Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to Escape Donald Trump's Monstrous Horror Movie

Yes I know, I vowed to try to tune out the Donald Trump horror movie this weekend, to remind myself that the world isn't THAT crazy. 

But it isn't easy. Not with the deranged demagogue now running wild, and suggesting that Hillary Clinton was on drugs during the last debate.  

“We should take a drug test prior because I don’t know what’s going on with her. But at the beginning of her last debate — she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down.’ She could barely reach her car.”

After his sniffling, snuffling performance, that had many wondering whether he was suffering from a bad case of coke nose.

So I give thanks that in the midst of this madness there are videos to distract me.

Like this one from the Simpsons...

Which resonates with me only because this is so true...

We may not love her, but we do have to pray for Hillary Clinton.

Alone in the ring with that maniac...

And on a slightly more encouraging note here's another video, this one from the rapper Will. I. Am.

Where he begins by mocking Trump, but ends with a deadly serious message.

I don't look like Donald Trump, but Trump doesn't look like the president of the United States of America, nor should he ever be.

And of course he's right. This election could be determined as much by those who vote, as by those who don't vote.

This writer who once compared Trump to an insect couldn't be more right.

We have known for decades that Donald Trump is a colossal show-off with a rich history of failing to see anything other than his own gilded image in the mirror, never mind the obstacles in his path. 

What’s astonishing is that the Republican Party would ever have imagined putting all the power of our government — its political prestige, its economic might, its nuclear arsenal — in such hands. That is a game of chicken from which we may still not escape alive.

The stakes couldn't be higher, and failure is not an option...


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I can't wait for election day, all the tears from you liberals and progressives will be enough to make another Great Lake.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Isn't that what you guys said before Harper got tossed in the dumpster?

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      They will be tears of laughter after Trump is humiliated at the polls and he is carted off to the asylum.

    3. hi anon...I'm glad you feel that way. I love to see Cons raise their hopes sky high, only to come crashing to the ground....

  2. One far-right wing radio pundit said (or maybe it was a caller) that if 80% of adult white males voted, then Trump will win.

    1. hi David...if he could get 80% per cent of the white male vote he might just win. But the problem is he's not getting anywhere near that, and his angry white base is not big enough to propel him to victory...




    LA Times' David Lauter on why its poll is often more pro-Trump than most, and statistics Prof. Andrew Gelman on why polls' margin of error is often wrong.
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  5. e.a.f.9:32 PM

    Watching Trump has become a new hobby. How long can it go on for? What will happen next? Watching the last debate was a howl, if hadn't been for real. There he was "stalking" Clinton. When guys start walking around like that, back of you, back up or get a base ball bat. Quite frankly I've been waiting for him to hit her. Yes, I know its not right, but I've been waiting to see if he does it. I do believe he is that unhinged.

    As to the drug testing, couldn't stop laughing. He sniffed his way through the last debate and most likely more than one person wondered. By suggesting a drug test, it isn't so stupid. of course Clinton won't bite, but if she did, they could then access whatever medication she was taking, i.e. heart, blood pressure, etc. and use it against her. if she doesn't go along with it, wait until the next debate is over and the Trump campaign will start going on about, what is she hiding?

    It amazing there are still people who support Trump. Just wondering, in the end who will have more accusers, Trump or Bill Cosby?

    Annoy. It can only be hoped he will be carted away to the asylum. My fear is he will continue to stoke the fires and want a civil war. he has already talked about Clinton "stealing" the election. His supporters are talking about going to polls to "ensure" the voting is being "done right". In open carry states that could be a world of gun fire. Some polls will have NAACP and American Civil Liberty staff present. Can you just imagine if they clash?

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, it has been quite a horror show hasn't it? And you're right, he may be a madman but there is a real danger that his followers could cause trouble on election day. And when they lose cause an eruption of violence. That's why it's absolutely vital that the Democrats get all their supporters to vote, for the closer the result the more trouble there will be...

  6. Worried about a Trump win? A Trump loss might be worse

    Donald Trump is giving capitalists a bad name

    1. hi David...there are real dangers if Trump loses, but they would pale in comparison with what might happen if by some chance he should win. The Department of Homeland Security can deal with his would be terrorist supporters, but nothing could save us, or the world, if he ever becomes president....

    2. Hi Simon. Trump keeps saying the election will be rigged for him to lose.

      But as one CNN host said: "What would Trump say about the election if he should win?"

      That the election wasn't rigged after all? LOL!