Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Con Media and the Canada I Love

After a long and hard week this was just the image I really needed to boost my spirits. An image of the Canada I love.

Sebastien Toutant a.k.a. Seb Toots, from L’Assomption, Québec, Canada, moments after winning the gold medal in the Big Air competition. 

With a big smile on his face, as usual.

A nice guy who finished first. A symbol of the young, cool, confident, happy country I'd like to live in.

Instead of the grim, dark, place it's in danger of becoming. Again.

For this is not my Canada.

The country and the Prime Minister our ugly Cons and their shabby stooge media would try to make us believe we should be ashamed of.

When in fact, after ten long grubby years of Stephen Harper and his monstrous regime, our country is more admired than ever, Justin Trudeau is enormously popular all over the world.

And although he is not perfect, he is and will always be a better leader than this grubby, divisive, Canadian Trumpkin...

Who if he ever became Prime Minister would turn back the clock fifty years, demolish the rights of women and LGBT Canadians, jail more people, re-criminalize marijuana, claw back pensions, privatize medicare, torch the planet with impunity.

And embarrass us in the eyes of the world far more than Trudeau ever could.

As Stephen Harper did for so many years...

No matter what the former Harper fluffer Paul Wells might proclaim in this other Con ad.

For Wells did declare that this unreal article was a "great success."

And the fact that it's been used as Con propaganda doesn't seem to bother him at all.

On the contrary he seemed pleased, at least judging by the way he was leering yesterday, on this latest example of the bias of the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation....

You know, three Con stooges and Terry Milewski, dumping all over Justin Trudeau.

But can only make me wonder why the Cons need a department of Propaganda and Disinformation when they've got the Con media?

And when is enough, ENOUGH?

For the Con media are playing with fire, and they will get burned. You can't fail to represent the centre-left nature of this country, and expect to get away with it.

Or spit in the faces of so many decent Canadians, and think that there won't be a day of retribution.

And the good news?

Despite the battering he has taken Justin Trudeau's numbers are still holding steady.

Which leaves the Con media on one side of history, and most Canadians on the other.

So our journey towards a better Canada continues.

And I'll leave you today with another kind of journey, one I used to make when I was at McGill.

Over and down Mount Royal, from the North to the South, ending just across the street from the medical building, and Pierre Trudeau's fabulous art deco house. 

Except that this guy, as he proved yesterday, really knows how to snowboard...

Keep the journey going, always towards the light of something better.

Keep putting the Canada back into Canada, and fighting for our precious values.

And have a great weekend everybody...


  1. Don Martin, John Ivinson et all should be asked to register as lobbyist.

    1. Hi Steve...if there was any justice they would be asked to register as lobbyists, but as we know there isn't. And besides I'm sure that even if they were convicted of being Con clowns, they'd plead insanity and get away with it...

  2. Freaking Sandi Ranoldo threw shade on Bob Marley. She should not speak ever.

    1. What??? Sweet Sandi threw shade at the God of Weed and Everything??? No, I refuse to believe it. FAKE NEWS!!!!! 😱


  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Simon, as the CBC gradually replaces it Board of Directors with a more balanced one its public personalities are drifting harder to the right.

    I used to enjoy watching "Power & Politics", but now most of panels are not balanced but are primarily conservatives. Regulars like Barton, Wells and Coyne do not provide a balanced perspective. It was bad enough with Stockwell Day and that extremely obnoxious Alise Mills. RG

    1. Hi anon.@1:36 PM...yes, it's weird isn't it? You'd think they might realize that if Harper had won the election, the CBC might by now be in ruins, and those Con stooges might be writing supermarket flyers, or begging for spare change on street corners. If they don't get it soon, and restore some balance to their coverage, they will lose any hope of attracting the new generation, and lose the reputation they once enjoyed...

    2. Hi anon.@1:36 PM...yes, it's weird isn't it? You'd think they might realize that if Harper had won the election, the CBC might by now be in ruins, and those Con stooges might be writing supermarket flyers, or begging for spare change on street corners. If they don't get it soon, and restore some balance to their coverage, they will lose any hope of attracting the new generation, and lose forever the reputation they once enjoyed...

  4. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I know what you mean Simon. It's the kind of Canada I also love. Bright and clean like a new snow day. The Cons and the media try to make everything as dirty as they are, and they are ruining it for us all.

    1. Jackie Blue5:29 PM

      It really is like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, or his friend and colleague Ernie Coombs' backyard... According to Wikipedia, Pierre's famous art-deco house that Simon used to pass by on his way to college is now Sacha and Zoe's family home with their kids. He seems like a nice guy too, wish we could see more of him -- although maybe not, considering the level of hatred the cons and their media acolytes already direct at his brother for also being a nice guy. The other Candice Bergen or who I'll call Smurfy Brown gave that infamous tantrum on Twitter about their Christmas sweater. I can only imagine what they'd say about Justin or Sacha in a cardigan sweater. But none of them utters a peep about Ezra in white sheets or Andrew's army of brown shirts.

