Saturday, October 22, 2016

Michael Sona and the Robocall Scandal

I'm sure you remember Michael Sona, the young Con operative who was the only person ever convicted in the Robocall Scandal.

Well now he's out of jail, talking to Michael Harris.

Still proclaiming his innocence.

And demanding a public inquiry. 

“I am happy to help anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this. It shouldn’t be unsolved,” he said. “Robocalls as it stands currently will go unsolved. 

 “I had hoped Justin Trudeau would call a public inquiry. I know certain MPs who pushed for it, but it must be a victim of ‘sunny ways’. An inquiry is the only way Canadians will find out what actually happened.”

And while I don't think he will get one, because in Canada so many stories end up at the bottom of the memory hole, I've given up hoping for justice.

It would answer so many nagging questions about what really happened the night the Cons tried to steal an election.

Why was the robocalls investigation closed when it remained unsolved, and when there was incontrovertible evidence that others were involved?

Why didn’t Elections Canada serve a search warrant on the Conservative Party of Canada to obtain crucial information from its computer database, as the agency did in the In-and-Out scandal?

For I'll never understand why Ken Morgan, who ran the campaign office where Sona worked, was never forced to testify. 

Morgan’s name appears 44 times in the judgment against Sona but, as Hearn noted, he was the only senior member of the Guelph Conservative campaign who didn’t give testimony at trial. 

Morgan refused to speak to Elections Canada investigators, according to court documents.

Even though the judge who sentenced Sona said there was evidence of a wider conspiracy.

And of course I will always wonder whether Stephen Harper knew anything about that conspiracy...

For I can never forget the weird way he acted on the day of that fatal election...

Nor should anyone forget that whether he knew anything or not, he was the one who created the culture of winning at any cost.

As well as the one who turned our prisons into overcrowded hell holes.

On Sona’s first day in general, three other inmates came calling. They thought Sona had come from PC and were angry about his placement in their unit. 

 “They told me I had to fight one of them. They said either I fight him or they would all beat me.”

For that too is part of his shameful legacy.

And I will always believe that if there was any justice.

For all his crimes against Canada.

He is the one who should have been jailed...


luceforma said...

sudden big changes to the workings of any political system is destructive, thus undesirable and likely to stay Trudeau's hand from opening the oldstevie files.

having said that, however, i really wish JT had more of something (time, will to be less decent, balls... idunno, something) to celebrate a 22 year old Canadian man of whom no one's ever heard before 2011 and who, single handedly, managed to steal an election.

wow, not even Alexander the Great made it until he was 30. how come we, as a mature socio-political community, are not marvelling at the genius of Michael Sona?

Anonymous said...

We'll never know exactly what happened but we all know Harper's forte was letting others take the fall for his dirty deeds. That's all the proof I'll ever need.

Kev said...

Hi Simon Yeah I still have doubts as to Sona's guilt As for an inquiry all governments are loathe to investigate their predecessors so no surprise there

Simon said...

hi Luce...yes I'm afraid the Trudeau government doesn't want to put the Harper regime's foul record on trial. And although I can understand the reason, I lament that the Cons were able to get away with so much....

Simon said...

hi JD...well that's true. Harper dropped Rona like a hot potato. And his Cons did everything they could to obstruct the course of justice, and prevent a proper investigation...

Simon said...

hi Kev...Sona was a Con fanatic once, I vaguely remember him trying to remove a ballot box from some university campus. But I find it hard to believe that he alone could have organized so many different robocalls, in so many ridings. And as far as I'm concerned the whole investigation was a farce....

Steve said...

Goverment almost never go after the last one because they know what goes around comes around. Also behind the curtian they are all friends.