Friday, June 21, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Monster Horror Show

OMG. I see Great Monstrous Leader has retreated to the basement of 24 Sussex Drive, to lick his wounds, get away from Mike Duffy.

And wait for a big electrical storm.

It's horrible, it's scary. He's desperate to try to escape the Senate scandal, desperate to boost his sagging polls.

But it's just not working. It just keeps getting WORSE !!!!!

Old Duff left such a stinky trail, the cops are swarming the Senate !!!! 

The RCMP is treating Sen. Mike Duffy’s improper expense claims as an alleged breach of trust, and has widened its investigation into the Senate expense scandal to include Senators Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau, court documents show.

Documents released Thursday also show the RCMP obtained campaign records for 12 Conservative candidates as part of a criminal investigation into Duffy, code-named Project Amble, CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported.

The scandal just keeps getting bigger, his own gang members are being drawn in, and to make matters even more DESPERATE...

The Brazman is back !!!!!!

And if the thought of that coming at him like an express train isn't enough to keep Harper awake at night.

There's the spectre of his sagging polls, and the nightmare of Justin Trudeau.

A new poll shows the federal Liberals continue to pound the Conservatives, with Canadians saying for the first time leader Justin Trudeau would make a better prime minister then Stephen Harper.

The level of dissatisfaction in the Harper government continues to soar. In the March 30 poll, the number of Canadians who say they are ‘not very satisfied’ or ‘not satisfied at all,’ was 58 per cent. The number for June is up, to 61 per cent. The number in Quebec alone — where the Conservatives hold five seats — is 76 per cent.

Which explains why he's so scared of Justin, he would do ANYTHING to try to destroy him. Even smear a CHARITY !!!!! 

The Grace Foundation never intended for its dispute with Justin Trudeau to become a political topic in the House of Commons, says chairman Ian Webster.

Conservative MP for Fundy-Royal Rob Moore has said the charity asked him to pressure Trudeau to return his fee after a letter to Trudeau did not work. But in a statement issued late on Thursday, Webster said the board did not authorize anyone to approach Moore or any political person on the speaking fee dispute.

Or use it like toilet paper for his own cheap political purposes.

Shame on him. Why does he hate seniors so much?

And how low can he go? Before he drowns in his own excrement.

Oh boy. You know I don't think a bolt of lightning is going to be enough to put Stephen Harper together again like Humpty Dumpty...or Humpty Duff.

I think a growing number of Canadians now see him as somewhere between crazy and MONSTER. I think he's starting to creep them out. So he won't be able to improve his image no matter what he does.

And that's BEFORE we hit him with our brutal attack ads. And before his own Cons come after him with pitchforks for threatening to drag them all down with him.

Yup. You know what?

It has been a monstrous horror show eh?

But it will have a happy ending...

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wazz said...

Hey Simon dis you notice that PM Alberta Firewall has already promised monetary and Canadian forces assistance to Alberta for the flood there, like he DIDN'T a couple years ago when a flood disaster hit the Richelieu Valley area of Quebec. He never ponied up a penny of assistance for two months, in Quebec. Harper never even visited the area for 2 months, either. The Harper govt response to the Quebec flood was beyond lame, but here he’s rushing to Alberta's help. Harper - he's not in it for Canada. He's only in it for Alberta. I have had enough of Conada.

Simon said...

hi wazz...yes I did notice that. And I did notice that only cameras were invited to his little photo-op, not reporters. But then there are no votes to be won in Quebec, and if he loses any in Alberta he's toast. Believe me he'll be back and it will get worse...