Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: Now and Then

As we know these days Donald Trump can't say enough bad things about Hilary Clinton.

He calls her "lying, dying, and crooked Hillary" and accuses her of enabling her husband's sexual scandals.

And during Sunday night's debate he called her the "devil" and vowed to jail her if he ever becomes President. 

But seventeen years ago when Clinton was still coping with the fallout of those scandals, Trump couldn't praise her enough.

So who is the strong woman? 

And who is the hypocrite, or the real devil?

And imagine how he's going to feel, when Hillary destroys HIM.

Golly, get the marshmallows ready.

I can't wait for the moment when the ghastly groper goes up in flames...


rumleyfips said...

I only watched post debate video, but Trump's threatening, stalker behaviour surprised even me, a guy with nothing good to say about him. What was going through the minds of the Secret Service agents? They must have alerted to Trump's threats and prepared to intervene. Hillary's guards would have to pull Trump away but would they arrest him. What would Trump's detail do : protect Trump from fellow Secret Service agents or follow the law and participate in his detention ? I bet they had an interesting meeting at headquarters Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

If this were 2008, I would've supported Hillary. But too much has gone on and been revealed since then.

People willing to open their eyes on Clinton corruption will be grateful for the thrashing Donald Trump put her thought in the 2nd debate, which she most certainly deserved.

For highlights check out:

Progressive News with Tim Black