Sunday, February 25, 2018

How The Con Media Made Themselves Look Like Idiots. Again.

As we all know, the good old boys from the parliamentary press gang have been in a frigging frenzy recently. 

Covering Justin Trudeau's visit to India, from Ottawa and/or somewhere in Toronto.

Mocking Trudeau and his young family for dressing up in Indian garb... 

Accusing him of having invited a former terrorist to dinner. Only thirty-four years after he tried and failed to kill an Indian diplomat in Canada!!

Claiming that the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was so displeased he was shunning Justin!!!

Screeching like banshees, or Cons, that the visit was the worst diplomatic disaster EVER!!! 

Or as Stephen Maher was seen to be screaming hysterically, bad for CANADA!!!!

To which I was forced to reply like this:

But by then the Con media's "sensational" story had begun to unravel.

When the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner "dangerous terrorist" was revealed to be less of a threat than they would have us believe. 

Jaspat Atwal, who was at the centre of a controversy following his presence at events hosted for visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is one of the “reformed” elements in the pro-Khalistan sections of the Sikh diaspora, top government sources told The Indian Express. He was in India as part of the government’s new approach to engage with such elements, who have not indulged in any separatist and extremist activities in recent years, sources said.

He's actually working with the Indian government, to help neutralize those who might threaten that country.

“Atwal is one of about 200 such individuals with whom the government has been engaging in the last three years. He got a visa to visit India, as part of the process, like many others. He was given a visa since he was found to have been reformed, and therefore has been taken off the blacklist last year,” a source said.

A hero on the front line of The Great War of Terrorism, who the Con media would treat as a TRAITOR !!!!

Can you believe that?

And if that wasn't bad enough, then there was this from the man who was supposedly shunning Trudeau.

Can you believe THAT? A signed bib from Mark McMorris. 

Which just about finished off the Con media's "sensational" story, but not before Andrew Scheer was made to look ridiculous.

The suggestion by a senior government official that rogue political elements in India were behind the invitation of a Sikh extremist to an event with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “dangerously irresponsible” and risks eroding diplomatic ties, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says.

And Maxime Bernier also made an absolute idiot out of himself. Again...

And all I can say is, thank goodness the Cons aren't running this country, because they don't know what they're saying or doing.

Thank goodness the CBC has at least one decent journalist left to put that fake scandal into perspective.

Rarely has the journalistic echo chamber rung more hollow than on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's trip to India. It's an interesting exercise to see how many of the analyses were written by people thousands of kilometres from India, and how many quote the same Carleton University academic, Vivek Dehejia. 

The reality is this trip drifted somewhat from Day 1, featured a few successes and one major self-inflicted wound with the presence of Jaspal Atwal, and ended in a surprisingly warm glow when the Trudeau government finally gave the Indians what they'd been waiting for all along.

And this is the bottom line:

The Con media tried and failed to hurt Justin Trudeau, just to pleasure i.e. blow their big bosses.

They need to apologize to Justin AND the Canadian people, or better still resign and let a new generation take over.

And our exciting prime minister should return to Ottawa, and try to make it less boring...

If that's possible, which I doubt.

And of course after this, if the Cons and their stooge media don't get out of the way.

Trudeau shouldn't hesitate to stomp all over them...


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    What do you say, Simon, to prominent, lifelong Liberals who also criticize Trudeau's handling of this visit, people such as former Chretien aide, Warren Kinsella. There are plenty of others, very dedicated Liberals.

    1. Hi anon@12:21 PM....I don't care what "prominent lifelong Liberals" I.e. right-wing Liberals have to say about anything. But if they fell for that Con media scam, they too must be feeling pretty dumb today...🙄

    2. Mackenna4:43 PM

      Simon, Justin is a neoliberal. On economics he's identical to Harper. He's a social liberal, and probably the most enlightened social liberal the Liberals have ever had, but he's an idiot on China policy - his free trade plans with China will be as ruinous for this country as Harper's FIPA treaty - the treaty Trudeau supports 100%. He sold weapons to Saudi Arabia, one of the worst countries for torture and the oppression of women. He flat out lied when he promised electoral reform. He's screwing veterans and he's denying women victims of sexual assault by the forces their day in court.

