Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stephen Harper and My Fabulous Con Reunion

Well as you know the Con convention in Calgary had to be postponed due to an extreme weather event.

And Stephen Harper is terribly depressed because he can't press the reset button on his old and tired government.

Mike Duffy is sticking to him like a fridge magnet. And the tin foil is falling off the Con turkey.

So I thought I'd try to cheer him up eh?

By organizing a smaller convention, or Con reunion, of some of those nearest and dearest to him.

And you won't believe who is going to be there !!!!

For starters, I'm sure I can get Mike Duffy to crash the party. If only to seek solace at the buffet table, or read a menu instead of a search warrant. 

Search warrants have been issued as part of the RCMP's criminal investigation of Sen. Mike Duffy, CTV News has learned.Sources say the search warrants would allow the Mounties to search Duffy's Ottawa-area home and his cottage in P.E.I. The RCMP is also expected to get a production order to search Duffy's Senate office.

Which should more than make up for the absence of Harper's other old buddy Nathan Jacobson.

Who due to circumstances beyond his control had to cancel at the last minute. 

Politically connected businessman and philanthropist Nathan Jacobson surrendered in a Toronto courtroom Wednesday, ending his flight from American justice.

Jacobson, a strong proponent of closer ties between Canada and Israel, was friendly with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, and in March 2012 was photographed at an Ottawa reception with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Damm it !!! John...Jason...Benny... do SOMETHING !!!!!

But don't worry I'm sure that Steve's other old pal Saulie Zajdel will do his best to make it.

Despite his

Because him and Harper are REALLY tight eh?

Which is why I wouldn't be surprised if Arthur Porter also accepts my invitation to the Con reunion.

Even if these days he's playing hard to get. 

Arthur Porter has changed his mind and will now fight extradition back to Canada where he is facing fraud charges, lawyer Ricardo Bilonick Paredes says.

Because he owes Harper EVERYTHING...

Porter, who was once Canada's top spy watchdog, is accused of being at the heart of a fraud scandal involving the $1.3-billion MUHC superhospital project in Montreal, the largest of its kind in Canada.

As for that other stellar appointee, Patrick Brazeau, I'm pretty sure I can convince him to provide the musical entertainment.

Because he's got a message he'd like to deliver to Steve and his buddy Nigel Wright, who is also being investigated by the RCMP for cutting a big cheque for Old Duff.

So he'd probably LOVE to be there...

If he isn't detained by Senate business, and it doesn't clash with this other appearance. 

Brazeau is facing assault and sexual assault charges and will appear in court on Oct. 9. He has pleaded not guilty.

And finally, as if that guest list isn't excellent enough, I also wouldn't be surprised if Harpo's old adviser Bruce Carson makes a surprise appearance.

Or comes back to haunt him like the ghost of Christmas past...

Because he's facing influence peddling charges eh?  And Boss Harper must be desperate to shut him up. 

A former top adviser to Stephen Harper is "surprised" the prime minister was left in the dark about a secret financial deal between his then-chief of staff and Senator Mike Duffy.

Hey Brucie have another slice of caviar pie, I baked it MYSELF !!!!

Thanks Steve. AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!!

OMG. Somebody invite Pamela Wallin !!!!!!! She's got a HEALTH CARD !!!!!

Senator Pamela Wallin has broken her silence about her health card, saying she's got a Saskatchewan one. However, when asked how long Wallin has had a Saskatchewan health card, Wallin's office didn't answer.

Golly. Now you tell me, isn't that the most fabulous Con reunion EVER?

Although I have to admit I am worried about a couple of things.

Will Great Desperate Leader be able to attend his own event?

And will I have to change the VENUE ?????

Because let's get serious eh?

Surely by now it should be obvious that something is terribly wrong. And that only these questions remain to be answered:

Is Stephen Harper the depraved leader of a corrupt Canadian government?

Or the low life boss of a criminal conspiracy?

And how soon can we defeat him, or force him to RESIGN?

Before he corrupts us further...

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Anonymous said...

Answer #1. Yes
Answer #2. Yes
Answer #3. Resign yer ass! They'll have to get him to resign like they did his hero, mussolini, a while back.

Anonymous said...

Is Nathan Jacobson related to David Jacobson? Not that it would mean anything, I'm just wondering...

Simon said...

hi anonymous... I'm going to have to give you an A+ for those answers. Especially for #3 ;) Until recently I was satisfied with just defeating him, but now I want to resign, and the sooner the better. He's disgraced himself, he's disgraced his country, and he can't go soon enough...

Simon said...

hi Linda...I don't think so. I couldn't find anything on Google. So I'm going to have to go with the sign David Jacobson wears on his back: "I don't know Nathan" ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL--You're very funny Simon!