Saturday, October 01, 2016

Donald Trump's Monstrous Night of Moral Depravity

We already knew that Donald Trump was a bloated demagogue who acts like a spoiled and cruel child, and likes to hurt and humiliate others.

We knew he's a bully, a bigot, a crass misogynist, a serial liar, a rabid climate change denier, a friend of dictators, and the last person we need anywhere near the nuclear button.

But now he's finally shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt, why he is unfit to be the President of the most powerful nation on earth.

For this Twitter explosion wasn't just absolutely bizarre. 

The tweets started around 3:20 a.m. on Friday. Inside Trump Tower, a restless figure stirred in the predawn darkness, nursing his grievances and grabbing a device that often lands him in hot water. 

On his Android phone, Donald J. Trump began to tap out bursts of digital fury: He mocked Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe and a popular Latin American actress, as a “con,” the “worst” and “disgusting.”

Or grotesquely pornographic.

In a final flourish, before the sun came up, the Republican presidential nominee claimed — without offering any evidence — that she had appeared in a “sex tape.”

It was the final proof that Donald Trump is both dangerously deranged...

And morally depraved. 

A dirty old man who would urge his supporters to go looking for a sex tape that doesn't exist.

His suggestion of a sex tape featuring Ms. Machado sent his most zealous followers hunting for images. A few of them posted pornographic images of women who they believe resembled Ms. Machado.

A political pervert who isn't the slightest bit sorry for what he tweeted, and for having helped spread pornography all over the internet. 

Mr. Trump, in an interview on Friday afternoon, said he remained proud of his tweets. 

“Why would I have regrets? I’m a very truthful person, and I’m telling the truth. Now people understand it. And before the tweets, people didn’t understand it.”

But is in fact threatening to take his campaign even further into the gutter.

Donald J. Trump unleashed a slashing new attack on Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions on Friday as he sought to put the Clintons’ relationship at the center of his political argument against her before their next debate.

“She’s nasty, but I can be nastier than she ever can be,” Mr. Trump said.

As only a dirty old man could.

It really is beyond belief, and Hillary Clinton was right to call a monster a monster...

For who in their right mind would want Trump anywhere near the nuclear button?

But here's the best part.

About ten hours after he finished his Twitter tirade, Trump tweeted this to try to claim that his late-night depravity just shows he'd make a GREAT Commander-in-Chief...

Only to set himself up perfectly in the crosshairs of this Democratic ad...

Which just happens to have been released THREE months ago.

So all of this was totally predictable.

And you don't need a crystal ball to predict what might happen to all of us if Donald Trump should ever become President...

The man is a maniac and a monster.

And he must be defeated before he sets the whole world on fire...


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    There is indeed a sex tape of Alicia Machado. Type her full name in on Pornhub.come and it will come up. And no, I'm not a pervert I just wanted to see if Trump was lying or not.

    1. hi sorry, I don't think I'll take up your offer. I think I'll trust the New York Times that investigated Trump's claim and found it to be false. However if you want to watch Trump in a soft porn video you can check it out here:

      And no I don't think you're a pervert. I just think you're guilty of believing what Trump says despite all the evidence that he's a serial liar....

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Perhaps he had the sniffles again,like on the night of the debate. I used to have a friend who would stay up all night and rant like Trump whenever he had the sniffles.

    1. hi anon...I don't know what to think. Cocaine would be Donald Trump's drug of choice for it can create delusions of grandeur. But after checking with my colleagues we all agreed that if 70-year-old man sniffed coke on a regular basis he would have been dead long ago...

  3. The point is that Trump does not seem able to take a hit and move on. He just keeps digging if you punch his buttons. Kinda like when GWB invaded Iraq because Saddam offened his father.

    1. hi, Trump can't seem to take a hit, especially from a woman. And that is a major problem for somebody who wants to be President. For if Hillary Clinton can pull his chain so easily, imagine what America's enemies might do...