Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Summer of Discontent

Well I see Stephen Harper is back in Canada after his disastrous performance at the G8 Summit.

He was wrong about a Syria agreement. The other leaders did manage to cobble one together.

He was wrong about Vladimir Putin. He wasn't the odd man out at the meeting, Harper was.

He couldn't get a trade deal. Wherever he went Old Duff followed him. And when it was over all reporters wanted to know was, why is his PMO using OUR tax dollars to go after Justin Trudeau? 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper sidestepped a question Tuesday over whether it was appropriate for his taxpayer-funded office to be distributing documents to media about paid speeches Justin Trudeau made before he was elected to Parliament.

And when Harper instead of answering the question, repeated the Con smear that Trudeau is ripping off charities:

“As a public servant, I don’t think it is appropriate for me to then take money from charity. I give money to charity. I do not take money from charities, and I don’t think it is appropriate under those circumstances.”

He only looked ridiculous. Especially since the Cons are the ones who are always ripping off the taxpayers.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and six of his friends stayed at the official residence of Canada’s High Commissioner to Great Britain for eight days, free of charge, while on vacation in England, CTV News has learned.

Or living high off the hog.

But of course, the attack on Trudeau is just an attempt to try to deflect attention away from the Senate scandal. Because it's slowly killing him.

The Nanos survey asked Canadians how satisfied they were with the prime minister's explanation of what he knew about the cheque and when. Seventy-two per cent said they were dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied. Only 27 per cent were satisfied or somewhat satisfied.

And this attempt to change the channel won't work. Not when it's so obvious, and Trudeau is still so popular. Not when the police are involved.

Not when Harper is already perceived as a bully for launching the grotesque attack ads which questioned Justin's masculinity...

But only ended up exposing Harper's sleazy inner demons and his pornographic mind.

Backfiring badly, and disgusting adults and children. 

The letter-writing campaign comes as a new poll suggests the attack ads may have backfired. Indeed, the ads were more likely to leave a negative impression about Harper and the Conservatives than they were about Trudeau and the Liberals, according to The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey.

And not when most Canadians don't think Justin Trudeau is the scandal or the one who should be answering questions. They believe the Senate is the scandal, and  Harper is the one who should be answering questions like these. 

Has a review of all records, documents and correspondence been conducted to determine whether the PMO is in possession of any documentation that might be relevant to the discussions between Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright?

If so, was any documentation discovered and will it be released publicly? Have Mr. Wright’s emails been reviewed? Has the Prime Minister or anyone on his behalf spoken with members of the staff of the PMO to determine what, if anything, anyone knew about the discussions between Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy?

As you can see from the PMO response, the Cons are clearly trying to distance Great Control Freak Leader from what went on in his own office.

And of course Harper is no doubt hoping that now that Parliament is on its summer break, he can make people forget the Senate scandal. By flipping burgers on the BBQ circuit.

But I think he's wrong eh?

I think Old Duff is going to follow him wherever he goes. And so will the media. In July, the Pamela Wallin audit will be released. The police could lay charges at any time.

And we can also help keep the scandal alive, with internet campaigns, creative protests, and days like this one.

Turn his summer into a summer of discontent.

Or his living, breathing, NIGHTMARE...

Keep the heat on him for the next two and a half months, and set him and his Cons up for destruction in the fall.

Because he has never been so vulnerable, and we will not let him get away.

You know this evening, as I wandered staggered home from work, I came across these beautiful tall ships dating back to the War of 1812...

And I thought YES. That's it eh?

It's a SIGN !!!!!!

Summer is almost here. Woohoo !!!

And the Battle for Canada is about to begin...

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ron wilton said...

You could have pointed out that the harper appointed 'High' commissioner to GB is none other than the disgraced and reviled exiled former drunken secretary fucking premier of British Columbia who has plunged this province into a decade of corporate decadence that our great grandchildren will be hard pressed to crawl out of.
As for Baird and 'friends' staying at Campbell's hideout, who are they?

Anonymous said...

For all that we smug "westerners" would like to sit around and make fun of Putin, he makes harper look like a fucking idiot. Putin's educational background, actual KGB service and martial arts skills alone overshadow our neo-con cabal here by light years. He is not one of the good guys, but if harpo wants to make fun of anyone, he should pick on somebody with the insubstantial standing that he has gotten in the world community instead of one of the only guys the u.s. is actually leary of.
I'm not sayin' . . . I'm just sayin' . . . ;-)

Simon said...

hi Ron...yes I did forget Gordo. But how many drunken villains can you squeeze into one post? On the other hand the idea of Bairdy and SIX friends partying at the High Commission scandalizes me, and we MUST expose that orgy !!!! ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...good points...Putin's credentials for leading a corrupt petro state are clearly better than Harpers. And I bet Harper had some VERY uncomfortable moments during the summit. It's one thing to diss Putin from a distance, and quite another to find himself sitting across from him at the dinner table. With only a stuffed pheasant between him and his wrath. I bet Great Leader was trembling like a jello and minding his manners... ;)