Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump and the Republican Civil War

Donald Trump is said to be holed up in his bunker in the Trump Tower, surrounded only by his most faithful supporters, like Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, and the usual gang of neo-nazis.

He's still claiming that he won the last debate.

And that he's going to win the election, and Make America Great Again. MAGA!! MAGA!!

But with every hour that passes the mood in the bunker grows grimmer.

And with good reason.

Trump didn't win the debate, he lost. His stalking act was a complete bust.

It only convinced even more Americans that he's not just crazy, he's a dangerous sexual predator...

And now with only 28 days to go before the election he's staring into The Abyss. 

Donald Trump trailed Hillary Clinton on average by about 5 points prior to the leaked video of his sexually aggressive comments. Now, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out on Monday, he trails by 14. 

It might not matter either way: No candidate in the modern era of polling has ever climbed back from more than 4 points behind over the final month of the campaign to win the presidency.

And to make matters worse, if that's possible, Republican leaders like Paul Ryan are abandoning him.

The House speaker, Paul D. Ryan, dealt a hammer blow to Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy on Monday, dashing any remaining semblance of Republican unity and inviting fierce backlash from his own caucus by announcing that he would no longer defend Mr. Trump.

And now it's a civil war.

The reaction from hard-liners was swift and angry. Over the course of an hour, a stream of conservative lawmakers urged their colleagues not to give up on Mr. Trump and chided Mr. Ryan for what they described as surrendering prematurely in the presidential race.

One of the conservatives, Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California, attacked the Republicans stepping away from Mr. Trump as “cowards,” three lawmakers said. Another, Representative Trent Franks of Arizona, said, using graphic language to describe abortion, that allowing Mrs. Clinton into the White House would end with fetuses being destroyed “limb from limb.”

With the Republican Party preparing to tear itself apart, Trump calling its leaders cowards and traitors. 

And his faithful stooge Rudy Giuliani claiming that Trump doesn't need them.

Even though without the Republican organization to help get out the vote, him and his deplorables don't stand a chance against the Democrat's well oiled election day machine.

And all of this even before another scandal strikes. As I'm sure one will.

And makes Trump looks even more disgusting.

For whatever he says now about women, who will believe him?

And yes, it was all so predictable. The spoiled billionaire, the sexual predator, the civil war.

The Republicans fell for a Con artist who fooled them into believing that he was a Great Leader, when he was just a very little, very sad, and very lonely man. 

Politics is an effort to make human connection, but Trump seems incapable of that. He is essentially adviser-less, friendless. His campaign team is made up of cold mercenaries at best and Roger Ailes at worst. His party treats him as a stench it can’t yet remove.

A hopeless narcissist who lives in a world of his own.

Trump continues to display the symptoms of narcissistic alexithymia, the inability to understand or describe the emotions in the self. Unable to know themselves, sufferers are unable to understand, relate or attach to others.

Behaves like an enraged gorilla.

Trump’s emotional makeup means he can hit only a few notes: fury and aggression. In some ways, his debate performances look like primate dominance displays — filled with chest beating and looming growls. But at least primates have bands to connect with, whereas Trump is so alone, if a tree fell in his emotional forest, it would not make a sound. 

It’s all so pathetic.

And will almost certainly lead his party to disaster...

Spare a thought for the lonely maniac.

And may the progressives of America show the Republicans no mercy...


Anonymous said...

MAGA is code word for Make America White Again

Simon said...

hi anon...I agree with you, and whenever I hear it, it sounds to me like maggot...