    3. Hi Mackenna...your opinion of Justin Trudeau is interesting, but not really relevant to my post, which concerns the idiot activities of the Con media, and how they formed a circle jerk and wanked off furiously all over themselves. However, please feel free to vote for Andrew Scheer, the religious fanatic, alt-right extremist, miserable misogynist, hideous homophobe, his bigot conclave, and his Rebel buddies. As for me, although I have always voted for the NDP, I am proud to now support Justin Trudeau for his outstanding support of women's rights and LGBT Canadians, and for raising us up out of the darkness of the Harper years, and drastically improving our image in the eyes of the world. Which may mean nothing to you, like they don't mean anything to so many old angry white men in this country, but make Trudeau in my eyes the best representative of the new and rising generation, and the best Prime Minister ever. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day... 😀

    4. Anonymous6:33 PM

      @Mackenna when are you going to demand that Maxime Bernier apologize for his ignorant racist comment? Or doesn't the racism of the Harper/Scheer party bother you at all? If it doesn't could you at least have the decency to stop posing as a progressive?

    5. Waren seems to be mad he is on the outside

    6. Anonymous9:31 PM

      Warren was blocked from running in 2014 and is angry that he is no longer on the inside.

  2. Jackie Blue1:21 PM

    Media Acting Goofy Again? You don't say! As for Max Headroom, or should I say Minimum Brainroom, he is, as you said, an idiot. It's not "cultural appropriation" if Justin was wearing the outfit respectfully rather than as a "costume." Just like he was gifted traditional decoration including a headdress and ceremonial face paint at an event hosted by members of a First Nations tribe. He didn't put on the headdress and start hooting and hollering like those dumb college students who make fun of indigenous people "for the lulz." Same thing as when he put on the clothing in India. He was celebrating, not mocking, their culture by dancing with them. Context is key, Max.

    Not to mention, Justin is a percentage Desi himself (no, not Arnaz from Cuba, but South Asian) on his mom's side. He has ancestors who were colonials in Indonesia, from a place called the Malacca Strait. (Many, many people are not aware of this, but it's in the middle of a bigly yuge Indian Ocean.) So does the young Green Party parliamentarian Jesse Klaver of the Netherlands, whose liberal politics (albeit to the left of Trudeau's) and resemblance to the PM have led the press to refer to him as "Dutch Justin." (Even the right-wing nationalist hypocrite Geert Wilders isn't 100% "pure Aryan" either.) Liberals want to highlight how we're all citizens of the world. Cons just want to keep conning their own insular "tribe" and shut everyone else out from their... "safe space."

    As usual, they're showing their ignorance. Justin was demonstrating cultural integration in a positive light. Not demonstrating "cultural appropriation" through mockery and insult. And bringing the kids along to explore India's magnificent culture and its sacred spaces helped to sow that seed for the next generation. Modi himself was charmed by them and by Sophie. It wasn't a meaningless "vacation." It was a mutually beneficial experience, both educationally and diplomatically. Contrast with Trump Sr. who made fun of Modi's accent, or his namesake spawn who only went there to pitch dad's brand. So much for asking what you can do for a country. The Trumps are all about winning (read: cheating) at "Let's Make a Deal."

    I wonder if the cons own and operate movie theaters, because they sure do know how to project. Certainly not in Bollywood. Maybe some isolated population-30 hick town in tumbleweed country that's showing black-and-white 1930s-era German newsreels at the matinee? When will wee Andy and his cronies show up for work in their traditional cultural wardrobe of white sheets and brown shirts? (Or make that white shirts and brown sheets...)

    1. Hi Jackie...OMG. Justin has ancestors who lived in Indonesia? Quick cover that up immediately or the Cons will be calling him a Muslim or Moooooslim again !!! They really are pathetic and as about Canadian as a Trump three dollar bill. As for our Con media they should get out more, and apologize to Canadians for having shown themselves to be such absolute dumbasses...

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Trudeau stomp? Please. The Little Prince wouldn’t risk breaking his glass slippers.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Anon 2:20, Was the little prince wearing those slippers when he stomped Patrick Brazeau?

    2. Hi Con...I was speaking about the elephant stomping on them, and then only metaphorically you dumb yokel. But if you want to be literal, I suggest you ask Patrick Brazeau how those glass slippers felt slamming into his face. From what I recall they looked painful. And BTW Con, do you mind if I ask you a question? Do you turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight? Because quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised...

