Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the WikiLeak's E-Mails

They will face each other for the last time in Las Vegas tonight, and for Donald Trump it will be his last chance to try to stop Hilary Clinton from becoming the first female president of the United States.

And burying him in a landslide. 

It’s now or never for Donald Trump.

Trump now lags Hillary Clinton in the RealClearPolitics national polling average by about 7 percentage points, a margin that suggests he is in danger of being routed on Nov. 8.

And Trump is no doubt hoping that Hillary Clinton's WikiLeak's e-mails will damage her enough to save him from disaster.

But if he is hoping those e-mails will save him, like Hitler in his final days hoped a phantom army would rescue him, he is almost certainly going to be disappointed.

For while some of the e-mails are embarrassing, there is no smoking gun, and they don't tell us anything we didn't already know about Hillary Clinton. 

The Hillary Clinton depicted in these many, many pages is the same Hillary Clinton you already know — and either love, tolerate or loathe. If you were paying attention before last week, WikiLeaks won’t change your mind.

She is a cautious, tightly controlled, political pragmatist, and about as inspiring as a dishcloth. 

And if the Republicans had fielded a better change candidate, he or she might have had a chance of defeating her.

But Donald Trump is not that candidate. He's Clinton's greatest asset, and his own worst enemy.

He's bringing the wrong person to tonight's debate.

Donald Trump is easily triggered. On the same day that President Barack Obama called on him to not whine so much about losing, the Republican nominee to succeed him in the White House responded by inviting his half-brother Malik to attend Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Which can only distract from any other message he might have, and remind Americans of his obscene birtherism campaign.

And to make matters worse, he has spent the last few days claiming that the election will be rigged, and raising the spectre of intimidation and violence. 

Warning darkly of a stolen election, Donald J. Trump has called on supporters to turn out in droves on Election Day to monitor polling places, telling them they need to be vigilant against widespread voter fraud and a rigged outcome.

Which will allow Clinton to portray Trump as dangerously unstable, criminally irresponsible.

And a foul bully.

You know, there was a little story yesterday that could almost serve as a parable for this campaign.

The story of the cartoonist Matt Furie trying to save his creation Pepe the Frog from being used by Donald Trump and his neo-nazi deplorables 

The creator of Pepe the Frog has joined with civil rights groups to try and rescue the cartoon frog from being used by the alt-right.

“It’s completely insane that Pepe has been labeled a symbol of hate, and that racists and anti-Semites are using a once peaceful frog-dude from my comic book as an icon of hate,” Furie said. “It’s a nightmare, and the only thing I can do is see this as an opportunity to speak out against hate.

By trying to return his frog to his original blissed out state, and portraying his election nightmare this way. 

Which for me seems to symbolize this election campaign from hell...

For let's not forget the real implication of the Wikileak's dump, if Vladimir Putin or any of his associates are shown to have deliberately intervened in a U.S. election.

Should Clinton win, we’ll be on a frigid Cold War footing from the start. In the increasingly unlikely scenario that Trump wins, the consequence could be worse: Putin will believe the president of the United States owes him one.

And yes, Donald Trump is a monster, his own worst enemy, and too dangerous to be president.

And unless Hillary Clinton makes some terrible mistake.

In the end that is what will defeat him...


Steve said...

Everything you say about Trump is true. So your choice is the Devil you know, because we really dont know what Trump would do. For sure nothing good in the margins. But remove the personalities. Who is the anti New world order, its Trump. Who is the anti neo con, its Trump. These are huge extisential issues and Hillary is on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to excuse me if I have an enthusiasm gap over this election.

If I was an American I would write in Bernie and concentrate on the Congress and Senate.....


luceforma said...

i think the measure here isn't how well can clinton make amerika new but the fact that thedonald is not allowed to fuck up the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a war criminal! She is a shill for the Zionists and bankers! She will lead the country to disaster. For the love of god people get off your high horses before she starts another world war.

luceforma said...

hello 2:28,
can you, please, list two or three pieces of evidence that would indicate that world under trump would be a more peaceful place than it is at the moment?

amerika has its fingies in every trade agreement, an army base in every country and a president is a commander in chief. with trump in charge, what could possibly go wrong?

David said...

With Trump in charge....

