely it won't be long before he also jumps on his tiny doggy and heads off into the sunset.

Leaving decent Canadians to write his and Leitch's very short political obituary:

They met, they disgusted a nation, they failed.

But they did deserve each other.

And they won't be missed...


  1. Leithch is a Doctor, do no harm, duh? Levant is just a pro gadfly, my guess is he believe in only the green.

    1. hi Steve...yes Leitch is a paediatric surgeon, I'm glad she's going back to her operating room, because we need surgeons more than we need crappy politicians like her. And as for Levant, he's a professional bigot which is as low as anyone can go....

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    You were right Simon, the Cons are the Rebel Party. Scheer is going to have a hard time explains why he paid Levant for studio time, and hired his co-director Hamish Marshall, while Leitch was funnelling tens of thousands into the racist Rebel.

    1. Jackie Blue6:17 PM

      Ezra and the Leech may freak out about "Sharia law," but Canadians have far more to fear from... Marshall Law.

    2. Hi anon 2:29PM...yes I must say the name Rebel Party is sounding more and more real. The Con connections to that hate mongering site are an absolute disgrace, and I only wish our hapless MSM would do more on those links, so we can use it against the Cons in the next election campaign. However, if they don't we will...

    3. Hi Jackie...well I would like to alert the population to the dangers of Marshall Law, and Scheeria Law. For both are equally dangerous... ;)

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Wow, talk about two Con losers. Leitch should resign immediately, and Levant should be audited for collecting money for what Canadian Cynic rightly calls a Potemkin Village. I recently read that his subscribers are also dropping like flies and who can blame them?

    1. hi anon@2:45 PM...If Leitch was a decent person she would resign, but she isn't so we'll just have to be grateful that she won't be running in the next election, and that until then we can use her to smear or schmear the Cons. And as for Levant, watching him collapse like a slow motion car crash, or deflate like a leaky balloon, is good enough for me...

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Ezra Levant looks good in a dress, him and Jason Kenney should go to a prom together. :)

    1. hi no Jasonella would not appreciate the competition and they would end up rolling on the dance floor trying to pull each others wigs off. Oh wait, on second thought, that could be quite entertaining... ;)

  5. Jackie Blue6:15 PM

    They all belong in prison for incitement to hatred, plus whatever financial malfeasance will inevitably be revealed once their books get opened up. The bigoted crooks of the Harperreich/Rebel Party, and the fake-news trolls of their Internet propaganda outlet, are some of the shoutiest and most deplorable nonos to have ever disgraced your country. Hambone Marshall, meanwhile, now has a side job working "social media" for his legacy muse in the Ontario Regressive Conservative race. Which means the fair bonny lass must be running another con game just like dear old dad, because everyone knows you can't spell Mulroney without M-O-N-E-Y. With sincerest apologies to Neil Diamond, and I do mean sincere because poor Neil is really not well with Parkinson's, but I just had to say it: Tweet Caroline... grifters never grift so good...!

    1. hi Jackie...OK let me get serious for a moment, I don't know what's come over me. If I don; watch it I'll end up wearing Scheer's fancy clown hat. But you're right, I like mocking bigots, but they are evil and dangerous, they are poisoning this country, and unless we can uproot them, and hopefully jail them, we could be very sorry one day....

  6. NOTE:

    I got home this evening to be told by my buddy Sean who was moderating comments for me while I was on assignment, that he had to delete EIGHT comments that were racist,sexist, homophobic and Nazi. I asked him to save them for me in future so I could have the pleasure of deleting them myself. But I do want to let Cons know that one way or the other all those kind of bigoted comments will be deleted, so may I suggest that you send them to the Rebel where I'm sure they'll be welcome. Thanks...

  7. e.a.f.1:51 AM

    OMG that is hilarious! Perhaps they can go on to form their own organization and work at making Canada white again, perhaps have lunch with dtrump or some thing like that.

    Perhaps this information is why she isn't running next time.