Thursday, October 06, 2016

Michelle Rempel and the Madness of Harperland

It could only happen in Alberta, or in the battered petro-state that Stephen Harper bequeathed this country formerly known as Harperland.

For on the day that our parliament endorsed the Paris Climate Change Agreement. 

The House of Commons voted 207 to 81 to endorse the Paris agreement on climate change tonight, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined a national carbon price plan Monday that will begin in 2018.

And the Cons to their eternal shame voted against it.

All I could hear was the buzzing sound of Michelle Rempel making an absolute fool of herself. Again.

By going after Big Oil for supporting the idea of a carbon tax. 

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is taking aim at some of the country’s biggest energy companies over their support for a carbon tax.

Claiming they're just big bullies.

In the House of Commons this week, Rempel, the MP for Calgary-Nose Hill, said “the few rich CEOs of Canada’s big energy firms probably support their tax because it may force junior firms out of the market, enabling them to make a play for assets.”

And by so doing making the big oil barons sound like environmental activists.

Shell Canada issued a statement noting that it “was among the first oil and gas companies to acknowledge climate change and we have been calling for a price on carbon for nearly the past two decades.” “Effective carbon pricing mechanisms provide incentives for both consumers and industry to change the way they use energy or develop cleaner methods of production.”

While making herself sound like a paranoid climate change denier, or an oil pimp gone crazy.

But sadly that wasn't Rempel's only desperate attempt to try to raise her fading profile.

For she also went after Telus, for committing the same kind of heresy. 

By making a fuss on Twitter and along with others forcing the company to back down.

And worse, running this boring clip on her YouTube channel to pat herself on the back...

Even though Telus who can also see the writing on the wall, knows that most Canadians strongly support the idea of a carbon tax. 

And was only trying to attract more customers, in the capitalist system that Rempel supports so strongly, when she's not pimping for Big Oil.

So it is laughable.

But I must admit seeing Rempel posturing like that, and forcing Telus to surrender, annoyed me so much that I felt the need to send her a message.

And since I can't send her one on Twitter...

Because she blocked me years ago.

I thought I'd just remind her of what Canada, or Harperland as it was then known, looked like a year ago this week.

Chris Alexander and Kellie Leitch had just launched their cultural barbarism campaign. 

The Oil Pimp in Chief Stephen Harper had just declared marijuana more dangerous than cigarettes.

And worse, with less than three weeks to go before the election some polls had Harper heading for another majority.

So isn't it nice to know what a difference a year makes?

And since it's also the one year anniversary of the day this song came out, I'd like to dedicate it to Rempel...

And when she's finished dancing or drinking to that one...

I'd like to implore her to stay away from another big company, Mercer's Home Hardware.

Because goodness knows what she might do with that one...

And one more thing, which is sure to drive her crazy. As crazy as some of the Cons who keep sending me comments like this one:

Even though I almost always cheerfully delete them on arrival.

Thank goodness for Justin Trudeau...

For saving us from the horror of Harperland.

Leading us bravely into the future.

And among so many other good things, delivering us from Michelle Rempel...


CuJoYYC said...

Sadly, she's my MP. le sigh

rumleyfips said...

Congratulations on your coronation. Once again , I was not invite.

hinofan said...

Hi Simon,Hope your knees are better.
Its harvest time here in Alberta and the farmers, according to the Rebel, are squawking about not being able to get their crops to market.
Well since the Harperites sold the Wheat board and its rolling stock of grain cars to the Saudis, the whole transport of grains and other commodities is in the hands of the "market".
Evidently the "market" has decided to shut down the Port of Churchill for lack of demand.
I know it surprises some people, but Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America to put a tax on carbon,
and also to have a sovereign wealth fund.
Sadly, both our pioneering attempts have been "hugely" eclipsed by others.
BC's carbon tax for instance, and Norway, whose Sovereign Wealth Fund is measured in Trillions, whereas the model for that fund, the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund stood at about $14 billion when inherited by the Alberta New Democrats after 40 years of "Progressive"
Conservative rule.
It is great fun here in Alberta to watch the two former Conservative Harperite fellow MP's, Jason Kenney and Brian Jean doing a bizarre scorpionlike "Unite the Right" dance.
Each wanting to lead their own provincial party of Michelle Rempel evangelical clones who are more confused than ever.
I only live in Alberta because of the light!

jrkrideau said...

Evidently the "market" has decided to shut down the Port of Churchill for lack of demand.

I had to admire this market-driven approach. Global warming probably will mean that Churchill will be close to a year round port in 10 or 15 years so close it??

Anonymous said...

I have always considered the funding of Churchill's ports as a punishment for Thunder Bay's constant support of the NDP party. Shuttering the port of Churchill though does not feel right, as it will cause economic distress and social problems in Churchill. It is obvious the North West Passage will one day be an alternative route, there is to much jostling for territory to think it will not be and I imagine no matter how effective our limiting of greenhouse gases in the atmopsphere is, the temperatures will rise for a few years before we can experience any true cooling affects.

Brian Mulroney led the Conservatives to devastation, we hoped they would never rise, but they rose with a more extreme policy and in a manner that was a mockery of the Progressive Conservative label.The Conservatives have failed at economic theory, at improving canadian life and at advancing our international stature, so I can only conclude we have 3 people out every 10 that would vote for xenophobia, selfishness, totalitarianism, and racism. ~GS

Simon said...

hi condolences, although to be fair there are a few other Cons in Alberta who are worse than her. Rempel is probably too liberal to be a member in good standing of the new Reform Party, but don't tell her or she'll block you as well...

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...what coronation? Have you been visiting Rick's Home Hardware store? There is only one queen and her name is RONA!!! Wait, isn't there a hardware store called Rona? Now I'm really confused... ;)

Simon said...

hi hinofan....Thanks for asking. I'm glad to report that my knee has finally healed, and I'm on my bike. Now if only the summer wasn't ending. I'm sorry to hear that the Saudi Wheat Board is making a mess of things. Although I'm not surprised, I thought the decision to sell that Canadian institution was an absolute travesty. But I am a bit envious, for Alberta is definitely the most politically interesting place in Canada. Be sure to wave at Kenney when he drives by in his Made in Mexico pickup truck . For from what I hear I understand he needs all the encouragement he can get... ;)

Simon said...

hi GS...I think you sum it all up well. Con times are hard times, and all that talk about helping the North, was just another greenhouse gas. But 3 people out of 10 isn't as bad as it is in other countries, and with those kind of numbers the Cons aren't going anywhere....