Monday, October 24, 2016

Is the Harper Party Becoming the Trump Party?

As you know I always predicted that the Con leadership race was going to be a real circus.

But who knew there would be so many candidates? Twelve and counting.

Or that it would be such a fascist circus.

For look who just joined the race.

Old Steve Blaney himself. 

Conservative MP Steven Blaney is joining the party's leadership race. Blaney, who had already filed his nomination papers on Wednesday, made an official announcement Sunday at the annual brunch of the Conservative association in his riding of Bellechasse-Etchemins-Levis in Quebec City.

The faithful Harper stooge who was once described like this by the Maclean's writer Martin Patriquin:

Loyalty, deference and a disarming smile: These three qualities appear to have taken Steven Blaney from a failed political candidate in rural Quebec to the top of Public Safety Canada,

He is the country’s eternally reliable pro-prison, anti-census, support-the-troops, kill-the-gun-registry politician—Ottawa’s ultimate yes-man, critics say, in a town where such a thing is often generously rewarded.

And the man most Canadians remember as the Con who tried to turn us into a police state...

And what's his new plan for Canada?

Quebec MP Steven Blaney is running for leadership of the Conservative Party, and his first major policy position is a ban on the niqab and a promise to invoke the notwithstanding clause if courts strike down his new measures.

Great eh? Doesn't that sound familiar?

But then of course he's not the only leadership candidate who is threatening to take the shattered remnants of the Harper Party even further to the right. 

Or turn it into the Trump Party.

For the race is apparently still wide open, and look who is the most popular candidate. 

Kevin O’Leary garners 21% across Canada and 30% among Conservative voters. Mr. O’Leary has not yet made clear whether he will run.

Yes, Canada's would be mini-Trump, who is clearly just itching to join the race.

With the first debate among the candidates less than three weeks away, O'Leary says he can be the last person to jump in. "Pretty well everybody in Canada knows me," O'Leary said in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV's Question Period.

Even though he says he's backing Mad Max Bernier...

Who is even more right-wing than he is.

And what with Chris Alexander preparing to join the race, and take on Kellie Leitch, his former partner on the Barbaric Practices Show.

Who as we know is also channelling Trump...

All I can say is that none of them seemed to have learned the lesson Tony Clement just did.

So tragically and so prematurely...

Canadians have long memories, and the last thing they want is another Harper Party or even worse another Trump Party.

But since that's what it's becoming, what I would also say is that if Michelle Rempel is also lusting to become Con leader.

Former Harper cabinet minister Michelle Rempel tells iPolitics that she’s waiting to see how the field shapes up before making a decision on a possible run for the Conservative leadership.

Asked the standard leadership sorting question of whether that means she’s not ruling out a run, Rempel demurred, saying, “Ah, you know, I’m not going to speak about it,” before speaking about how she’s basically not ruling out a run.

As she clearly is, and always has...

She too better put on a bright red hat.

Or get a dogwhistle like Kellie Leitch...

Woof !!! Woof !!!

The Harper Party, now not just a fascist circus. Or the Trump Party.

Now an absolute joke...


Anonymous said...

The more I see of Trump, the more I think of Harper as a Trump lite. He always played the margins enough to stir up his base without the openly disgusting rhetoric and actions of Herr Trump. We knew what Harper was attempting and rightly showed him the door a year ago.
So what's left after Harper sulked and skulked his way to retirement is a little piece of him in each and every one of the leadership candidates. They all possess an ugly trait of their ex beloved "Dear Leader" and no matter who wins, it will be an anchor around their neck for the rest of their political lives.

Simon said...

hi JD...yes. Harper made the Cons in his image, he spent a long time in power, and his beaten down stooges, can't seem to escape his shadow. The only hope for the Cons is an outside candidate. But who wants to spend the next seven years in opposition?
But of course that's all good. And I'll be rooting for the worst possible candidate.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Michael Harris called Alexander and Leitch the 'rat twins', what a laugh I got from that.

e.a.f. said...

Blaney is such a joke. He launches his campaign for leadership with a tirade about women wearing a small piece of cloth in front of their faces. Now there are a few more important things going on in this country and world than a few women wearing a small piece of cloth in front of their faces. couldn't stop laughing.

When are one of these people going to deal with some real issues like the ceta deal. /there is one hold out in /Belgium If one of the /cons wanted to get ahead of the crowd they might say they agree with that premier in Belgium. Might even get some support. Face it, at some point people are not going to love Trudeau the way they once did. If any one wants to position themselves for a run at him in 4 years they might want to address some of the issues now, like ceta or the pipelines. we have seen young people protesting in Ottawa against another Kinder Morgan pipeline, we had an oil spill in Haida Gwai. tug went down.

some times I do really wonder do they join the federal Cons because they're stupid or do they become stupid once they join the party.

If these cons only like to attack women who wear small pieces of cloth in front of their faces, there is a male thing about to happen. Men in the RCMP are going to sue the federal government regarding all the bullying and harassment they had to put up with. O.K. so they don't care about men either. /what do these con candidates care about. At this rate the NDP might be the official opposition next time.

for democracy to thrive in this country we need at least 4/5 strong viable parties.