    3. Hi were answering that dumbo Con at the same time I was writing mine. But I guess that only means that great minds think alike!! 😉
      P.S I'll never forget how the lizard nerd Ezra Levant, who was covering the fight for Sun TV news, mused aloud before it began whether Trudeau would "need an ambulance or a hearse." And how he looked like he needed an ambulance after it was over...

    4. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Simon, Ezra's reaction was as enjoyable as the fight.

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Try imagining Indian PM Narendra Modi hanging out in Ottawa for a week alternately dressed like a cowboy or a Mountie or a French-Canadian biker, and you have some idea of how obnoxious it was to watch Justin Trudeau traipse around the subcontinent playing ethnic dress-up.

    1. Anonymous8:44 PM

      I can imagine if PM Modi came around this time of year, he would wear and be most comfortable in that quintessential Canadian garb, a parka and a toque. Perhaps you've not been to India, but the most comfortable thing to wear is a kurta. I was the whitest thing around, but was very comfy (and pretty snazzy, too) in my salwar kameez. Nobody accused me of cultural appropriation.

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Ignore those pathetic Con supporters Simon, they are just shell shocked by the inconvenient truth. You have just stuck a fork in that absurd "scandal," they are bitter and you are brilliant.

  6. Thank you, Simon. Well written. And included some information I hadn’t come across yet.

  7. Visitor - Pierre D.4:30 PM

    With the media failing, and needing to be rescued by government handouts, they are doubling down for the scant few clicks they can get in a world that has truth at its fingertips thanks to social media.
    But if you dig deep you will find writers form India that explain they are charmed by the Trudau family dressing in culturally appropriate garb, dignitaries want more people to be like Mr. Trudau and the filthy con media is apoplectic at the thought.

    And all these attacks aren't helping them in the polls, as Con proxy NDP go up, Liberals go up and Conservatives go down...

  8. Hi anon@2:42 PM...actually I have seen Modi with a large Mexican sombrero on and he looked Fabulous!!!! But of course not as fabulous as Justin Trudeau, for obvious reasons. But seriously, you are mixing up apples and oranges. Trudeau didn't go around dressing up in Halloween costumes as that absolute idiot Maxime Bernier seems to be suggesting. He simply wore traditional garb as a way to reach out to the Indian people, and I bet he made about 500 million new friends. Not bad for a week long mission. And since I have travelled widely, unlike so many of our inbred dotard Cons, I find the culture of others quite fascinating, rather than obnoxious. You should too, it will make life more interesting, and you less boring. Yawn...😎

  9. Hi anon@4:17PM...Thank you for your kind words. But don't worry, anything a Con says, especially those raised like cabbages on Hamish Marshall or Ezra Levant's troll farms, goes in one ear and out the other. Also, while I like to at least think I'm brilliant. 🤔 At least twice a year. It didn't take any brilliance to figure out this one. It was obvious to me that if Atwal the "dangerous terrorist" had been allowed into India, he obviously wasn't THAT dangerous, and had probably been turned. And if our shabby, mediocre Con media didn't waddle around in that village on the Rideau, sniffing their own farts so much, they would, or at least might, have figured that out as well. Duh...😼

  10. Hi Pierre....thanks for reminding me that the Con media are shuffling along, attacking the Liberals in a grotesque manner, while holding out their grubby paws and begging for a handout. Needless to say I'm against that. The dotard media needs to go down in flames, so a new and better generation can take over. Unlike those Cons, and even though I am naturally lazy, I did do some research, which among other things showed the Con media to be better suited to work for the Rebel than any Canadian publication. It's a depressing situation, but if we can get the truth out, it will set us free..l

  11. I have voted Liberal federally in every election except for 2005, during the Shawinigate fiasco.
    But I am not a Liberal ideologue. I think Justin’s trip to India was basically a way to take the family on a government-paid holiday. Can someone tell me, besides photo ops, what trade deals were announced?

    1. Hi David...Said like a true Con or Rebel. I'm not surprised because you and Scheer share the same hatred for a women's right to choose. Here are some facts to shoot a few holes in your paid holiday theory:

      The Lord be with you, and don't bother coming back...