Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Dangerous Demonization of Justin Trudeau

It's a strange thing about Justin Trudeau. He may be the most popular Prime Minister in recent Canadian history, and a nice guy.

But nobody is hated and demonized by some Canadians as much as he is, and now that hatred is out of control.

For what else can explain that some crazy from the Green Party should throw pumpkin seeds at Trudeau.

For allegedly not keeping his promises.

Cries of "Don't hurt me!" rang out outside Hamilton City Hall on Friday as a protester who tried to ambush Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by throwing pumpkin seeds was taken down by security.

Schmid-Jones shoved past reporters screaming, "Keep your promises," and throwing pumpkin seeds with hearts drawn on them as Trudeau was leaving city hall.

When in fact for a leader and a government who have been in power for less than a year, their record in that regard isn't too shabby. 

It's actually pretty damn good.

So where did Schmid-Jones get the idea that you can throw ANYTHING at a Canadian prime minister and hope to get away with it?

Don't hurt me, don't hurt me WAAAAAH!!!!!

And where does this guy think he can confront the prime minister in this manner?

Why did he look like he was about to attack him?

Why was he allowed to get so close to Trudeau? And why was this British tabloid the only paper that reported the story? 

A man accosting Justin Trudeau was immediately shut down by the prime minister himself on Friday in Ontario. Trudeau had just left from visiting Picone's Fine Food in Dundas, when the unidentified man tried to get in his face. A series of photos show the 44-year-old Leader of the Liberal Party with his hands placed on the man as the two appear to exchange words. 

Did the Con media not think the story was worth a mention? Do we really take that behaviour for granted in this country?

And why do I seem to be the only one in the progressive blogosphere who thinks that the volume of death threats aimed at Trudeau has gone from disgusting to dangerous?

Like these that greeted Justin during his recent visit to Medicine Hat...

Am I the only one who finds those threats deranged and totally un-Canadian?

Don't those inflamed Trudeau haters, on the right and the left, see where they are taking this country?

Do we really want to become another crazy and violent Amerika?

You know, there's cancer growing in this country, a disease leaking over the border. 

And it has the potential to destroy us all.

The violent Cons should restrain themselves, or be charged and jailed.

And the other Trudeau haters should cool their jets.

Before somebody gets killed, and they all have blood on their hands....


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I think these threats are terrible and that our much vaunted security services should be dealing with them. It's just like the death threats against Rachel Notley. Nobody appears to have investigated them and nobody has been charged.

    1. hi anon...I share your view. I think that the RCMP should come down like a ton of bricks on all those threatening Justin Trudeau or Rachel Notley. Or for that matter any other Canadian politician. It should not be allowed and it's not Canadian...

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    All the dark forces within human nature seem to have surged to the fore in the right wing followers of Harper during his term in office. He didn't speak out against them.

    1. hi anon....yes Harper let that evil fester or incubate, people like Ezra Levant fanned the flames, and we are now in danger of replicating the hate fest that is the United States.
      The last thing we need in a diverse country like ours is hate running wild...

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Yes kiddies, make sure you hear "Simon says" before being manipulated by demonization! It's a dangerous post-truth world out there. Never make the ghastly mistake of trying to research some issue for yourself. You could end up a racist misogynist Russian mole!

    1. Anonymous12:47 AM

      Anon 4:06 I do not think the word research means what you think it means. ~GS

    2. hi anon 4:06...what on earth are you talking about? Do you not condemn the death threats against Justin Trudeau? And if not who are you? A shameless Con, a Russian tool, or a dangerous terrorist?

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Clearly my remark went right over your head. I sum up the rampant corruption in contemporary journalism with a snarky remark and you counter with some ignorant comment about research?

      Obviously the person who knows what journalism is, knows what research is. The person who does not know what journalism is, is in no position to talk down to ANYONE about what research is.

    4. Anonymous7:30 PM

      not over our heads' It may be clear to you were talking about journalism, but it was not clear to me. Just writing that there is demonization and half truths does not conjure up journalism as much as it conjures up the extreme left and right wing sites that do deal in lies and half truths. If possible all news whether main stream or social media, should be researched, no matter the source.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    These subhuman cowards that post these threats should be charged, period. Had anyone done this during King Harper's reign, his presidential security detail would have been all over them like stink on a monkey. Except, I don't ever recall that happening. Why? It seems to be the right wing psychos who can't contain their delusional hatred and posting their bile somehow comforts themselves. The only comfort they deserve is an 8 by 10 foot cell.

    1. hi JD...I completely agree with you, we can't let those violent cowards get away with it, or our democracy will be in trouble. I urge everybody that if they see any death threats on the internet, they report them to the RCMP so they can go after those responsible and help keep our country safe and decent. For if the police don't do that, sooner or later we will be hit by tragedy...

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Your surprised Simon? That's rich coming from a guy like you that dehumanizes his 'enemies' on a daily basis......oh but it is different when you do right?

    1. Anonymous12:06 AM

      Because drawing somebody as an Ikea monkey is *exactly* the same as threatening to murder them, right?

    2. Anonymous12:53 AM

      Anonymous9:58 It is different and if you cannot understand why it is different, then you are part of the problem. `GS

    3. hi anon 9:58pm...listen, let me be clear, as your depraved leader used to say. I mock the Cons, or try to portray them as I see them. But in more than ten years of blogging I have never made death threats, or urged people to hurt ANYONE. I am totally against violence. And please, do you have any idea how absurd it sounds to hear a Con accusing somebody else of dehumanizing anyone? There is no group that treats people, especially the poor and the vulnerable, worse than does your shabby gang...

  6. ALL of those idiots making death threats should be investigated by the RCMP. That should NOT be tolerated in a civil democratic society. Charge them and send a message that this is NOT okay!

    1. hi Joe...Absolutely, as I said in my post, when people threaten our political leaders, they don't only threaten them, they threaten our democracy. And we do need to send them the message that this is not okay, before somebody gets killed....

  7. obviously the politics of hate are deeply dangerous and problematic. But let's not let our concern about those haters keep us from making entirely legitimate critiques. Like this

  8. Hi Kirby...I'm not suggesting that people not criticize Justin Trudeau. I'm just saying that people shouldn't demonize him. He has been in office for less than a year, he has accomplished many good things, he is definitely not Harper, but he isn't The Messiah either. And in this fractious and fragile country, which is very difficult to govern, he should be criticized in a civil or Canadian manner. That's all I'm saying. There is a growing atmosphere of violence in this country, and it could lead to tragedy. I would also add that if we want a revolution only a movement can do that, no politician will do that for us. And that only hope can bring us the change we want. But I'll save that for another post... ;)

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I sense a great disturbance in the narrative...