Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Tribute Video to Some Real Canadian Heroes

It's not easy looking for heroes in Harperland.

Everywhere I look all I see is corruption and scandal.

Grubby politicians and small greedy people.

But of course there are real heroes out there.

And these were four of the best 

All four people on an ORNGE air ambulance — “very experienced” pilots and medics — were killed when the helicopter crashed without warning during takeoff from Moosonee around midnight, the provincial air ambulance service said Friday.

For there is nothing more noble than risking your life to save the lives of others. And nothing more Canadian than flying out from Moosoneee at midnight eh?

On your way to help someone in the poor little community of Attawapiskat.

I'm so sorry they didn't make it, I'm so sad for those who loved them.

Snowball's father says the father had lived for his family and his job "If he saved somebody's life he was ecstatic,” he said. “If you save somebody's life, that's a great accomplishment." “He wanted to be a flight paramedic more than anything else."

But their grieving families can be proud of them, as we all should be, for if they didn't risk their lives, hundreds of small isolated communities could not exist. And thousands would die before they got to a hospital.

The air ambulance service has a maintenance base on the Toronto Islands, so I see the orange choppers coming home late at night, after a long day of saving lives. And if their crews could hear me, I would cheer them for being so good and so brave, and inspiring me to be better than I am.

Their bosses at ORNGE were involved in a horrible scandal, but you could never taint any of them.

So tonight I thought I'd put together a video from pictures I found on the internet, and match it with a great old song my Dad used to play when we went flying together.

For those who risk their lives for others.

For those who fly at night...

Yup. There still are heroes in the miserable grubbiness of Harperland.

In a country that really needs to be reminded that we are better than that.

My Canadian heroes. 

How could I ever thank them enough?

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Anonymous said...

Great video. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

First, my sympathies to the families and friends for the loss of these four heroes.

Simon, thank you for this moving tribute.

Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."

Anonymous said...

That? Coming from you? A dirty, nasty little lefty. You insult their service by every word you utter.

You are slime, Simon, nothing but pure gutter slime. It really is that simple.

Simon said...

hi anonymous... I'm glad you liked it. I did it in a terrible rush, borrowed pictures all over the place, and then uploaded it in flash format instead of a more stable one. But I felt I had to say something about that horrible tragedy. And pay tribute to the dead, their colleagues, and all air ambulance people everywhere...

Simon said...

hi Cathy... thank you, I'm glad you liked it. As I mentioned above I wish I could have taken more time to make it better, or shot footage with my own camera at the base nearby. But it will have to do for now. Humble but from the heart...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...that's true and so is this: How great is the person who would lay down his or her life for complete STRANGERS?
And that's what I mean when I ask how can I, how can all of us, thank them enough?

Simon said...

hi you to come along and shit on our wake. Honestly, have you no sense of decency or class? Has the way the Senate scandal is destroying your Cons driven you over the edge? Is it the booze? Or are you now smoking crack like your hero Rob Ford? You really must be a creepy freak, and a terribly unhappy person. Boo hoo. Your sad life is your own punishment. Reach out to Assholes Anonymous before it's too late...