Saturday, October 08, 2016

Robert De Niro On The Hoggy Bozo Donald Trump

A lot has been said or written about Donald Trump's disgusting remarks about women.

And I've made my position clear.

But while I like what Hillary Clinton has to say about that sexual predator.

Women will be the reason that Trump will be defeated.

Because she's right, this is what the electoral map of the United States would look like if every woman voted against Trump.

I think I like what Robert de Niro has to say even better.

Because he reflects my feelings exactly, and he's right too.

If you hate the idea of Donald Trump as President get out and VOTE.

Use your ballot as a weapon.

And send that hoggy demagogue crashing to the ground...


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  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Bill Clinton is the real abuser of women. Wait until Sunday's debate, Trump is going to put all his cards on the table, go on the attack, and mop the floor with the Clintons. He went way too soft in the last debate, it's time to bring out the big guns.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Big guns? Have you seen the size of his hands. There are no big guns in the context of Trump.

      The idiot has succeeded in making this a gender based election, which it wasn't before he opened up his filthy mouth.
      I can't imagine any American woman voting for him as a result. Epic stupidity on his part.

    2. Er... Bill Clinton isn't running for President. Hillary Clinton is.

      And after 2 terms with Hillary, perhaps 2 terms with President Michelle Obama.

    3. Too soft? You're right he was too soft being on the receiving end of a debate equivalent of a curb stomp by a "sick frail" woman without much a fight. A less arrogant/stupid man would have enough sense to not get into a battle of wits unarmed.

      Please continue to amuse me by with posting.

      For a bunch of guys who shrieked about the "cult" of Justin (and Obama for that matter) you guys have such great judgement of character that you would shill for a know nothing con man, narcissist, coward and now rapist.

      Do you guys actually get anything right in the past two decades?

    4. hi anon 12:52...if you Trumplings think your leader can save himself by attacking the Clintons you are sadly mistaken. For it will only remind Americans of Trump's own philandering, and make him look even more like a dirty old man. His goose is cooked and nothing can save him...

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  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Trump just tells it they way he sees it, that's why he resonates so well with with the grass roots Republicans. Their political representatives figured out a long time ago that they could not win elections with crude locker room jargon so they dressed it up with policy and values that allowed them to apply their common heritage in a "fair non prejudicial" framework. Punitive laws that single out minority groups,religious doctrine, aggressive us vs them rhetoric,the fear and blame games, unbridled winner take all capitalism are all part of the package.
    The Republicans and their ilk around the world have been playing a competitive winner take all game for some time while the Democrats/liberals have been playing a cooperative "there is something in it for everyone" game although in many cases the something is not being shared fairly. Unfortunately a very shaky global house of cards has been built on this split foundation and in desperate need of repair with the repair crew nowhere in sight.

    1. The sad irony is that Trump's past actions have shown is that he behaves as the 1%er he is.

      He revels in his power/fame/"wealth" and will use those get what he wants but the "lower" orders foot the bill like not paying taxes for almost 20 years which is one major reason why us "lower" orders of all political stripes are angry at the 1%ers.

      That includes the Trumpkins but they are too ignorant, stupid and/or delusional to figure it out and would rather blame the "other" (liberals/foreigners/homosexuals etc) than the abusive 1%er they rallied around.

  7. hi RT....I think the reason his message resonates so well with some Americans is that many are desperate for a leader who can promise to restore the past, and magically bring back jobs to places that lost them to countries like Mexico and China. But since he can't do that, the orange demagogue is playing identity politics. And unfortunately for him he is the wrong man to do any of the above. Once Trump was an asset, now he's an anvil around the neck of a drowning person, or a drowning party...