Monday, June 03, 2013

The Senate Scandal and the Madness of Stephen Harper

Golly. I can only imagine how Stephen Harper must be feeling these days as he watches what was left of his tarnished reputation crumbling under the weight of scandal. 

Although I'd rather not eh? Because it must be a scary thing.

The violent rages, the howls of betrayal. The infernal din of all the voices in his head screaming "Destroy The ENEMY !!!!!". Or "HELP !!!!!"

Because by now even our mad king must realize the damage is TERMINAL.

Some of his strongest boosters in the MSM have accused him of blowing his credibility. Rex Murphy calls the scandal a "death warrant for Harper's brand." Some in his party are starting to think the unthinkable. A lot of them don't even believe him.

All over the country ordinary Canadians are saying it's time to give Steve the heave.

Instead of accepting responsibility for his ethical and leadership failures, Stephen Harper chooses to exploit the moment to advance the divisive “new Conservative” Reform Party agenda and policy directions.

Whatever you wish to call the Reform “Conservative” Party, it is time to give Steve the heave.

And so crazy desperate is Harper that in a final act of madness he has started accusing the opposition of being as corrupt as the Cons. Flinging his own excrement at them.

And sending out his revolting stooge Pierre Poislievre, the dick head who said that the root cause of terrorism was terrorism.

To do the dirty in the Commons...

Smearing the opposition again and again and again. 

Because he is a dick head, he is his master's voice. And Great Ugly Leader made the Cons in his own image. Where some see nothing wrong about lying all the time. Some would even try to steal an election. Corruption 'R' Us, and his madness RULES.

So when Chantal HĂ©bert sets out to imagine the unimaginable.That Harper didn't know what his right-hand man Nigel Wright was doing to settle his "Duffy Problem."

Because even a control freak can't know everything eh?

And he should admit he's only human.

She still ends up asking this disturbing question:

If this episode is not rooted in malevolence on his or his staff’s part, why does Harper not just admit that he, too, is not impervious to human error rather than resort to serial character assassination to fend off opposition queries?

One explanation could be that if he has to choose, the prime minister would rather have voters think he is an evil genius than a fool. The risk, of course, is that voters will conclude (a) that Harper is no genius and (b) that he is merely evil.

And all I can say is that when you have to ask a question like that something is terribly wrong in this country. 

And the answers should have been obvious long ago.

Stephen Harper will never admit he is wrong, because as Preston Manning warned us long ago, he believes he owns the truth. Neither will he admit he is only only human, because as a clinical psychopath he cannot fully know what that means. He is not a fool. He's definitely not a genius. But he is desperate. And he is EVIL.

So the sooner we give Steve the heave, the cleaner and safer this country will be.

Yup. I like where this sordid senate scandal is going. It's so ugly and yet so beautiful.

Although I'm going to have to change all my RESIST signs eh?

Why wait two years to defeat him?

When I can demand better NOW...

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the salamander said...

.. the root cause of Electoral Fraud ..
is elections and Canadian voters ..
.. Welkome to Konada

Anonymous said...

How about another way to put this? It is time to flush PM Shit Head down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

"Give Steve the Heave" what a great electioneering slogan for next time...but after what happened in BC, I have lost faith in the people...they never seem to a) care who gets elected, or why, or b) for the most part, they don't even bother to vote...
We are still broken hearted here on the Best Coast, and not looking forward to 5 more years of our ConLites destroying the Province...who knows how this pseudo-scandal in Parliament will affect the FedCons next time?
Who will even remember?

wazz said...

I will just add for any of those wanting to pile on Mulcair for "refusing an envelope," that Harper was caught OFFERING a bribe to Cadman for political favors. There is a tape that proved his involvement as I recall, which Harper tried to discredit (lied about). And when he failed to discredit it, his lawsuit quickly tanked.

The difference with the Tories here and Duffy too is that Duffy DID accept the cash, Mulcair did NOT. Meanwhile Harper's old buddy, Arthur Porter, is down in the Bahama's avoiding an arrest warrant from the Quebec Construction Scandal and Probe. Harper parked Porter on CSIS oversight where the very "international" Porter had access to ALL of Canada's secret CSIS files and Porter even had time to contribute donations to CPC Party while drawing a government pay cheque.

So it looks like the Reform O’ Con's have their blinders firmly in place. A Conservative would never make the mistake of refusing a bribe, like Mulcair refused it. That bribe would have been pocketed in a flash and sent overseas to an offshore account where it would add to the missing $3.1B the Harperland Connie’s 'lost'.

Tom Mulcair didn't take the bribe; lets keep our eye on the ball, Cons, OK? What law did he break? None. And he isn't under any obligation to say anything under the law, either. This is simply a Harper’s attempt to tapdance away from the corruption avalanche that is barreling towards him.

Rene said...

I hate to digress from a very entertaining exchange on the moral depravity of Harper and Poilievre and company, Simon, but I submitted this comment to Graeme Decarie's blog pertaining to Harper's campaign against First Nations and how Reform has done a complete turnabout with respect to a National Energy Policy, which issue you may wish to explore in another polemic.


Harper has certainly been quite successful in launching a racist campaign against First Nations for obstructing his energy policies. As if his Reform contingent of hate-mongers needed much encouragement in this direction, there is a veritable hate-fest spewing venom on natives and environmentalists in media discussions on the Enbridge northern pipeline issue and the recent rejection of the proposed pipeline by the BC government.

