Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stephen Harper and the PMO Monsters

They are without a doubt the most dangerous political gang this country has ever known.

Stephen Harper and his collection of ugly monsters in the Con PMO.

They are brutish Republican-style operatives, bullies, grunting ideologues and religious fanatics.

They will do ANYTHING to pleasure their depraved leader.

Even send out their own little piglets to make idiots out of themselves, and get caught. 

The Prime Minister’s Office orchestrated a protest earlier this month at which Conservative party interns mocked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during an open-air news conference.

It is the latest revelation about the lengths to which Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office — the nerve centre of the federal government — will go to meddle in partisan politics.


Those poor Con nerds.

Imagine telling the RCMP they were just an ordinary group of students...

And thinking they could get away with it.

But it does show who they are. We've got their mugshots now. It does show just how desperate the Cons are to try to stop Justin Trudeau. And it does show how much they miss Nigel.

Before Wright wrote a cheque to cover the repayment of ineligible expenses that Senator Mike Duffy claimed, the Bay St. business veteran was praised for bringing a level of quiet professionalism to the prime minister’s operations.

Since Wright’s resignation on May 19, however, the Prime Minister’s Office has been veering toward overt stunts and hyper-partisanship in a bid to deflect attention from the ongoing controversies over the Senate and other troubles for the Conservatives.

Because now they're spiralling out of control, looking like clowns, and hurting themselves more than their enemies.

And the even better news is that unless Great Ugly Leader chases those monsters out of the PMO he stands almost no chance of pressing the reset button on his tired government.

And as Lawrence Martin points out, not only is he showing no signs of doing that. He's preparing to make things even WORSE.

For clues as to whether Mr. Harper is about to change course, look no further than at changes to his inner sanctum. What you find is no real change at all. As his new chief of staff, Mr. Harper has appointed the ultimate loyalist and insider, Ray Novak. Now reports say he is ready to bring in another long-standing pillar of the status quo to a top PMO job. That would be the party’s campaign director, Jenni Byrne.

Because Ray Novak, who almost certainly dreamed up the fake demo fiasco, is his boy wonder...

The faithful Robin who has been with him since the beginning, and once lived in his garage. So he's going nowhere.

And Jenni Byrne is his favourite uber attack dog hog...

Ms. Byrne joined the Reform Party as a teenager, and as evidenced by the Conservatives’ victorious electoral performance in 2011, she is a young woman with many skills. But for party members pushing for a more open and democratic approach, her appointment will signal the opposite. Most any Tory will tell you that out of all who have served on the Harper team, Ms. Byrne ranks as the most viscerally partisan and aggressive. She operates like she is running a boot camp.

The worst political bully in Canada.

And together they should turn the PMO into an even more rabidly partisan place than it is now, and sabotage any chance Harper had of putting lipstick on his tired old pig of a government.

At a time when even some of his own Con supporters are deserting him.

The Abacus Data survey done exclusively for QMI Agency shows support for the Conservatives is now at 21%, a precipitous drop of seven percentage points since Abacus asked Canadians in April. New Democrats are also down, but only by two points, and also sit with 21% popular support. Meanwhile, Trudeau's Liberals have seen a small uptick — one percentage point — since April and lead at 23%.

"(This) tells me that some former Tory voters are becoming disillusioned with the government and its once rock-solid core of support may be questioning their support in the future," Coletto said.

Gawd. How ironic eh?

He created those ghastly monsters, like the crazed Dr Moreau created the ones on his evil island. He suckled those young fanatics like an old sow. He raised them to think like him. He taught them to take no prisoners, and that winning was EVERYTHING.

But in the end they went out of control and destroyed the Con regime. By making it look like the old Reform Party was back. And that they were capable of ANYTHING.

And even the crazed Dr Harper couldn't stop those monsters eh?

Couldn't prevent the collapse of his piggy regime.

Because in the final analysis.

He was one of THEM....

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Steve said...

When Stephen Harper became PM in 2006, there were 512 communication or 'information services' employees in the federal public service. At the end of the 2011/12 fiscal year there were 3865.

Anonymous said...

Harper is full of, hate, spite and malice towards Trudeau. Justin has been Liberal leader for such a short time, to earn so much hate from Harper. Harper's own members refused to send out, Harper's hate ads towards Trudeau. Harper denouncing Trudeau regarding the Boston bombing, while he was at Thatchers funeral. The Grace Foundation that is connected with Moore and Harper. Harper organized an, anti-Trudeau trust. Now, a phony protest at Trudeau's open communication. Harper seems demented, in his vindictive hatred of Trudeau.

How Harper's team can support a monster such as him, beats the hell out of me?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, makes me laugh about our dear leader because you have the gift to bring out the ugliness and....the hilariousness....its good Canada has wise strong and humorous gentleman like you-Thankyou,again....David

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. I swear you have a man-love-thing for Harper.

Just admit it Simon, you want the man, but he won't have you. You are just a sad, deluded queer just waiting to become another tragic "gay statistic" when depression kicks in.

Simon said...

hi Steve...'s one giant propaganda machine coming at us night and day, trying to brainwash us with OUR money. I know of no modern democracy where something like this nightmare is happening. But thankfully it is backfiring on them. Polls show that Canadians are beginning to resent all those ads, and despite all that hot air they're sinking like a lead balloon...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I think it's safe to say that Harper's hatred for Justin Trudeau is so great it borders on the pathological. It's appalling and disgusting. And of course one more good reason to make sure we get rid of him in the next election. For the sake of decency alone, it can't happen too soon...

Simon said...

hi David...thank you, as I've said before I really enjoy making people laugh. I know that laughter gives me strength to endure the horror of Harperland and the atrocities of Great Ugly Leader. When I think of him as the Monkey King I find it easier to endure him. So you can be sure I will keep poking fun at his absurd pretensions, and reducing him to his rightful stature, until we defeat him and his horrible gan in the next election...

Simon said...

hi anonycon...Gawd. I was wondering where you had gone. I thought maybe the warden had taken away your internet privileges eh? But I guess it was the demon booze. Again. Now look I realize the state of your Cons is enough to drive anyone to drink, but let's get a few things clear: Harper's YOUR boyfriend not mine. Your fanatical love for him exceeds the bounds of decency. You should really stick to cocoa...loco. And take a bath while your at it eh? Because you're stinking of cheap bigot...

Anonymous said...

Anon's comment at 7:29, is sickening. And one sentence in particular reminds me of the Con's approach to crime--their "rope in every cell" policy. It's like, the more of us who die off--the less people they have to try to fool.

Simon said...

hi Linda...yes anonycon's comment is really classy isn't it? I get a lot of comments like that one and worse, but I only publish a few of them just to remind everyone what kind of people we're fighting.I always try to be polite to people who send me comments even when I don't agree with them. But sometimes, as in the case of that anonycon it's not easy... ;)