Sunday, October 02, 2016

Donald Trump Goes Over The Deep End. Again

I didn't think Donald Trump could sink any lower after his monstrous meltdown on Twitter the other night.

But then he's been in a furious frenzy since he lost the debate. He still believes he won.

So there he was yesterday taking out his frustration on Hillary Clinton.

By mocking her recent bout with pneumonia.

And then after giving himself a pat on the back...

Accusing her of cheating on Bill Clinton.

And suggesting that SHE might be crazy...

Can you believe that? 

Talk about throwing stones in glass houses.

But more ominously that bloated demagogue also suggested again yesterday that the election might be rigged. 

And that his supporters should patrol polling stations. 

“You’ve been reading the same stories as I’ve been reading, so go to your place and vote. And then go pick some other place and go sit there with your friends and make sure it’s on the up and up,” the GOP nominee said.

At least in black areas...

He then made a nod toward election rigging, suggesting “that would be one hell of a way to lose.”

Which couldn't be more dangerous for two reasons: 

One, it sounds like Trump is encouraging his deplorables to intimidate black voters...

Something that comes naturally to them.

And two, he is going to lose, but seems to be suggesting that he may not accept the result.

Which would throw the U.S., and maybe the whole world into chaos.

And why I keep repeating, crush that monstrous demagogue.

Before he brings down the pillars of American democracy.

And buries us all in its ruins....


  1. Trump's starting to remind me of Nero and/or Caligula.

    How long before he decides to make a horse a senator?

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    As we move closer to election day I've noticed your posts have become more and more frantic. You sound worried and desperate. I will have a very good laugh on election day if Trump wins.

    1. Trumps performance last night was pretty frantic. What to do...what to do. Show up at the debate and get ass kicked by a girl or run like a frightened mouse. I bet his staff's strategy meetings are fun right now. Trump is notoriously cruel to his employees. One has just gotten even. I wonder if more brown envelopes will drop through the mail slot soon

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    If he doesn't like the election result (which is what we are all hoping for), the US and the rest of the world can ignore it and focus on real problems. The fact that this is taking precedence over what is happening in Syria is a sad testament to our times.

    I think we will all just feel good about turning our devices off after Nov. 8, and let him chill the you know what out. He can't shock us any more, after he looses the election, he'll have no handle on the media. From what is being reported, he would probably be best served by focussing on his businesses after he looses. One prediction is that he'll file for bankruptcy (once again) within seven years.


  4. Trump exhorts his minions to vote, problem is not the voting it is the counting and he is right the system of online voting is rigged and cannot be fixed so the result is still false!

  5. where does the election leave Trump's businesses. His behaviour has damaged his credibility and potential loaners have noticed. His hotels have already seen a decline in business and golf participation is falling. Donnie is basing his campaign on disgruntled poor white guys who could never afford one of his hotel rooms , a golf round at one of his elitist courses or a botulismburger at one of his restaraunts. The people that can afford him are running like hell. American banks and financiers have , long ago, cut Trump off as poor pay. He owes hugggge money to a German bank now forced to pay penalties for illegal activities. They need the money and are not going to let Trump off for cents on the dollar. \move out Donnie , this is ours. Trump , who doesn't have the cash himself, will be left with only the Russian mob. Too bad Donnie , if you don't pay, they shoot you.

  6. This strategy of calling the vote rigged before it happens, is surely meant as a prelude to attempts by his supporters at civil conflict. It is difficult this approach would have much traction beyond a couple of days of protests by the worst of his supporters, followed by years of grumbling that something untoward had happened and that somehow the US had turned into a third-world-style dictatorship. The irony, of course, is that the only rigging of the vote is the systemic rigging that the two major parties have instituted over the past hundred years or so which keeps other voices out of the political arena, but we hear little or nothing of this from any mainstream media source (and even less from the candidates themselves). I truly believe that the greatest danger if Trump does lose will be to Ms. Clinton's safety, given the pure ideological madness of some of Trump's supporters. Trump's style of total disrespect just feeds the worst kinds of feelings of the worst kinds of people.

  7. Trump is not the idiot he is playing. Its you that are being played. I still predict a Trump landslide. Did you know the LA times has consistently polled Trump winning California?

    1. Though Trump can certainly win, the prediction of a landslide is simply wild and unsubstantiated speculation. First of all, in terms of popular vote (and putting the Electoral College aside), few presidential elections actually result in landslide wins, and Trump, if he wins would certainly not be a landslide unless things change radically in the next few weeks. As for California, most polls have Clinton up by 20% or more. I grew up in California and spent much of my life there, and if Trump wins there it will something of a miracle. Furthermore, your suggestion that Trump is putting on some sort of an "act," seems nonsensical to me. In fact, his actions today are a great example of Trump's general confusion rather than his self-conscious deception. While talking to a group of veterans Trump complained that not enough was being done for their mental health problems and then he proceeded to associate PTSD with "weakness." I don't see how you interpret such comments as a conscious strategy! If Trump was undertaking a conscious strategy he could say many of the things that would fire up his base without insulting many of his potential voters. Thus, rationally, your claim makes little sense.