Friday, October 14, 2016

The Incredible Hypocrisy of the Con Queen Rona Ambrose

As we all know, Rona Ambrose likes to spend most of her time accusing Justin Trudeau of being a big spender.

She has attacked him for employing two nannies to take care of his three young children.

She has blasted him for taking his mother to Washington even though Barack Obama invited her.

But now the acting Con queen is under attack herself.

After it was revealed that she is Parliament's biggest spender. 

Members of Parliament spent a combined $71-million in the first six months of the year on travel and living expenses, running their constituency offices, promoting their activities with advertising, and buying meals and gifts for others. Interim 

Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose led the way, spending just under $320,000 from January 1 to June 30, according to an exclusive National Post analysis of the expense reports of all 338 MPs.

Can you believe it? Ambrose complains about Trudeau's travel expenses, and private home arrangements, and other things he needs to govern this country.

While she, the leader of a broken down opposition party, spends hundreds of thousands of dollar of our money to fly herself AND her boyfriend all over Canada.

The travel component alone for Ambrose was nearly $92,000 from January to June, which works out to more than $15,000 a month. That travel bill included $26,000 spent so that Ambrose’s designated traveller, her partner J.P. Veitch, could travel with her.

And although the hapless Droner claims she just wants to learn more about this country,  she clearly loves to travel so much she just had to attend the Conservative Party Conference in London about a week ago.

You know this conference...

So she could contribute some of her brilliant ideas on how to flog a dead horse, and kill government...

Share some deep thoughts with the loser David "Pig Boy" Cameron...

And size up a Margaret Thatcher t-shirt...

Which one can only hope we didn't pay for, because if so I want my money back !!!!

While no doubt bragging to anyone who would listen to her, that Stephen Harper was the greatest prime minister ever, and a good money manager.

Even though her fallen leader spent about a billion dollars of our money trying to brainwash Canadians into believing that he was a Great Economist Leader...

When in fact he didn't know what he was doing, and led us to the verge of economic disaster. 

But yes, no wonder despite all of Ambrose's attacks on him Justin Trudeau is still so popular.

More than one in two Canadians (55.9%) say they prefer Trudeau as Prime Minister while 14.5 per cent prefer Ambrose, 7.7 per cent prefer Mulcair, 4.5 per cent prefer May and 16.7 per cent were unsure.

Here are people lining up to see him at a by-election rally yesterday in, wait for it, Medicine Hat, Alberta.

While Ambrose has never looked more like a loser.

Or more hypocritical.

And her Cons have never looked so dead...


  1. Harper dropped $20 Billion on Afganistian. Nuff of con con

    1. hi Steve...Twenty billion in Afghanistan, who knows how many billions in Libya, and all the propaganda money could buy. Those Harperites were the biggest warmongers and Con artists this country has ever known...

  2. My MP was in the top 5 for MP's who spent the most on their constituency office and has the gaul to accuse the government of having little fiscal accountability on all sorts of spending on FN education. What a fracking tool.

    1. hi Way Way god what a loser. Whenever I hear the racist Con base go on about that, it drives me wild. After they way they nickel and dimed First Nations children, and let so many go hungry. Shame on them all...

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Most of the Cons reside on a higher plane where their duty is to show the way forward to the unenlightened but they are not actually required follow their own teachings. Its not a new show but under the right circumstances still manages to pack the big top. All Rona is missing is a robe and a gold embossed scripture handed down by the Great One.

    1. hi RT...they think they reside on a higher plane, so they can lecture us about not saving enough, or not being selfish enough, or not paying for our own medical bills. And yes, who knew Rona would have such expensive habits? Some in the Con media used to say she was such a bargain, but so much for that....

  4. If she flies on the public nickel, and she gets to keep the points, later she can use them, when no longer the leader. Nice way of making sure the life style continues.