Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Day Donald Trump Revealed His Inner Demons

As we all know, it's sometimes hard to tell whether Donald Trump is an extreme narcissist, or a clinical psychopath, or a sexual predator, or a raging maniac.

Or all of the above. 

But now we find out that on a rare occasion when Trump revealed his inner demons, they turned out to be more pathetic than frightening.

For they show him to be a screaming ninny who is desperately afraid of being humiliated. 

The intense ambitions and undisciplined behaviors of Mr. Trump have confounded even those close to him, especially as his presidential campaign comes to a tumultuous end, and he confronts the possibility of the most stinging defeat of his life. But in the more than five hours of conversations — the last extensive biographical interviews Mr. Trump granted before running for president — a powerful driving force emerges: his deep-seated fear of public embarrassment.

The recordings reveal a man who is fixated on his own celebrity, anxious about losing his status and contemptuous of those who fall from grace. They capture the visceral pleasure he derives from fighting, his willful lack of interest in history, his reluctance to reflect on his life and his belief that most people do not deserve his respect.

A man who fills his marble palaces with golden mirrors...

But is too scared to look at his inner self.

In the interviews, which occurred in Mr. Trump’s office and apartment in Trump Tower in Manhattan, he is by turns animated and bored, boastful and stubborn when prodded toward soul-searching. “No, I don’t want to think about it,” he said when Mr. D’Antonio asked him to contemplate the meaning of his life. “I don’t like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see.”

With good reason.

Even the death of a child couldn't keep Donald Trump from talking about hitting on the boy's mother.

And is apparently desperately afraid of being forgotten.

But while sadly he probably won't be forgotten for a long long time. Not after the way he has helped traumatize so many Americans. 

Facing one of the most adversarial contests in recent history and daily coverage of the presidential election that dominates every form of mass media, 52 percent of American adults report that the 2016 election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress.

And I'm sure we can all sympathize with our poor neighbours...

And the good news? Trump is almost certainly going to be humiliated. 

He is trailing in most polls, most Americans seem determined to drain the swamp...

To make sure Trump Pepe never becomes president...

And now that I know how much that froggy bigot hates being humiliated, I have to admit I'm going to enjoy every minute of it eh?

While celebrating our survival...

Unless of course, not enough Democrats turn out to vote, and then we're all doomed.

Thank goodness there are now only thirteen days to go before the Day of Judgement.

Play some crazy music.

Cue Weird Al Yankovic...


Anonymous said...

Thought you would enjoy this video Simon (if you haven't seen it yet).


Simon said...

Hi TS...thanks for that. I'm a great admirer of Pussy Riot, for it takes guts to take on Putin's thug regime. But I'm even more delighted to see how Trump's foul misogyny has electrified the feminist movement in the U.S. and all over the place. If that is his legacy we'll have to build him a tiny statue some day... ;)