Monday, October 17, 2016

The Real Problem With Donald Trump's CNN Surrogates

About two weeks ago I wrote a post where I said that the only thing worse than watching Donald Trump in full fury, was having to listen to his screaming surrogates on CNN.

And this doesn't help.

Not when Corey Lewandowski is reportedly being paid $500,000 by CNN, while apparently still working for Trump.

But the worst thing about those surrogates is that not only are they incredibly annoying, CNN's decision to employ them is also a threat to American democracy.

For the reasons this guy from mediamatters4america explains in this video.

These days Donald Trump can't say enough bad things about the media, including CNN.

But the fact is CNN helped make him who he is today, by turning his primary campaign into a reality TV show, running his rallies live and unfiltered for hour after hour. 

Not properly challenging the multitude of lies that poured out of his big mouth.

And by allowing any discussion of those lies to degenerate into a screaming match, with  the Trump surrogates shouting down their opponents, and repeating ad nauseam the lies their monstrous master feeds them every morning...

And the problem as Nik Nanos points out, is that in an election campaign the Big Lie can work.

Although observers and pundits may dismiss the lie as an unfathomable winner in any political contest, the recent Brexit vote should be a sobering reminder of how the lie, if it appeals or validates the anger or frustration of voters, becomes a vehicle and rationalization for punishing the establishment.

The lesson here is that lies can persuade voters and liars can win. Perhaps that is the most unfair lesson of today’s state of political discourse.

After all, if one’s objective is to punish the political establishment, it seems one is likely willing to accept a lie or two just to achieve the core mission to punish.

By confusing so-called low information voters, or fooling them into believing things that are just not true.

I realize that CNN exists in a competitive environment, and maybe they could give the surrogates their own show. So the sane would have a chance of avoiding them.

But by relying on those surrogates so heavily, instead of covering the campaign with their own journalists, the network failed both its viewers, and their democracy.

And thank goodness for the print media...


e.a.f. said...

What the coverage on CNN does is display very bad manners. people talking over each other simply is bad manners. it doesn't matter what they are saying, its bad manners. CNN is simply advocating bad manners. So when kids do this in school and teachers and parents wonder why? Well they're to blame.

CNN isn't news. Its entertainment and that is what americans want, to be entertained. If you go into a bar and watch the drunks, this is how most of them speak, over each other, going from one subject to another, never answering questions.

So perhaps CNN staff need the alchol/drug tests because that is how they all come along.

these broadcasts have nothing to do with politics. Its about ratings and CNN is supposed to make money selling advertising so their shareholders make money. They're doing all of that. Democracy is not part of the equation there. If you want to see a panel discussion you go to PBS.

David said...

"Not when Corey Lewandowski is reportedly being paid $500,000 by CNN, while apparently still working for Trump."

Where is the PROOF Corey Lewandowski is being paid $500,000 by CNN?


A source previously told Page Six that Lewandowski’s getting as much as $500,000 for the new gig, but a CNN spokesperson told us on Thursday, “I can assure you we are paying him nowhere near $500,000.”

I'd like to know how much CNN is actually paying not only Trump surrogates such as Corey Lewandowski, Kayleigh McEnany, and Jeffrey Lord.... but also how much CNN is paying Clinton surrogates such as David Axelrod, Dan Pfeiffer, and Patti Solis Doyle.

David said...

First Lady Michelle Obama live in Manchester, New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched CNN since their Dr Gupta got outed as being a shill for the Pharma biz during his review of SICKO.

Yes I know he apologized after getting caught but too late.

I have seen it occasionally for 5 minutes or so whilst being somewhere that had it on but even in those 5 minutes my head hurts at the protracted stupidness of it all as demonstrated in the video.

Anon 2

Anonymous said...

I never watch CNN. It is dumbed down journalism at best. MSNBC, while having a bias, is much more informative and truthful.

David said...

separated at birth?: Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn and 'Butch' Gilzean

Boris Epshteyn

'Butch' Gilzean