Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Donald Trump and the Terroristic Man-Toddler

Well now that we know that Donald Trump enjoys the good things in life, but doesn't like to pay for them.

Or pay taxes.

Now that we've seen how he intends to fix that problem.

Like a farmer hires a fox to fix his disappearing chicken problem.

And now that we've seen his sleazy surrogates like Rudy Giuliani and Kim Christie slobber all over him, and try to defend their mutant master.

Neither Chris Christie nor Rudy Giuliani disputed a report in the New York Times on Sunday saying Trump’s loss was big enough that he could legally have avoided paying taxes for 18 years. On “Fox News Sunday,” Christie declared the piece “a very, very good story for Donald Trump.” Giuliani called him an “absolute genius” on ABC’s “This Week.”

I think it's about time for Trump to pay the pie man, or the piper.

It's time everybody understood that he's NOT a genius, or even a brilliant businessman. 

He's just a grubby Con man, with a spectacular record of failure.

So the truth could't be more obvious.

Anyone who believes any of Trump's promises is either as morally corrupt as he is, or an absolute idiot. Or totally desperate, or mentally ill.

For whatever they may want to believe, or delude themselves into believing.

Trump really is nothing more than a terroristic man-toddler.

Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist; only his form of terror doesn’t boil down to blowing things up. He’s the 70-year-old toddler who knows nearly nothing, hurls insults, has simplistic solutions for complex problems and is quick to throw a tantrum. Also, in case you didn’t know it, this toddler is mean to girls and is a bit of a bigot. 

It isn’t so much that he is a strict disciple of radical ideology, but rather that he is devoid of fixed principles, willing to do anything and everything to gain fame, fortune and power. He has an endless, consuming need for perpetual affirmation. This is a bully who just wants to be liked, a man-boy nursing a nagging internal emptiness. 

He’s fickle and spoiled and rotten.

A mad emperor with no clothes...

This man is a brat whose money has stunted his maturation. 

He shouldn’t be ushered into the White House; he should be laughed into hiding. His querulous nature shouldn’t be coddled; it should be crushed. America is in need of a leader, not a puerile, sophomoric sniveler who is too easily baited and grossly ill-behaved. 

Go to your gilded room, Donald. The adults need to pick a president.

And the good news?

Trump is starting to pay the piper. 

He's not just losing the women of America, for the first time he's also starting to lose some of his male supporters. 

And might even lose his good friend Pepe the frog...

The mascot of the white supremacists who Trump and his depraved deplorables like to claim as their own.

Because Kermit the good frog, is now going after that croaking nazi.

So how can we lose?

The Con man has been exposed.

The terroristic man-toddler will be defeated.

And will in time, I fervently hope, end up where he belongs...


Steve said...

I am a anti establishment believer who thinks Trump is the best of the worst. This is the Trump voter, no one believes anything he says, Trump voters do not care he is not Hillary, he is not Jeb Bush.

Anonymous said...

Haha TRUMP belongs in jail but hillary doesn't? This blog is like the Twilight zone.

rumleyfips said...

I called Hillary and she told me. Trump is right about her affairs. Right now she's seeing a beautiful Eastern European woman who used to be a model. She'll never talk because as an illegal immigrant , Hillary has a file on her. She's loyal anyway because , she's nearing 50 and about to be replaced by a newer model ( he does it all the time ).

Anonymous said...

anon 11:30 Haha, despite a long history of congressional hearings exposing these "crimes" where is the actual evidence of Hillary's crimes that would stand up in court. You base your argment on poor logic.

If you mean those that should be investigated as war crimes, she is far down a long list behind many conservative leaders. ~GS

Anonymous said...

So you vote for anarchy, believing it will lead you out of the wilderness? I am glad you will be impressed with a dysfunctional government, because if Trump is any where near as bad as he appears to be, I doubt your children's children will be praising your choice in the years to come. ~GS

Anonymous said...

So, because Hillary should be in jail, it automatically means that Conservatives are blind tribalists and don't think that Bush et al. should be investigated, and likewise?

It's too early in the morning for this level of leftist projection...

Simon said...

hi anon 11:30...Thanks, I love the Twilight Zone. But you're wrong, Trump is the real crook. I wouldn't be surprised if he's arrested and charged before the election. And sooner or later he will end up in prison...

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips....Somehow Hillary Clinton doesn't strike me as a philanderer. But as for Trump, I would be worried about his trail of infidelity. For while he has had many affairs, and bragged about them, Hillary has been married to Bill for 41 years...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I don't understand how you could believe that a corrupt billionaire could be anti-establishment. When it's so obvious that all he's interested in is making himself richer. And since he is a serial liar no sane person can believe any of his hollow promises. He is the establishment, and the enemy of all decent working people...

David said...

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Anonymous said...

If Hillary belongs in jail, then by all means provide the proof that will put there. If you think the congressional committees, that have investigated her, would not use evidences of wrongdoing to instigate criminal charges, then you have lost all reality to conspiracy theories. The complicity of Conservative leaders in war crimes are far more evident and media exposed than any Hillary crime.

Saame goes for Trump. There are questions of illegal activities around him, but unless there is also evidences, these are merely rumors and conspiracy. I personally find Hillary and Donald poor candidates that speak for the same business interests, both are asses, but only Hillary has shown any ability or experience to govern.

Remember the phrase "Just not ready?" It applies to Trump far more than Trudeau.

Remember, just because a conspiracy website, or Ezra Levant, says it is so, does not make it truth. ~GS