Monday, February 12, 2018

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Inner Maniac

As we all know Andrew Scheer likes to portray himself as a Mr Nice Guy, the Con Forrest Gump, or the politician next door.

And as you also know, I've been trying to warn Canadians that he isn't what he appears to be.

Warn them that he is not a harmless Gump, or chump. He's a dangerous religious fanatic and a stealthy right-wing extremist.

And sure enough last Friday he gave a speech at the Manning Centre, and for a brief moment his mask fell off, and he revealed his inner Scheer.

Or his inner maniac. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer painted a stark vision of the political battle on the horizon Friday as party faithful gathered in the national capital to plot a course towards a ballot-box victory in 2019. 

The choice, Scheer told the Manning Networking Conference in his first major speech to conservatives since becoming leader last May, won't be between left and right. 

"It's now a question about being free or unfree," said Scheer, seeking to finally define himself -- and redefine his party -- as a viable choice for voters 20 months from now.

For that is crazy stuff, and so is this:

"The choice is whether Canada will continue as a free and open country, or whether Canadians will live their lives afraid to say what they think, always looking over their shoulders before they dare to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the government is not the solution to every problem."

For does anyone truly believe that we would be freer under a Scheer Con government, than we are right now under this Prime Minister?

Because if they are if they are, I have a box of chocolates for them, or a straitjacket fit for a maniac.

But then most Canadians know very little about Scheer's background. How he was suckled by right-wing extremists who shaped his bizarre world view

They can't even remember for example, how he funnelled money into the riding at the heart of the robo-call scandal.

The political machine behind the man who is now Speaker of the House of Commons opened its wallet for the Guelph Conservative campaign currently under scrutiny by Election Canada's robo-calls probe, records at the watchdog agency show.

Less than two weeks before the 2011 election, Andrew Scheer's Regina-Qu'Appelle riding association in Saskatchewan transferred $3,000 to the Guelph Conservative campaign for candidate Marty Burke. Elections Canada records suggest this was the only Conservative riding association outside Guelph to transfer cash to Mr. Burke's campaign during the writ period.

And then used his position as Con or robot Speaker to shut down discussion on that very subject. 

Mr. Scheer has intervened at times in Question Period to ensure that discussions focus on the government's response to the controversy, and not partisan matters. 

For example, on March 8, the Speaker stepped in after NDP MP Chris Charlton quizzed Conservative MPs about some of their campaign spending on call centres.

"I would like to remind members that their questions have to touch on the administrative responsibilities of government, not political financing," Mr. Scheer said as he enforced parliamentary rules.

And what I found so deeply disturbing at the time was the way the Con media failed to follow up that scandal, just like it has so far failed to ask Scheer what he means by "freedom."

For I'll tell you what it means. It means a Canada where the Cons run wild. Where religious rights come before human rights. 

A country where freedom of speech means the freedom to engage in hate speech without consequences.

Or the freedom to plaster university campuses with these kinds of posters.

And punish universities that resist.

A country where home schooling and religious schools are favoured over public schools.

And more Canadians are sent to jail for using marijuana.

A country where pensions are slashed, medicare is privatized, the CBC is slaughtered...

The truth is what the Cons say it is... 

And all is sacrificed to the glory of Greater Alberta, even as the planet burns.

And I could go on and on and on.

But all I will say for now is if progressives don't wake up and unite to fight this maniac and his filthy fascist Cons.

Freedom will become just another word for tyranny.

And they will wake up one day in country they don't recognize...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the forces of evil are making their last push as most people progress forward. They want to strip down our social programs and transfer money up to the rich, all while oppressing women, gays, and minorities. Fuck these people.

Anonymous said...

Its a simple strategy,fan the flames of the dark side of human emotion and when election time comes release the pent up energy in a torrent of targeted propaganda designed make the undecided think they had better catch the wave, confuse, or send them scurrying for cover. Their whole strategy is to use free speech to fan the flames. Their worst nightmare is any legislation that might limit that ability as it would kill them as a party.
The free speech debate was fought with pornography. The answer is simple, use computer algorithms to rate content and remove the extreme stuff that crosses the line similar to child porn,violent exploitation etc. People can see what they want but triple x cannot be amplified and disseminated irresponsibly and it certainly doesn't make it into junior class. Simon,in the spirit of things your site would probably be rated as PG 13!

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:21 AM...the whole idea of the forces of darkness versus the forces of light could only come from the mind of a religious fanatic. I don't understand why our hapless MSM can't see that, but it is truly disturbing...

Steve said...

we should be taught in school to never take candy from Cons. Their lips move they are lying. The only Canada they care about is one with Handmaidens.

In Scheer they have jumped the shark. Harper had that plastic layer that insulated him from close observation. Scheer is as transparent as the fact the dilbit is tar and oil.

Simon said...

