Thursday, October 20, 2016

Remembering the Day The Harper Regime Went Down In Flames

I was so excited to see Donald Trump hit the canvas last night, that I forgot that it was also the one year anniversary of the day Stephen Harper also went down like palooka.

And the sun finally set on his foul Con regime.

One year since Canadians finally gave them the boot. Humiliated their depraved leader.

Made Justin Trudeau prime minister.

And of course, caused me to celebrate wildly.

The tyrant is finally down.

The Great Darkness is finally over. 

Light up the sky. Fire off the fireworks.

Glory, glory, hallelujah. 

We are free at last.

On what was one of the happiest days of my life.

The euphoria of that day has naturally faded with the passage of time.

But I remain as happy about what happened on that day one year ago, as I was then.

And so it seems are most Canadians. 

One year since the Liberals won the federal election, two-thirds of Canadians approve of the job Justin Trudeau’s government has done, according to a new Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News. 

“He’s very popular. If you look at leaders in the rest of the world, he’s got numbers that any of them would envy,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. We’re finding 64 per cent of Canadians saying that they basically approve of his performance and the government’s performance.”

Or even happier.

For it has been a great leap forward...

Incredibly Justin Trudeau is more popular today than he was the day he was elected.

And the man Harper claimed "just wasn't ready," didn't just defeat his Cons, he practically destroyed them.

Of course some are never satisfied, and a noisy few keep demanding that he do more, or do it quicker. And that's their right.

But Trudeau has set a furious pace, he has demolished much of Harper's foul legacy, he has restored our standing in the eyes of the world...

And even on the contentious energy/environment file he enjoys the support of most Canadians.

Roughly two out of three (63%) believe Mr. Trudeau is on the right track when it comes to his overall approach to reducing emissions and combat climate change, including two-thirds support in BC, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. In Alberta, 35% say the government is on the right track, as do 28% in Saskatchewan . (caution re small sample size)

Across partisan lines, 85% of Liberals, 75% of NDP supporters, and 36% of Conservative supporters say the federal tax approach is good or acceptable. Support is highest among younger people but is the majority view across all age groups.

Which in a country like ours is quite an achievement.

And while some attribute Trudeau's extraordinary popularity to the fact that both the Cons and the NDP are essentially leaderless, I see it differently.

I believe Trudeau is so popular not just for who he is, but for who he isn't. 

Not Stephen Harper...

And that after that long nightmare Canadians are tired of divisive politics, and just want to enjoy life in the Canada they helped restore.

Especially since Canada is an oasis of tolerance and tranquility in a world full of bigotry and violence.

For I know that's how I feel,

I waited so long for that day...

But it finally arrived.

We did stop Harper...

And I'll never forget the Freedom Day the nightmare ended,

And I got my beautiful Canada back...


  1. Thats all fine and dandy, Simon, but as a progressive minded democratic socialist, I have to say I am extremely disappointed in Trudeaus flip flop on his election promise to fix our outdated and archaic voting system. I don't beleive that 38% of the popular vote should give any party a license to change laws with no checks and balances. II'm left to wonder if the very point to today's blog, on Trudeau's popularity is the reason the Liberals have changed their tune. I was as happy as any Harper hater, when he was defeated, and honestly thought that the new Trudeau Liberals would start to implement progressive policies to help all Canadians, not just the rich, but the fact that he has done nothing to change Harpers dismantlement of our environmental policies, Bill 51 and now this, I feel like a duped mark conned again by the old Fiberal party. I know it's only been a year, so some might say be patient, but for him to turn his back on his promise to change the system only makes me think that we're in for more of the same. I am so tired of being lied to, time and time again.

    1. Jolly Roger1:59 PM

      DUPED.. is exactly how I feel. Trudeau's enthusiasm for these (CETA TPP TISA)is what really pisses me off, their government had nothing to do with negotiating them and by the reaction of the online comments, 90% of them don't want more corporate welfare launched upon them either.We have to learn to move on from these two parties and get back to something that resembles a democracy for all..

    2. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Of course you were duped. Little Tater and the Butts played you all for fools.

      Hey Simon think your still getting electoral reform? Looks like the PM's got other ideas now.

      I look forward to your blog on that one.

    3. hi GreazedLitenen...don't be so quick to judge what Trudeau mused about in his Le Devoir interview. For it's not enough to conclude that he is about to give up on electoral reform. He is only stating the obvious. Enthusiasm for electoral reform has subsided since he became Prime Minister, and the only thing he might be trying to do is force the other parties to arrive at some consensus. Trudeau has in fact taken some big steps to try to overcome ten years of inertia in the war on climate change. And as for Bill C-51 it is in the process of being revised, which must be done carefully at a time when terror attacks could be on the rise, thanks to ISIS imploding in Syria and Iraq. And let's face it, the main reason Bill C-51 was such a threat when Harper was in power, was the justifiable fear that he would use it for his own purposes. Finally, it's important to remember the country we live in, which has always been and remains a centrist country. And if we want a revolution, as I do, it will not come from any elected government no matter how progressive by Canadian standards. It can only come from a movement that we must build...