Trump to African-Americans: What do you have to lose?

Bono: What do you have to lose? Everything!

U2 Hates Trump - Bono Fires Trump [Entire Performance]

David said...

Love trumps hate

Dan said...

You seem to be projecting a lot of things that aren't the real Trump.

He's not smart. He's easily manipulated. He has no winning temperament (whatever the hell that means) or self control. He's a bloody moral coward (and probably a physical one as well) who'd rather the world burn in flames rather suffer any sort of humiliation to his precious ego.

As for anti-new world order (again, whatever the hell that is) he ain't a rebel. His policies (written in crayon) make it clear he is out to make things even better for his fellow 1%ers and leave everyone else in the dust (including the angry ignorant mostly white males that is his base.)

Yeah, I get that Hillary is no prize either, but whatever many flaws she has is trumped by the overwhelming mass of Trump's flaws.

On the other hand it's not like Stein mania or Johnson fever has caught on thanks to Stein's batshittery nonsense about vaccinations/wifi signals/her team's gross incompetence (flying to the wrong city!) or Johnson's hopeless ignorance of anything outside of the US.

Hillary is the least worst candidate. That's not saying much.

Simon said...

hi Steve...I agree with Dan. You seem to see qualities Trump doesn't have. It's out of the question for me to even think of supporting a bigot, a misogynist and a billionaire bully. And yes, in this dangerous world, the devil I know is better than the maniac I don't....

Simon said...

hi that would be a mistake. Writing in Bernie would only help Trump. Bernie wants Americans to defeat Trump, and then continue his revolution...

Anonymous said...

What some of you have failed to understand is easily displayed by this fact. Hillary Clinton has raised and spent over 400 million dollars on her campaign, while the Trump campaign has been funded 50 million out-of-pocket by Donald personally. Follow the dollar. Where do the millions come from? Hillary's tremendous funds have been used to purchase ad-space/airtime, to hire the best of the best for speech writing and talking points, and to ultimately control the narrative of how Trump's viewed in the public eye. 400 plus million dollars, vs. 50 million. Yet you say Trump's the one who represents corporate greed, and the top 1%? Hillary claims Trump wants tax cuts for only the wealthy, yet she wants tax increases FOR EVERYONE. Eventually we all die... How can you ever justify increasing the death tax? You cannot tax a nation into prosperity. The whole premise that someone with over 400 million dollars is going to look out for the impoverished people... is laughable at best. Democrats are all talk. They promise help, hope, and change... and when elected? Then nothing changes. Career politicians are a blight to the American people.

Dan said...

1. Ooooh 400 million vs 50 (allegedly self funded!) US presidential campaigns are incredibly expensive. Yeah she got a lot of corporate money and from small time donors. As for the Trump self funded myth... a lot of that money is going back to Trump owned companies--his top campaign expenses are all HIM. Trump's media "plan" was to use the MSM as his main free air time infomertial (like he did in the primary) which is why he didn't feel he needed to raise money.

So you're saying that because Hillary was prepared and Trump wasn't that it shows Trump is somehow clean? I think it just shows how delusional and unprepared he was.

And it's not like Trump isn't without his patrons like Putin or various foreign entities who would bigly benefit from Trump's vague and nebulous "policies."

Spare me the hypocritical indignation.

2 As for the do nothing Dems. Yeah, they but in this case it was the obstructionist Teabagger controlled congress that derailed the agenda of Obama (2010-2016) so if you want someone to blame look at your pals in the GOP.

3 As for the 1%er refutation, look at Trump's well documented involvement in the farce of Trump University, Trump Air, Trump Steaks, Trump Taj Mahal etc etc etc etc etc aka pretty much everything he's done. No one benefited except him and his idiot family. Not anyone else like the employees, and any investors. Someone who used a tax loophole to deduct a bad business decision/bigly loss (Trump Taj Mahal) into not paying taxes for almost 20 years. How is that not the behavior of the typical 1%er? THIS IS WHAT A LOT OF THEM (1%ers) do which isocialize the losses, privatize the profit.

That's been Trump's pattern: Talk big. Get people invested in the hype. Deliver less than spectacular returns or fail badly. Take the money and run. So he ain't any different than the Dems you mock for less than inspired results.