      They remind me of Fox News, who actually called Mister Rogers "evil" after he died, because sharing is communism or something. They are all trolls, obviously. Too much sunny ways would turn them to dust. Which is all the more reason to intensify the bright light until they wither away for good.

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Smurfy Brown, I love it. Undoubtedly the Grouchy one.

    3. Hi anon@3:08 PM....Thanks, that makes one of you, cozy nobody else understood what I was trying to say. But then my friends knew that I would find any excuse to run that video of Toots zooming down my personal trail on the Mountain. So what do you expect eh?

    4. Hi Jackie...that Art Deco palace is really stunning. But you have to look at it from the back to realize how big it is. i'm glad Sacha and his family are living in it, so nobody can buy it and put up condos in its place. For whenever I go by it, especially in the fall, it still says Pierre Trudeau to me...

  5. yvonne4tn5:00 PM

    And yesterday, little @Ben_S_Harper chimes in with
    "Last week was about superclusters, this week was a cluster****"

    Supercilious little snot.

    1. Hi Yvonne...oh no, what is happening to Ben? I thought he would be too dumb to say anything about anything except basketball. But I guess he inherited his father's charm, and that was a small gift. Sad...

  6. Jackie Blue5:12 PM

    As an lifelong denizen of the sick man of the G7 barely surviving on the wrong side of the Orange Curtain, for the most part (except for the Fox/GOP/Trump cult), we love your Trudeau and your small-and-big-L liberal Canada even more. Canada's like Wonderland through the looking glass compared to the savage blood-soaked wilderness of the Untied States (intentional misspelling). Or as Robin Williams (PBUH) said, "a really nice apartment upstairs from a meth lab." A meth lab that could be a classroom instead, if only the real-life Walter Whites had universal healthcare.

    Perhaps the dour stuffed shirts in your country's hack press might get a bit of an ego boost and lay off Trudeau if they could put into perspective how Canada has the potential to be a civilizing influence on the shithole country to its immediate south. If the cons were in charge, you'd have "thoughts and prayers" to Mammon and Moloch soaking the country in blood from B.C. to Nova Scotia and all through the snow in the Yukon. You'd have sled dogs and moose packing heat, Don Cherry modeling a colorful bulletproof vest on the Hockey Night broadcasts, and snipers on the roof of every Tim Horton's. Is that what they want? "Blow Up the Rim"? Ontario's age-appropriate sex-ed curriculum replaced with active shooter training for five-year-olds? The Toronto Pride Parade replaced with a display of military muscle, and the gender-equal version of O Canada replaced with the Horst Wessel Lied? Ezra Levant at the helm of the CRTC???

    When advocates for pretty much anything that other countries do right and America gets bigly wrong speak on the subject, their first comparison is to Canada. For all the kerfuffle about Justin's silly joke at the town hall event, actually, I like the word "peoplekind," and I think it should be a new entry in the dictionary. "Peoplekindness." He wants people to be kind to their fellow human beings. What's wrong with that? Trump demands "winning" at all costs, and the GOP demands blood-sacrifice. Really, anyone with a shred of human decency can see whose approach is obviously the better one. I'd rather have a leader who made up a word like "peoplekind" than one who made up a word like "covfefe" and spells it with three Ks.

    Is Canada a perfect utopia? No, of course it isn't. No country is, not even "Normegia." But as the joke about the Canadian identity goes, at least it's "not America." And really, that says a lot about who we are and who Canada doesn't want to be. Not Harper's Bizarre or a Scheer Nightmare, but the Tru' North strong and free.

  7. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I believe that the only people who avidly watch and believe these old Con hacks would have voted Con no matter what so their net gain is zero and dropping as the old fools die, mired in their hatred and self-pity.
    While their giddiness to attack JT at every opportunity may be personally gratifying to themselves and the Con base, the majority of us can cut through their bias and reject their steaming piles of bullshit en masse.
    What galls me most is their refusal to call out the vile rebel for what it is. Why? Because it would be detrimental to the Cons given their extensive connections to it. That is the real tragedy here.
    Except for a very few, journalistic integrity is non-existent in this country as they kneel to their corporate masters. As they speak, shake a paw and roll over on command, these fools don't see that they are only hastening their demise which means that when the Con MSM finally goes down in flames they and their careers wont have to play dead.
    PS Seb Toots is pretty awesome Simon:)

    1. Hi was inevitable that Trump's golden toilet bowl would start leaking into Canada. And in recent weeks that sewage has multiplied exponentially. I don't know whether Hamish Rebel Marshall has created an army of trolls, or whether it's another bot invasion, but something is going on and I intend to finds out. The Great White North will have to fight to remain strong and free...

    2. Hi JD...I don't think the Cons dare disavow Levant and his scummy Rebel. They need him and his dotard army, and they're happy to have them do the dirty work and fire up their rabid base, so they can claim they have nothing to do with those nasty alt-rightists, or as I prefer to call them fascists. And of course it would be embarrassing if the Rebel Commander instructed his minions not to send the Cons any money, but send it all to HIM. Because that I can visualize...