One commenter to such media discussion on Yahoo Canada notes:

"Here are a few of the comments I have collected from this article."

'Lazy, drunken mooches....
#$%$ u u #$%$ drunken indian alcoholic #$%$
get a job get a life u low life indian welfare lazy #$%$
Time to play Cowboys and Indians again!
cut off their welfare
show up with job application forms.... they will scatter in the wind.
give me a few cases of whiskey and I will get them to sign anything ...
Run the wagon burners over!!!
a new theme song you stupid drunken glue sniffing #$%$
yup, dumb indians love free handouts.
stupid indians.
What do.they do on these reservations,sleep eat,drink,drugs,and forgot smuggling drugs and cigaretts across the border.
More dumb, lazy government cheque collecting Indians on the war path to nothing.
Die welt ist fur menschen, nicht untermenschen
no parasite is a match for bullets and gas
nothing more than a pack of greedy, grasping people who have done nothing for Canada except produce drains on the economy
just give him shome shpare change for da shmokes
#$%$ u u #$%$ drunken indian alcoholic #$%$"

"I think these are xenophobic if not downright racist comments....
Whether you agree with the pipeline or not is beside the point."


The trump card argument of Reformers is that Harper will impose a decision on British Columbia irrespective of native rights or provincial jurisdiction or the wishes of the population of the province inasmuch as, per the Harperites :

"Meantime, the pipeline will get built as the National Energy Policies of a nation do supersede most other concerns."

To which I responded to this discussion:

"Yes, and isn't this the founding mythology of Reform, that the federal government imposed its will over that of the province of Alberta on resource issues, and didn't you use that sense of grievance to seek common cause with other western provinces.

Yet here are Reformers calling on the federal government to step in and impose a solution in Alberta's favour which runs contrary to the will of a neighbouring province, over use of resources and land the neighbouring province argues falls within its jurisdiction."

"Good luck with that as it would be politically fatal to Harper on top of the blows he has already received."

Now, as fate would have it, Alberta Reformers are arguing in favour of a National Energy Policy which would impose Alberta's will on that of Canada as a whole.

e.a.f. said...

The name of the game is, Bounce the Ball In the Other Guy's Court. That is what Harper is doing. He has nothing to loose and everything to gain. If it works, he continues. If it doesn't, well some damage will have been done to the opposition parties and he still has a few years to improve his image.

It is smart strategy to not admit he made a mistake, in this case. Better to be thought of as evil, than a fool. Once voters start laughing at a politican, there is little chance of coming back. If you are considered evil, well evil people have been re-elected. In B.C. we had gordon Campbell and we hve Christie Clark. Lord knows the Americans have more than enough "evil" politicians who keeep getting re-elected. He might be able to improve his image by the time the next election rolls around. today I would suggest the new strategy is at play. Ms. Harper was doing a public speech regarding the money allocated for anti bullying. She looks good, speaks well, and referred several times to "my husband", without saying his name. They keep that up, people will decide they like her and swallow hard and vote for him. Living in B.C., its a matter of never over estimate the voter. it didn't matter what the lieberals did here, they still were re-elected.

We may not like Harper and I wouldn't be caught dead voting for him or his party, but lots of people will buy into the advertising the slimers will run in time for the next election. They will start by showing commericals with a new improved, "nicer, kinder" Harper. more with the wife, etc. the slimers have the political strategy down pat.

Simon said...

hi salamander...I agree that the electoral fraud scandal is the biggest scandal of them all. And unfortuntely it's being buried by the sexier Senate scandal. I was going to mention that in this post, but I think I'll save it for the next...

Simon said...

hi know it's funny I was thinking of saying that myself. And the only reason I didn't make a graphic of Harper swirling around a toilet bowl was that I couldn't find a good enough picture of a crapper. But don't worry I will... ;)

Simon said...

hi lefty...I can understand how you feel, I felt the shockwaves of what happened in BC all the way out here. So I can only imagine your disappointment. But don't be discouraged, I think that some painful lessons were learned, and hopefully we won't make them again. Also remember that the damage to the Cons is cumulative, one scandal by itself might only damage them, but a succession of scandals, when added to the already dismal record of the Cons, will definitely hurt them in the next election....

Simon said...

hi wazz...this Con attempt to smear Mulcair is both ridiculous and desperate. But I do think the NDP should not simply ignore it. Or it might stick with those who don't know what happened. They need to do as you suggest, remind people that he didn't accept whatever was in the envelope, and since he didn't know he could hardly accuse the corrupt Mayor of trying to bribe him. In a decent country he shouldn't have to defend himself from something so absurd, but this is Harperland so I believe he must...

Simon said...

hi you may know I absolutely despise bullies of any stripe. And anyone who would put down native people, the poorest of all Canadians, is not just a revolting bully but also a racist scumbag.I honestly don't know how some of these right-wingers can live with themselves. For surely their lives must be
small and ugly...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....yes I see that Mrs Harper is launching an anti-bullying drive, although I also notice her busband was not there lest he further disturb his religious base that hates the very idea. But yes, he will try to anything to improve his image. However remember that what's happening to Harper is happening to a Prime Minister a lot of Canadians have grown tired of, and that there is a noticeable desire for change, which I believes explains the Justin Trudeau phenomenom. And when that happens to a politician, EVERYTHING sticks to him, and makes him look even worse than he really is...