    4. hi Jolly Roger...I don't think the TPP has much of a chance of surviving with both U.S. presidential candidates against it. And CETA which has been revised is also in trouble in Europe, so its chances of surviving without changes remains to be seen. But you're right on the main question, if we want real change we need to build a movement bigger than any of our parties. For that is the only way we will really change the world...

    5. hi anon 7:22...I would hold off the celebrating if I was you. Electoral reform is far from dead. And even if the FPTP system is still in place in the next election it will not help your party, it will still be wiped out. And of course when electoral reform is finally law, your Cons will never get another majority government again. Now put on your black suit and get back in your hearse...

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I agree that Justin Trudeau is vast improvement over Harper and his band of deplorables, but a major plank was his electoral reform. That looks like it will fall by the wayside and that I find unacceptable.

    1. hi I just told GreazedLitenen, don't be so quick to declare that electoral reform is doomed. The Con media may want us to believe that Justin Trudeau is breaking his promise, but there is absolutely no evidence that he is preparing to do that. The electoral reform committee will present its report on Nov. 1. And then we will get a better idea where this process is going...

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I'm looking forward to a Clinton- Trudeau selfie in 2017:))

    Happy Anniversary Canada!

    1. hi won't be as cool as a Trudeau Obama selfie, but it will still look great compared to an official photo of Trudeau and Trump... ;)

  4. happy Indian birthday, Canada!!!

    1. hi mean happy birthday Kanata... ;)

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I am so glad that we beat up Harper. Seeing how Trump is amassing the illiterates in America and Europe is embracing right wing fascism and bigotry openly. It is great to have Trudeau in power here. After the victory by Hillary, it will hopefully be lights out for right wing fascists in North America. They can move to Europe!

    1. hi anon...yes, it's very important never to forget that what we are not is just as important as what we are or would like to become. At a time when bigotry and xenophobia are running wild all over the place, we need to celebrate that we remain for the most part a tolerant country, which has managed to bring in three times as many Syrian refugees as our giant neighbour next door. Canadians are quick to put themselves down, but everything is relative. And compared to so many countries these days we have good reason to celebrate....

  6. I join you in cheering for change good, but first past the post is not democracy no matter who is leading.

    1. hi I told all the others, there is no sign that Trudeau is planning to keep the FPTP system. And you like the others should not be so quick to jump to conclusions...

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    No one's happier than I to see Harper gone for good and I like what JT has done so far but storm clouds are brewing on the horizon. With the seemingly flip flop on electoral reform and what, if anything has been done with C-51.
    After 10 years of Harper cuts and bullying, he promised a new relationship with the public service but the bulk of which are over 2 years without a contract and no end in sight. The Phoenix debacle, though it was Harper's harebrained idea, the Libs allowed it to continue and it's still a mess.
    If PMJT doesn't do right by them, don't be surprised if the summer of 2017, our 150th anniversary is marred by strikes across the country.

    1. Anonymous11:50 PM

      What? Didn't you buy the Sunny Ways?

      The Liberal Party, not it for you, but for themselves.

    2. hi I told the others, there is as yet no evidence that Trudeau is flip flopping on electoral reform, despite what the Con media would have us believe on the basis of something Trudeau mused about in an interview with Le Devoir. Bill C-51 is being revised slowly and carefully as it should when terrorism remains a big threat. And as for the Phoenix debacle, it's massive fuck up that can't be corrected quickly without causing even more chaos. The Trudeau government inherited a mess on almost every front, it has done many good things in less than a year since it took office. And it deserves more time before it is judged. And nobody can deny that even with all our problems, we are still living in a better country than we were for so long...

    3. hi anon 11:50....don't try to divide progressives for your sinister purposes, for you have nothing to brag about. Trudeau is more popular than the day he was elected, while your pathetic party is wallowing in mediocrity and going absolutely nowhere..

  8. I voted Liberal federally because it was the only way to rid our riding of the Con MP. Glad to report that the Liberal candidate won. But here in BC, many people who voted Liberal are very disappointed that they did not cancel the permits for the Site C dam. They still have the power to do it.

    1. hi David....I realize that many in BC are unhappy that the Trudeau government did not cancel the Site C dam. But I understand the process is still ongoing, and to be honest I can't get excited about it, because I believe in dams and other form of renewable energy. When I was in university I studies the James Bay development project. And while it was initially opposed by the Cree people and others, everybody ended coming out a winner....