Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Toxic Partisanship of the Con Clown Pierre Poilievre

For a long time after the Con regime went down in flames, and was humiliated beyond recognition, Pierre Poilievre all but faded into the woodwork.

Or lost himself in the midst of all those Con losers. I mean just look at them.

But then the fake Aga Khan scandal gave him a new lease on life, and another chance to attack Justin Trudeau and his family.

And now he's at it again.

Calling Trudeau's state visit to India a "vacation"just because he took his children with him. 

Even though, as David Akin of all people pointed out, so did Poilievre's beloved Stephen Harper.

And let's not forget the $1.3 million dollars it cost to ship not one, not two, but three armoured vehicles to India to make Great Failed Leader feel safe...

Even though, as I pointed out recently, not one of them was needed.

All of which triggered an avalanche of toxic Trudeau hate too vile to publish, and had even the nasty Con Candice Bergen screeching at Akin...

But then that's our Skippy or our Pee Wee, who would also cheerfully retweet this ghastly propaganda.

Fresh from the steaming orifice of this disgusting uber right-wing pro Trump organization. 

In an effort to mock campus opposition to hate speech, members of the Turning Point chapter at Kent State University staged a protest last fall in which they appeared on campus wearing adult diapers and sucking on pacifiers while proclaiming “Safe Spaces are for Children.”

And doesn't THAT say it all?

But what bothers me the most, is the way our media still treats Poilievre with respect, when he deserves none.

Not after the way he behaved when he was a member of the depraved Con regime.

And Stephen Harper's most faithful little stooge.

And where on earth did anybody get the idea that he was the guardian of our tax dollars?

When he spent half his time trying to suppress votes, and the other half trying to buy them.

And he's just another low life Con, another toxic Trudeau hater.

Pedalling down the road. 

And heading for oblivion...

When will he grow up?

When will he shut up?

When can we crush those scummy Cons and bury them forever?


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I'll be happy when the Porky Action Plan sign in my neighbourhood comes down. The Cons have been gone for more than 2 years now. Is Justin planning to leave those signs up until the next election? Rip the damn things out of the ground already!

    1. Hi anon....Hey don't be hasty, those Porky Action Plan signs are now collector items. So maybe you should rip it out of the ground yourself. Just drive up in a pick up truck, with a picture of Scheer taped to the door, and wearing a MAGA cap, and I'm sure nobody will even notice.
      And in another ten years when the Cons are just a bad memory, I bet you can sell it for big bucks to a collector, or a museum....😉

  2. Simon as in your eyes Assuage is a traitor who should be locked up for life, one would have to assume you where against the pardon for his source Chelsea Manning?

    The real story here is how the deep state has given the USA an new old enemy to justify the Military Industrial Complex. I thought Trump was going to be different on this. That is good enough for my vote. Hillary is a POS so in the end Trump victory will be transparency for the world instead of going down the same old path.

    BTW Trump sold out faster than Bernie Sanders. They are all scum.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Indeed, how could anyone vote for a POS like Hillary. It doesn't get much lower than running a child sex ring out of a DC pizza joint, right Steve?

    2. Ha Ha, I admit there is so much disinformation from both sides its hard to know the truth. Thats why you have to follow the money. Where there is money there is often a light of truth.

    3. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Steve is proof of the horseshoe theory

    4. Hi Steve...try to calm down a bit. The argument that you thought Trump was going to save us from the Mikitary Industrial Complex but sold you out in record time isn't very reassuring. In fact, it's downright disturbing. But whatever... As for Julian Assage and Chelsea Manning I see no comparison. Manning did reveal some things about the Iraq War that I thought Americans should know. But Assange has never spent a day in prison, and all he did was release material to try to elect Trump. And for that you don't get a medal in my book...finally, the problem with declaring them all scum, is that one of them will have to govern, and you will have to choose if nothing else, who will do the least damage..l

  3. Jackie Blue1:47 PM

    Shows how isolationist and insular the cons really are. Justin wants to expose them to the wonders of global culture outside of sleepy Ottawa, and he is fortunate enough to be in a position to do so. More power to him. As he pointed out in the Twitter post that's attached to that adorable photo, he was about the same age as Xavier when Pierre brought him to India. Admiration for the world and its diverse peoples is a Trudeau family tradition, and certainly one of the greatest things about Canada's liberal (small and big L) culture. Why shouldn't he bring the kids along for an educational and fun social experience that's sure to make them overall better people in the long run, as it did for Justin and his brothers? Has Scheer ever ventured much farther out than the tumbleweed fields of Sasquatchestan? Can Pee Wee see much farther out than his own, um... Pinocchio nose?