Hi RT...I have to admit that I am shocked that the Cons are already beginning this kind of campaign two years from the next election. But as I said in my post, behind those darling dimples Scheer is a hardline Con operative, and when you team him up with Hamish Marshall anything is possible. As for Scheer's free speech obsession I think there are two reasons for this. One, as you point out, they need to be able to act like the Rebel. But I still think the main reason is that Scheer is obsessed with getting his anti-abortion message on to university campuses. Remember the robo-call scandal was tinged with an anti abortion tinge that neither elections Canada or the media ever followed up. The candidate who got the money from Scheer was one of those caped crusaders, and Scheer has never properly explained why Marty Burke got that money..l

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing what might happen if the Cons should ever form another government, Canadians need to be reminded about that, because we can't count on our media to do their job. They're too busy attacking Justin Trudeau for taking a Caribbean holiday, the dumbasses.

Steve said...

I know this beast because I was violated by a priest. Not in the bad way. No a priest decided I was not a real person because I was born out of wedlock. My parents where both in good standing at the Church and my grandparents where
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So do I have a chip on my shoulder or do I see the truth because no one fed
me lies, due to my low birth? I am not going to say if you knew my father you would change the opinion of conseratives. He alway did well, and you know him well.

Jackie Blue said...

Ben Parker, aka Spider-Man's uncle, said with great freedom comes great responsibility. It might be a comic book quote, but that doesn't make it any less true. The Americans are finding out that an anything-goes, law-of-the-jungle "libertarian" attitude towards "freedom" only ends up ensuring that the most crooked, backstabbing dirty tricksters and jackbooted thugs stomp and bully their way to taking away freedom for everyone else. Now money is expensive speech, and bullets are religious expression. The last thing any civilized country should want is to be more like the USA. As Janis Joplin also said, freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

But to borrow from a more academic source, the philosopher Karl Popper: denying or curbing the freedom of rapacious corporations and bloodthirsty hatemongers, that you would allow more generously for underprivileged groups and "people power" over profits, is a paradox of tolerance, but nevertheless, there must be no tolerance for intolerance. Nazis, religious fanatics, and the couched dogwhistle Lee Atwater fashion of Orwellian newspeak where "busing" or "low-income housing" becomes a wink-nudge for discriminatory policies towards minorities, "due process" becomes a wink-nudge for giving rapists the benefit of the doubt, and "religious freedom" becomes a wink-nudge for gay-bashing, must not be allowed to thrive in a fair and just society. Every market has restrictions. The "free market" of ideas should be no different. Just like a consumer marketplace where harmful products are not allowed to be sold because they cause harm to everyday people, hate speech and corporate lobbying are the equivalents of a Ford Pinto or rancid meat. Without restrictions on freedom, everyone would be allowed to drive 120mph on a highway and there'd be no liability for when people get hurt. Caveat emptor is a selfish cop-out and not a philosophy compatible with "peace, order and good government."

Does Andrew Scheer think driving 120mph on a highway is acceptable? Does he think Holocaust deniers should be presented as an "alternate viewpoint" (like his campaign manager by proxy Levant did when he invited Doug Christie, the defense lawyer for Ernst Zündel and Paul Frömm, to speak at U of Calgary in 1990)? Or is it just "freedom for me and not for thee" as seems to be the case in America, where Jeff Sessions is giving his white supremacist friends a free pass and focusing all his energies instead on targeting Resistance groups, immigrant advocates, #MeToo, and Black Lives Matter?

Scheer, Levant, Marshall, the seafood-obsessed head shrinker Jordan Peterson, their GOP/Fox/Trumpist acolytes south of the 49th, and their Tory hatemongers and benefit slashers across the pond in the U.K., all need to be sent back under whatever troll bridge they came from and told in no uncertain terms to STFU. #TimesUp for Android Sneer and his Unka' Donald. #TimesUp for all of them, and it's about damn time we all let them know.

jrkrideau said...

I think I know how to worry Scheer. Tell him that mutant female clones are taking over the world.

A new species of crayfish that can reproduce without the involvement of a male is spreading rapidly through oceans across the globe.

Once the process is perfected all male humans can be eliminated.

The End of the Patriarchy!

The crayfish are not a spoof. I am checking crayfish recipes right now, preparing to help protect Canada.

Jackie Blue said...

It's doublethink/newspeak, Simon. Scheer's party is the dark side, and Levant has even co-opted the "Rebel Alliance" terminology for the Empire's own purposes. The Jedi are on Justin's side, and the Force for good is stronger with him and with the Resistance than it is with the evil ones, the Crappers and GOP. Nowhere is that more evident than in the welcoming message painted on the Olympic "Canada House." Harper/Scheer would probably have segregated drinking fountains at the Olympic village, with the white, Christian, heterosexual athletes getting Purity of Essence water, and everyone else drinking lead-tainted (and yellow-tinted) "Trump Springs" water imported from Flint, Michigan. We know already how Pence has been in a public spat with one of the American figure skating athletes who called the VP out for his hatred of LGBT people, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if a Canadian con in charge would transmit a similar toxic atmosphere all the way to Pyeongchang. The cons are divisive and deceitful, and just like usual they're projecting what they really are on the likes of Trudeau and the Liberals.

