Friday, October 14, 2016

How Canadians Are Helping To Defeat Donald Trump

Judging by this sign, and what I've seen and heard in Montreal and Toronto, if Donald Trump ran for office in Canada, he'd get even less votes than the Cons, and just a few more than the Bloc Québécois.

Most Canadians I've met are disgusted by that loathsome demagogue, and hate him almost as much as most Americans.

And I'm sure even more of them are going to feel that way after they read what that grubby sexual predator did to a Canadian woman.

The Canadian writer Natasha Stoynoff who says she was assaulted by Trump in his Mar-a-Lago estate, while his pregnant wife was out of the room. 

Mr. Trump told her that he wanted to show her around his Mar-a-Lago mansion, particularly one “tremendous” room she needed to see. His wife had gone off to another part of the residence to change into a new outfit, she wrote.

We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.

And while Trump tried to deny Stoynoff's story, by attacking her credibility and suggesting she wasn't pretty enough to assault. 

“Why wasn’t it part of the story that appeared 12 years ago? Why wasn’t it part of the story... it would’ve been one of the biggest stories of the year.. think of it, [she’s doing this story] ‘and she said I made inappropriate advances,” said Trump. 

 “Take a look, you look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think. I don’t think so,” he continued. “These people are horrible people. They’re horrible, horrible liars.”

As the CNN anchor Jake Tapper points out, his response only betrays his brutish ignorance... 

There is in fact no greater liar than Trump. That assault is consistent with everything he said in that grotesque bus tape.

And Trump himself predicted what might happen, in an interview with CNBC's Chris Matthews, eighteen years ago. When Matthews asked him whether he was considering running for president.  

TRUMP: People want me to all the time. 

MATTHEWS: What about you? 

TRUMP: I don’t like it. 


TRUMP: Can you imagine how controversial I’d be? You think about [Bill Clinton] with the women. How about me with the women? Can you imagine?

Because even then he knew that the way he had treated women would come back to haunt him.

Which makes the way he is treating Stoynoff and his other accusers even more cowardly and disgusting.

So I'm glad that some Canadians are doing what they can to help our neighbours rid themselves of that dangerous demagogue.

I know two people who are planning to use up their holiday time to cross the border and help get out the vote in the last week of the campaign. I'm sure there are many others.

And I really love this video the Vancouver artist D.C. Douglas made, called Handbasket Hero...

Because it sums up the horror of Trump, and the nightmare south of the border, better than any video I have ever seen.

As for me, I'm doing my very humble part, by sending material to my cousins in Maine, who although they are part of a long-time Republican and distinguished U.S. Marine family, are now working hard to get Hillary Clinton elected president.

As well as contributing graphics to several #NeverTrump Twitter campaigns. And I only regret that I can't do more. 

Because the Americans are our neighbours, they are in trouble, and I want them to live as peacefully and as happily as I do in our now progressive Canada...

Never so beautiful, and never so threatened.

For Trump, that bigot, that misogynist, that planet burner, that maniac, is a threat to all of us

And for the sake of all of us he must be defeated...

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Yes, Canadians are helping to defeat Donald Trump:

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