    Contrast the Trudeaus' state visit with the ignorant Donald Trump Jr., who is also making a trip to New Delhi to make a "business pitch" -- probably for a New Deli that sells Trump steaks. "Hey, Modi, come have a cow, man!" ...says the Bart Simpson of the White House. Perhaps if the idiot in Washington had been more open to being a responsible citizen of the world, instead of just using "international relations" (wink-nudge) for his own benefit, he and his kids might have become responsible citizens themselves? We know Trump Sr. was so crass as to make fun of Modi's accent like he was Apu the convenience store owner. Are the Canadian cons so ignorant that they'd rather see the Trudeau children grow up to be similar toxic morons with their heads up their... elephant trunks? In the words of the great philosopher Homer, "D'oh!"

    1. Hi Jackie...it always struck me as astonishing that until he became Prime Minister Stephen Harper had rarely left the country. And as a result his Cons are as insular as can be, and see foreign places as thretTening. Unless you can take two armoured limos and an armoured SUV with you. The reaction to Trudeau's trip has been simply appalling and makes me wonder how low this country has fallen. I think the state visit has so far been a roaring success, not just because of the jobs Trudeau has secured, but also because I bet he has many new friends and contacts in the world's fourth largest economy. And at a time when Trump is threatening jobs in this country, every job counts.If the Cons are too stupid to understand that, it's not our fault, and they should get a brain transplant...🤕

  4. Anonymous1:57 PM

    It was nice while it lasted Simon but it appears that Pierre LaPeckerhead is back with his pettiness in tow. I wonder where he's been? On vacation?
    I marvel at how Aiken can simultaneously point out that Harper did take his family with him abroad and then kiss ass by saying he's not attacking Pierre. He didn't need to say that when he was only pointing out Pierre's usual hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is not a crime, it's a Con's way of life.
    I totally agree that he needs to shut up Simon. His 15 minutes of infamy are over. He's as stale and empty as Schmeagol's election platform and another reason the Cons will be thoroughly rejected in 2019.

    1. Hi JD...like Evita, the truth is Poilievre never left us. Sadly. But as I said in my post, the fake Morneau scandal gave him a new lease on life, and when the Con media started egging him on it went to his head, and he has been insufferable ever since. I sincerely hope that he will load his humongous pension into an armoured car, and drive off into the sunset long before the next election,...

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Poilievre's attempt to suppress the vote should be enough to disqualify him from running from office. Like the rest of Scheer's sleazy crew he is more Republican than Conservative. I can't wait to grind him and the rest of those grubs into the dirt in the next election.

    1. Hi anon@2:09 PM...that has always been my view. Trying to suppress the vote in a democracy should be unforgivable. But our Con media have no standards, and they too like to use Poilievre as a weapon against Justin Trudeau. not only are the nights lonely and boring in Ottawa, the days are even longer....

  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    The Germans came up with a word for people like Poilievre - Backpfeifengesicht. Loosely translated it means "a face in need of a fist."

    1. Germans have the best expressions. (Next to Austrians) For example Austrians say I have dead pants. It means I dont feel like working.

    2. HI anon@3:06PM...yes, but you know what they say about the Germans. "One moment they're at your feet, the next moment they're at you throat." So no thank you, I don't believe in violence against anyone, even Cons. I would be more than satisfied to see Poilievre take his enormous pension and retire. But since he's been a professional politician since he started wearing long pants, I'm not holding my breath...

  7. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Scheer and Poilievre are nothing more than Marshall's organ grinder monkeys performing for the next propaganda video. Its difficult to get a total video count as they are edited and posted on different sites but for the past 6 months the Trudeau Sucks videos are being churned out at a rate of over 50 per month with a viewer rate exceeding several million. Sites like Conservative Network have Ezra's fingerprints all over it while other sites like steeper33 are a mystery. Videos featuring the two monkeys are "Smart Man Destroy Justin Trudeau" and "Andrew Scheer Destroys Justin Trudeau" both earned a 5 puke rating. Its not even near election time and the propaganda is being loaded at an astounding rate. If the US pattern is repeated as election time approaches the Fake News rhetoric will be ramped up driving people to the propaganda sites for the Real News that's pushed to them tailored to their specific interests. The US Repung-a-cons proved it to be a very effective strategy. Statistics for the various YouTube, Twitter Instagram sites can be found at Socialblade.com. Type in the name of the YouTube site (eg steeper33) then click on the steeper33 icon to locate the user videos. Make sure your barf bag is close at hand. The following article describes the extent of the problem https://www.nationalobserver.com/2017/02/02/analysis/how-vulnerable-canada-fake-news-very

  8. Hi RT....part of the problem is that the Cons believe that one of the main reasons they lost the election is that we beat them on the social media front. So they are determined not to make that mistake again. Unfortunately for the Cons they don't seem to realize that videos only reflect what kind of people they are, and can only make them even less popular. However, as you point out so-called fake news can be a nasty weapon, and progressives are going to have to develop clever counter measures. I've got some ideas, but I'd rather not share them now. I will however have a post soon on how the Cons may have already started their disinformation campaign. And I hope it wakes some people up...

  9. Could it happen here?