Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump and the Night of the Stalker

When the latest chapter in the horror show that is the U.S. presidential election was finally over last night, I was shocked to hear a CNN pundit declare that he thought Donald Trump had won the debate.

Because while Hillary Clinton didn't perform as well as she did in the first one, and didn't deliver a knockout blow.

I thought Trump lost the debate even before it began.

For what kind of man would bring four of Bill Clinton's former lovers to the debate and seat them in the front row to try to intimidate Hillary?

What kind of man would try to smear his opponent with the most disgusting false accusations? 

While lying like a thief about so many other issues.  

And what kind of presidential candidate would admit that he hasn't paid taxes for years, and then threaten to jail his opponent?

Answer: only a man who is running for dictator. 

At Sunday’s debate, Donald Trump revealed that he is not running to be America’s president so much as its dictator.

As bad as the recording of Trump bragging about sexual assault is, this is scarier — this is a major presidential candidate promising to violate our most basic democratic norms if elected. 

This was a scary night in American politics. This was an American presidential candidate promising to rule like Vladimir Putin.

And that alone should have made it clear why he is unfit to be president...

That alone should have had him declared the loser of last night's debate.

For lose it he did...

But I don't think that was the main reason he lost the debate.

I think the main reason was because he failed to convince many American women that what they heard on that grotesque sex tape wasn't the real Donald Trump. 

Whether they love Mr. Trump or loathe him, many female voters interviewed across the country seemed to watch Sunday’s historically nasty debate through the same inescapable prism: a raunchy three-minute recording in which Mr. Trump told of kissing and touching women however he pleased. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he said, loud and clear, on the tape.

That is Mr. Trump’s new, agonizing and self-created reality: He may have uttered words about unfair trade deals or threats to national security, but what these voters heard instead was his voice on that searing recording, casually and excitedly explaining that he could sexually assault strangers with impunity.

The way Trump shrugged off his grotesque comments as just "locker-room banter" was bad enough. His smearing of the Clintons was as low as you can go.

But what really hurt him was the way he tried to intimidate Hillary Clinton by following her around the stage, and looming over her like some monstrous bully...

Or some kind of sinister stalker...

Or some kind of creepy clown...

While breathing or snuffling heavily through his nose, and looking and sounding like the sexual predator that so many Americans now believe he is...

Television is television. Impressions are impressions. He couldn't restrain his inner bully or his murderous misogyny.

And the women of America who make up 53% of the electorate, and the men who love and support them, will make him pay for it...

But while Ana Navarro might wish that Trump could be dropped from the Republican ticket, I'm happy with this analysis from Barack Obama's former campaign manager.

For what it means is that although the monstrous demagogue lost the debate, he did well enough to stop the Republican establishment from disowning him as early as today.

Now they can't.

And the creature they helped create, will help destroy them...

Bye bye Donald.

Bye bye monster....


  1. Pigs snuffle all the time.
    Perhaps someone will air a commercial featuring rulers who routinely arrest opposition politicians : Idi Amin, Mussolini, Putin, ISIS . Castro etc.

    1. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Ppl, quit insulting pigs!! There is no animal loathsome enough to compare it to Trump.

    2. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Please don't insult pigs, they are highly intelligent social creatures ;)


    3. Anonymous7:30 PM

      have you guys heard the latest news about roger watters

    4. Hi Rumleyfips...I heard some talking head say that he snuffles like that because of his bad posture, but I still want him tested for coke nose. And Trump doesn't need to study all those other dictators, since he kept the speeches of Adolf Hitler on his bedside table, and is no doubt modelling himself after him...

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    No one cares about the comments he made over 10 years ago besides the (((media))) and outraged cat ladies who weren't going to vote for him anyhow.

    Trump went on the attack and completely destroyed her in the debate. If the next debate goes anything like this one, Clinton is toast.

    Don't be on the wrong side of history Simon. As Prime Minister Selfie likes to remind us, it's the Current Year. :)

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      are you one of those people volunteering for colonizing mars

    2. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Well aren't you a good little Trumpling.
      The only things that are toast is Trump's chances at winning and the brains of the scumbags that would vote for him.

    3. hi anon 11:34...I'm sorry but Trump did not win the debate. The polls show he didn't. And since he needs the votes of college educated women and moderate Republicans playing to his base will get him nowhere. And that's all he did.
      And I'm not on the wrong side of history, only left-wingers can save the world, and Trump is a budding fascist who could end up destroying us all. Jump on to the progressive train before it's too late...

  3. John B.1:41 PM

    Maybe his menacing-presence act works on the fools who do business with him. It reminded me of a sulking adolescent.

    1. hi John...somebody wrote on Twitter that the image of Trump looming menacingly over Clinton was every woman's nightmare. I thought it was outrageous that he should try to physically intimidate a woman, but of course he was taking his cues from the wrestling ring, and he has no shame....





  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I'm thinking the cocaine allegation as the cause of his sniffling may have some credence, only because he says he doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs because of how his older brother died. Whatever Trump's insecurities are, he seems to verbalize them in a pretty transparent way. He can't seem to control himself.

    I think 30 more days of this will be excruciating.


    1. hi TS...what I know about cocaine is that it produces euphoria, can lead to delusions of grandeur, and you have to be very rich to afford a regular habit. Sound familiar? ;)

  7. To add a bit of levity to the comments

    The Relevant Organs ‏@relevantorgans 20h20 hours ago
    Losing confidence in Trump's statesmanship. No Chinese senior leader would do his own threatening looming. They have people for that.

    1. hi know the first time I saw Trump trying to intimidate Clinton I was disgusted, and worried he might attack her. But now that I've watched it again it really is ridiculous. And as I said above, it comes straight out of the faked posturing in the wrestling ring. My god how low have we fallen...

  8. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I think the Juanita Broaddrick accusation is entirely credible. I think Bill Clinton is a huge creep. I think that Hillary Clinton is a huge shill. But you know what? I am practically praying that she fucking destroys trump on the 8th.

    1. hi anon...I like practical people who don't let minor details get in the way of the main story. Or he goes or we go.... ;)

  9. Anonymous2:35 PM

    When he walked behind her and started making his "coke" face and sniffing I was actually afraid he was going to shoot her. The movements he was making with his arms was freaky. I thought he could be hiding a gun. We all know he was coked out and delusional and at that point I thought we would be watching Hillary for fall to the ground any second. He should be drug tested and searched for weapons prior to the next debate. His last chance to get close to her.
    The conspiracy against Hillary is far and wide. I asked my water delivery guy what he thought about the Monster down south and he said "well there's Benghazi " LOL
    Sunny Ways Simon. Thank dog it's not us but we can't have it next door either. ❤️Pamela