Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Beautiful Flag He Hates So Much

He hates our Canada and its values with a passion, so it follows that Stephen Harper would hate its most powerful and beautiful symbol.

He spent almost nothing to celebrate its fiftieth birthday. 

The federal government has allotted $50,000 for celebrations for the upcoming 50th birthday of the iconic Maple Leaf flag.

That's compared to almost $4 million for a campaign marking the 200th anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's birth, and $5.2 million spent on the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

So this couldn't be more hypocritical.

For what does he know about peace, democracy, freedom and justice? And his "tribute" couldn't be more embarrassing.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to put this delicately. It’s just embarrassing.

Or more disgraceful.

It costs $12 to get into the museum ($11 for a senior) and $7.50 to park for a couple of hours. It takes about five minutes to go through the entire exhibit and, sadly, you’d be reluctant to pay a nickle for the experience.

Or more tacky.

The special exhibition of the Canadian flag does not even merit its own room. Instead, it is nothing but a glass case along an outside wall that stretches for 10 paces or so and holds a few grainy photographs of then-prime minister Lester B. Pearson, some light historical reference and various designs studied by a parliamentary committee prior to the actual choice of the flag that first flew on Feb. 15, 1965.

But luckily our wonderful Maple Leaf flag doesn't need any help from him, because although I'm not a flag waver, it's so beautiful I carry it with me all the time, tattooed over my heart. So it doesn't beat too wildly when I see it eh?

As I did today flapping in the icy wind over my neighbourhood...

And how it was born is a great story of Canadians working together to produce a  wonderful symbol.

George Stanley, the proud Albertan and Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick who came up with the first idea for the maple leaf design.

The shy, retiring, staunch Quebec nationalist Jacques St-Cyr who refined this sketch...

And made simplicity its strength.

John Ross Matheson, the Liberal MP with six pieces of Nazi shrapnel in his head, who answered the call of the great Canadian Lester Pearson, and shepherded the flag through Parliament.

Who saved us from the fuddy duddy Diefenbaker Cons in brilliant fashion...

And helped save us from total humiliation...

By rejecting among many others, the Eyeball Flag.

Oogly googly wink if you're a Canadian eh? 

And of course let's not forget Joan O'Malley who hurriedly stitched the first Maple Leaf  flag together in the middle of the night on her little Singer.

Because it was a collective project. A project for love of country, something Stephen Harper could never understand. 

Because he hates our Canada and its values with a passion bordering on insanity. And he would turn it into his savage jungle.

While posing as a patriot...

But as I said before, it doesn't really matter what that grubby little man thinks, and he can keep his shabby tribute, or shove it you know where.

Because we love our flag and intend to honour it in the best way possible by taking our country back.

And in the meantime all I can say to our alien dictator is you really should be ashamed of yourself.  

You really are the worst and least Canadian Prime Minister in our country's history.

You always were a strange beast...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

And may this humble little video I made, offend you beyond recognition...

And of course, happy birthday my beautiful.

We've mucked up a lot of things, but you we made perfect.

Deliver us from the filthy Con regime and its depraved leader.

And lead us all to a better Canada...

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  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Stephen Harper spent more money to bring back a now convicted Canadian criminal from Germany than he did on the celebrating the Canadian flag.

    1. hi anon...yes that is a good example. Six times more to bring back a convicted criminal from Germany than he spent celebrating our flag. His priorities are so twisted one might question his sanity, and wonder whether is still fit to remain in office. His filthy government is off the rails and bouncing down the embankment heading for The Abyss...

  2. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Harper doesn't like the Charter of Rights either.
    In 2007--its 25th anniversary--there was nothing
    to honour the document: no postage stamps,
    no special coinage and no public events.

    Shameful leadership isn't it?

    1. hi anon...that's another good example of his twisted priorities, and his utter contempt for our Canadian values. Everything we hold dear and beautiful he would destroy. Which is why I don't hesitate to say that he hates this country with a passion, and must be removed from office by whatever legal means necessary, and as soon as is humanly possible...

  3. Lovely video. Perhaps you should burn an DVD and send it to the PM? I am sure that he would appreciate the gesture.

    1. hi jrkrideau...thank you I'm glad you liked it. However I don't think I need to send it to the PM. I'm sure his tea baggers in the PMO are quite familiar with my blog and my videos, and know what I think of them. I simply wish to encourage those who believe in this country, to fight for it even harder. For it is worth saving...

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Because our beautiful flag was born during a Liberal tenure and its main colour is red, Harper's petty vindictiveness rears its ugly head yet again. He is a truly despicable waste of skin.

    1. hi anon...yes he is as petty as that. A man too small to lead a big still young country like this one. The day we drive him and his Cons from power will be one of the happiest days of my life...

  5. As an ex-Yank who always found it profoundly disturbing that rampant, ignorant, my way or the highway stupid patriotism started with ridiculous flag-worship in the States, have to say that spending any kind of big money on the anniversary of a flag seems dumb in the extreme...It's great to acknowledge it, and fun to read about the people involved, but I hate to see Canadians who are mostly rational and intelligently fervent about their love of country get all worked up about such trivia as how much Harpo spent on celebrating a flag...
    Beware...this is the sort of blindness that Harpo would love to encourage, even if it is at his expense..
    The saying south of the 49th, when i was a kid, was "America, love it or leave it" and we always retorted, "Change it or lose it" but as we all know, that never happened..we have to make sure that Canada stays progressive and free of the sort of rightwing symbol worship that infects the US...
    There was a time when Americans used to wear a Canadian flag when they traveled to Europe to prevent themselves from being targeted as Yanks...I hear that doesn't work so well these days, after more than a decade of the HarperCons....

    1. hi mizdarlin...I share your distaste for the flag wavers in the United States, but I resent the implication that I am similar to them. For your comment doesn't make sense. Harper is a warmonger, I believe in our peacemaking tradition. My desire is for a kinder, gentler society, while he tansies for the very opposite. So ask yourself why do I celebrate the flag while he doesn't? And the answer is because in Canada our flag stands for our values, which as you know he hates with a passion. Which is why although I clearly wrote that I am not a rah rah flag waver, I thought it was worth celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. I also believe that the way the flag came together, in opposition to those who would make us a colony, is a great story. I particularly enjoyed the fact that a staunch Quebec nationalist helped refine it into the flag we know today.
      I mean really, only in Canada eh? So please don't try to tar me as a belligerent flag waving nationalist. That beautiful maple leaf stands for our Canadian values, and in opposition to everything the Cons believe in...

    2. My comments were meant as a warning, not an attack, and nowhere did i speak of you as a belligerent flag waving nationalist..I only wrote that such people can be the result of a fervent belief system that can warp into fascist tendencies..
      You cannot expect blind approval for all that you write...and although I might be disagreeing about the issue of Harper needing to spend more to 'celebrate' the flag, it doesn't follow that you are personally being tarred and feathered by me as an 'extremist' for feeling differently..the true nature of democracy is not blind faith, but discussion and even disagreement to reach the best consensus possible, wouldn't you say...?

  6. I'm waiting for Harper's Biography! Michael Harris is going to help him!

    OMG! My sarcastic side is showing! haha

    Personally, I would love to know more about SH's childhood.........anybody have any ideas?

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Harper wants Canada to be just like the "good" ole' US of A , a divided, failed democracy run by a rich few and the religions nutjobs that dwell in it's darkest corners. That is his Ideal country!