Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tom Mulcair and the Troubles of Eve Adams

Well as you know Tom Mulcair got into a spot of trouble on Parliament Hill the other day.

He ran a stop sign, was intercepted by the RCMP.

And then mercilessly mocked by the Cons in the House of Commons. 

First by James Moore and then by Jason Kenney.

But now it turns out Mulcair wasn't the only parliamentarian intercepted by the RCMP. So was Con MP Eve Adams. 

Conservative MP Eve Adams was ticketed for driving while using a cell phone after an incident at the entrance to Parliament Hill last week, when she impatiently pointed out to an RCMP security officer that she was an MP after she was first stopped, The Hill Times has learned.

Ms. Adams faces a fine of $125, along with a victim fine surcharge and $5 in costs if she settles out of court by paying the total fine of $155, or a fine up to $500 if she contests the ticket in court.

And all I can say is let's hope WE don't have to pay for that, like we paid for this:

Ms. Adams last week faced criticism after the Ottawa Citizen reported on Wednesday, June 12, that she claimed hundreds of dollars in hair and nail salon bills as part of $2,777 in expenses from her 2011 election campaign. The bills included $1,857 in childcare costs and $491 Ms. Eves spent at Brampton-area beauty salons, as well as a $260 bill for makeup and grooming supplies from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Let's hope her driving record doesn't go missing like these records.

And of course thank goodness nobody was hurt eh? Doesn't she know how dangerous it is to use a cell phone while driving?

OMG. Doesn't she realize that she could have mown down a Senator, or two, stumbling back to Parliament Hill after a long liquid lunch?

And will her husband to be Dimitri Soudas PLEASE teach her to have some respect for the law? If that's possible. 

Conservatives have been trying to deflect attention from the Senate expenses scandal by accusing opposition parties of ethical lapses of their own — including the fact that two New Democrat MPs have admitted they owe back taxes. But it's now emerged that one of Stephen Harper's former top advisers also had tax troubles while he was working in the Prime Minister's Office.

Documents filed in court in Gatineau, Que., show that Dimitri Soudas received repeated notices from May 2008 to April 2011 that he owed Revenu Quebec $67,467 in back taxes, including interest.

And of course will they both please remember that people in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones eh?

So what were the Cons saying today about Mulcair's little run-in with the RCMP?

Absolutely NOTHING.

Surprise. Surprise.

And what will Tom Mulcair say the next time he is pursued by the RCMP?

And what do I say?

When things go wrong for the Cons they REALLY go wrong.


And Eve.... Eve..... PLEASE !!!!!!

Stop in the name of love....

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Steve said...

She is hot, he is not, vote accordingly

susansmith said...

Ode to Steve, beauty is only skin deep and in fact Tom is a nice looking man and one with integrity, vote accordingly.

Simon said...

hi Steve...Of course I wouldn't know what you're talking about. But it will say this, I saw Eve being interviewed by Evan Solomon a while back, and she was incredibly rude and totally obnoxious. And if they didn't make me look like mangy red mouse, I'd grow a beard too... ;)

Simon said...

hi Jan...I totally agree, Eve is shallow and rude, and Tom should definitely keep his integrity and his beard... :)