Sunday, October 02, 2016

Bill Maher Goes After Donald Trump's Ghastly Surrogates

There is only one thing worse than watching Donald Trump in a full orange frenzy, and that's watching his shameless so-called surrogates in action.

The hapless stooges Trump sends out to try to defend him, and promote the deranged idea that he's fit to be president.

So I'm glad to see Bill Maher take them on, and ask the terrifying question:

What if Trump did become President, and those Trumplings roamed the corridors of power?

You know, that's really not fair. Orangutans are noble animals, so one couldn't be Donald's daddy.

But yes, I can see Rudy Giuliani, who likes to dress up as a woman, auditioning for his role in a Trump government...

So let's make sure that NEVER happens. 

What a shabby third fifth rate drag show it is.

I live for the day when it's over...


  1. John B.4:35 AM

    Charles Koch has probably already prepared a list of approved selections for major appointments and instructions on the transition for implementation by Team Pence should Trump be elected. Most of the clowns featured in Bill Maher's routine will either return to full-time practice in their respective specialities of flimflam and some will continue auditioning for the opportunity to open for Sarah Palin. After all, we haven't seen much of her since Trump used her during the primaries to help him deprive Lyin' Ted of his fair share of the Stupid Vote.

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Actually, no. Did you miss Charles Koch publicly saying that voting for either Trump or Hillary is like voting for cancer or heart disease? Here:

    2. John B.4:04 AM

      Nope. But thanks for the drive-by anyway. There should be very few that are unaware that Charles Koch has stated that he doesn't support Trump. I didn't miss the referenced comments as reported in July; I didn't miss his earlier comments disparaging of Trump last winter; I didn't miss it later in the spring when he conveyed to a questioner his uncertainty over whether Clinton or Trump would make the better President; and I'm aware that he has continued to state his unwillingness to support Trump even after the selection of and subsequent conference with Pence. I also accept that Mr. Koch may have been sincere and that, with focus on the Congress and state legislatures, the outcome of the Clinton-Trump contest may make little difference to him. But I think that it would have made quite a difference to Mr. Koch and others within his network if Trump had gone with Christie or Newt rather than Pence. Besides, respecting that Trump is not actually stupid, particularly when it comes to enticing a customer, I really don't know his true intent in messaging when he floated the Scott Walker possibility.

      Although a question remains regarding the veracity of the claim by a Kasich representative that Donald Jr. had made assurances that his father's VP would have a major role in determining policy, whatever bet Mr. Koch is making, if he's making one at all, would be as well-hedged with the Republican candidates as with a Hillary Clinton administration operating under an as yet uncertain level of pressure from Mrs. Warren, the Bernie People and others like-minded from among Democrats in office and party supporters.

      I also think it's worth considering that on the one hand there's the direct, indirect and dark money while on the other there's the possibility that, alongside the increased public scrutiny of Koch political activity that has occurred over the past several years, the appearance of close association of candidates with the network may be offensive to many independents. However, I'm not suggesting that a pillow fight is taking place. I'm just stating that Pence is in the bag, whatever the case, and that, despite Trump's ego if handled properly, a Pence as VP may have Cheney-magnitude influence over important detail while his President is engrossed in the task of making America great again. And I don't think it's a stretch to propose that he's already received or discerned operation-specific co-ordinating instructions for the standing orders he's been marching under throughout his political career.

    3. hi John...if the Koch brothers want Trump's ghastly surrogates I'm all for it. For we'll never hear from them again, and they will drive the brothers crazy. But you're right to point out to anon that Pence works for the Koch brothers, and that Trump's plans to scrap all environmental regulations, build the Keystone pipeline, and give billionaires even bigger tax breaks than they enjoy now, is music to the brother's ears...

  2. Orangutans are noble animals

    Well, I don't know about that; they are our cousins. However, they are very intelligent and seem to have a good grasp of reality leading to the assumption that an orangutan would likely be a better candidate than Trump.

    I must say his surrogates are an impressive bunch. It is hard to decide which one is more horrible but the “Who says” lawyer and the woman with the gun-shell necklace are leading the pack.

    The Guardian has an article today on Trump's latest rant where he says Clinton may be insane, alleges that there will be voting fraud and complains about the “bad microphone”. Oh, and a few other mad allegations.

    He seems to be becoming increasingly unhinged or else is on a reality show where what he says will have no real-world effects. In any case, he is a wildly dangerous fool.

    Most of the pundits seem to be suggesting that a major reason for Trump, Le Pen and other dubious creatures (Nigel Farage?) coming to prominence is because a serious disconnect between traditional parties and actual voters.

    It is interesting to see Jeremy Corbyn's success in the UK. He seems to epitomize this disconnect but is operating within an existing major party. He seems to be remaking Labour as a real social-democratic party after New Labour and the Conservatives seem to have deserted everything but the London financial sector.

    1. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Turns out Trump was not mad about his whine that he had microphone problems.The Commission on Presidential debates has now issues a public statement that there indeed was an issue with his microphone:

    2. hi jrk...orangutans are very gentle animals, they tend to mind their own business, and are definitely better looking than Trump. But as for Trump's surrogates they really are beasts or zombies, and I would give anything to listen in on their morning phone call with their masters in the Trump Tower. And I think you're right, the stress of the campaign is getting to Trump. He is apparently angry with everyone including his own advisers. And yes, he definitely is a wildly dangerous fool. As for Jeremy Corbyn I couldn't be more delighted to see him re-elected, despite the revolt by the Blairites, and the assault on him by the media, including sadly enough left-wing papers like The Guardian. They don't seem to have learned anything from Brexit, Trump or Bernie Sanders. People are desperate for real change, and Corbyn can deliver that better than any of the other Labour hacks...

    3. hi anon 12:11...there was a small problem with Trump's microphone. But it only slightly affected the quality of sound in the room. It did not prevent those in the auditorium from hearing what he had to say. And Trump should have been more concerned with the 88 million people watching on TV who heard him loud and clearly, unfortunately for him.
      So it's still is a ridiculous excuse, and just another sign of desperation....

  3. Jeffery 'Ronald Reagan' Lord...false equivalence right back to

    Andrew Jackson.

    1. hi liberalandloving it...Jeffery Lord is the most reasonable of the Trump surrogates. Or should I say he was. For now that his master is getting angrier and more desperate, even Lord is starting to sound like all the others. To the point that he was also repeating the foul slander that Alicia Machado was a porn star. But then I heard him say the other day that he listens to Rush Limbaugh every day, so we can't expect much...