As for the media, they're greedy, they're infested with cons, and they're P.O.'ed about having to pay their fair share. Canadians seem to be smarter than to fall for the Conservative Bullshit Corporation's Sith mind tricks, as the ratings for the "news" broadcasts seem to be demonstrating. Nevertheless, there's bound to be more than a few wafflers who aren't as well aware, and that's where word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse is going to come in handy. Twitter is otherwise useless for much else besides cat memes, trolling people, and sending 280-character fan letters (or hate mail) to celebrities' PR agents, who don't really care. But the direct connection between voters is a rare bright spot, as it serves as something of a samizdat to get around the M$M corporate censorship. The future of Canada, not just domestically but globally as one of the last remaining bastions of sanity and compassion in the world, depends on enough people getting out on voting day to destroy the cons once and for all so that the Jedi can return to a majority government and the empire can never strike back.

Jackie Blue said...

Mutant female crayfish? Oh noes! That's sure to put Jordan Peterson in a panic too! It won't be long now before this revolution extends to Lobsters! THE FEMINIST CRUSTACEANS ARE COMING! THE FEMINIST CRUSTACEANS ARE COMING! Call Kermit's Canadian cousin Pepe! THE FEMINIST CRUSTACEANS ARE COMING! AAUGH!!! Sound the alarm and send all of Dr. Peterson's patients running into the basement! Oh, wait -- they're already there? Um, never mind...

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

I actually would not mind some change at the CBC. They have been become racist enablers. The French side had Richard Martineau on the other day, and he has been slandering the left side of the spectrum nonstop under the guise of freedom of speech, enabling racists in Quebec day in and day out. This is the filthy, dirty Con that is being pulled on us, and the CBC is cowardly, so craven and cowardly, led by their CON leaders on their board. An axe need be taken to the CBC, so that broadcasters report facts, and have viewpoints in opinion representing a good 60+% progressive, and 35ish% conservative, viewpoints. As Canada is.

But the only way there is to make them lose another election...only then will the Con Beast be tamed and forced to meet issues of climate change, gender equality and respect for others...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Sometimes these days I feel like I'm living in a low budget version of The Empire Strikes Back. And after thinking I had escaped the darkness of Stephen Harper's evil regime , I find myself sitting on a lonely asteroid, or the head of a space slug, and thinking here we go again. The Scheer Cons are in some respects worse than the Harper ones, no doubt due to the malignant influence of Trump. And despite their despicable behaviour the media either looks away, or joins them in the sewer. I'm sorely tempted to take that job in Edinburgh and leave this mess behind. But of course I won't, I will see the Cons in this country and yours defeated, and dance on their graves. It will be a harder struggle than I once imagined, but the day we do defeat them will be a day to remember...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...Even before I could spell politics my parents taught me to stay away from people like the Cons. And if they came too close to run or call the police.👮🏻
But I think you're right about the difference between Harper and Scheer. Scheer is more transparent but only to those who are not blinded by greed or hate. The jury is out on that one...

Simon said...

Hi anon...I was too tired to do a proper job, but I thought it was time to list what might happen if this country ever fell into the hands of Scheer and his fanatics. People have such short memories, and if the Cons ever did win it would be the end of this country as we know it...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I see the blue days of February might make me want to hibernate, but apparently inspire you to write poetry. Good for you. Although I don't recognize the concept of low birth. All babies are born equal in my book, and only the evil and the ignorant would pretend otherwise...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...another great comment. How I wish Janis Joplin was still alive so she could sing that line: "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." She could be the official singer of the #MeToo movement. I'm also glad to see that you have just as much contempt for that reactionary version of Howard Beale Jordan Peterson. It's frightening to see how his acolytes swarm around him like he was some kind of messiah. But when the Cons go down he'll go too...

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau...I read that story in the Washington Post and I was amused to see that one comment after the other asked the same obvious question: but are they edible? Let's hope they are, because at the rate they are reproducing they WILL eventually take over the world. Which come to think of it is probably enough to make Scheer believe that The Rapture has arrived...😇

Simon said...

Hi Pierre...I feel the same way about the CBC these days. I too am very disappointed at the right-wing slant of the corporation. It has indeed become the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation. And to make things even worse I don't think we can blame it's Con board for its degradation. The rot runs deeper than that. I can only hope that when a new board is finally in place they can do some house cleaning. Or maybe just remind those hapless clowns that if the Cons ever get hold of the CBC again they'll all end up in the street. If that doesn't concentrate the mind, nothing will....

jrkrideau said...

Jordan Peterson ?

Oh, how delicious, so to speak.

Unknown said...

Steve, thank you for your response. I am very impressed. You just hit the nail on the head. Congrats, and thanks again

Unknown said...

I am also questioning Andrew Sheer and his integrity