Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Day The Cons Went Wild

They have turned our Parliament into a circus, and our democracy into a farce.

They strangle debate, they never answer any questions

Just repeat one Big Lie after the other.

They mock their opponents, like a gang of bullies drunk with power.

But this is the absolute limit. 

A verbal dust-up in the House of Commons almost wound up in a bench-clearing brawl. Peter Van Loan, the government's House leader, appeared to set off the incident when he stormed across the floor of the Commons to confront his NDP counterpart, Nathan Cullen. 

Microphones were shut off but video tape shows Van Loan waving his finger at Cullen and speaking in a heated manner.

And of course, it would have to be the man the Cons call Tubby. For wherever that crass Con hack goes farce is sure to follow. 

The Prime Minister wasn’t present for Question Period this afternoon. He had a photo op to attend to. As a result, it was Peter Van Loan’s responsibility to stand and lead the Conservative response this day. History will make notice of this only because it was under Mr. Van Loan’s leadership today that the Harper government fully embraced a satirical approach to political discourse.

You know, as I've mentioned before, I used to enjoy watching Peter Van Loan perform in Parliament. Because he was always spilling his glass of water on Stephen Harper.

And when I saw him hunched over Harper, mumbling apologies, sweating profusely, dabbing Great Ugly Leader's crotch with a paper towel, I couldn't help but feel that he had found his true station in life.

But of course, that was before he charged at the opposition, roaring like a boar, and waving a chubby finger.

Now I just want to know why the useless Con Speaker just stood there doing nothing, instead of calling security and expelling Van Loan from the Commons. Like you throw a rowdy drunk out of a bar.

For turning the House of the Canadian People into a Con bordello, where decent democracy doesn't stand a chance. 

Or El Harpo's Mexican Wrestling League...

Because that's where El Tubby belongs eh?

Along with all the other Con bullies and crass rednecks who have our democracy in a choke hold. And are slowly strangling the life out of it. While giving all of us a chubby finger.

Oh boy. When will we regain our self respect? When will we stop pretending that we still have a Parliament? When will we unite to drive those thugs out of the House of the Canadian People?

When will we finally get our act together?

And end this democratic nightmare...

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  1. Come come .. and no disrespect. but I've seen 5 year old hockey players barely able to stand up on their skates.. display more aggression than the pitiable and loutly Mr Van Loan.

    My grandmother was 100 times more frightening at 75 years old, certainly more grounded in reality and was often armed with a wooden spoon rather than a wooden head.. Don't mistake mouthiness, and wagging a pudgy finger for a near brawl..

    From my review of available footage, Mr Mulcair didn't bother to get up from his seat.. so it was just more crybaby trash whine from the unestimable and very dull Van Loan .. perhaps trying to separate himself from the dull soup de jour talking point pack of Poilievre, & suddenly silent Del Mastro ..

    This is how The Government of Canada.. derailed as The Harper Government.. moves destructive omnibus 'budgets' forward, legally.. via toxic poison pigs like Van Loan.. rescued by The Minster of Defense from the jaws of Mulcair .. this is our government at work, moving legislation.

    Get used to it .. for a little while longer .. get madder.. more determined.

    More outraged and disgusted ...

  2. hi salamander...your grandmother and her wooden spoon might have been a fearsome sight, but at least she wasn't wielding it on the floor of the House of Commons. That's the only point I'm trying to make. I watch Question Period a lot, and some of my friends make fun of me for caring so much about what happens there. But at least I got to tell one of them the other day I watched Canada slowly being destroyed and you didn't even know it was happening. Which was extremely satisfying. ;) And the question I have for others is how much are we prepared to put up with? Should the opposition pretend that what happens in Parliament matters anymore, should they stage some kind of protest, should they carry the fight to the people in other ways? But yes, madder than ever, and more determined than ever to see the Cons defeated...

  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Do you remember in the second election of Harper's government that he said that "Parliament isn't working."?

    What happened yesterday is further proof of why it hasn't worked for US for the last 6 years.

    I'm in my seventh decade and I have never seen as contemptible and unseemly party in power as this one is.
    I hope to see the day that real leadership and civility return to our capitol and the likes of Harper and his ilk be pushed out of office for good.


    1. hi Torontonian...I view what is happening in Parliament as just another way the Cons are trying to suppress the vote, by turning people off politics. Because honestly if I didn't think it was my democratic duty, I wouldn't watch Question Period, because it's an absolute horror show, that sometimes makes me want to vomit. But that's what they're counting on, making people think that politics is filthy, and politicians are all the same.
      When I think of Conservatives like Joe Clark and then I think of this lot, all I can say is that the Cons are going down rather than up the evolutionary ladder. But then that will be their downfall...

  4. John B.9:04 AM

    The most disgusting act in this sorry exercise was the performance of Ricky Dykstra, wearing his familiar smirk on CBC’s Power & Politics, as he led the CRAP Party effort to characterize the incident as a display of Mr. Mulcair’s bad temper.

    When will enough be enough?

    1. hi John...well you know with those Cons it's always the same modus operandi. First they deny it, and then they blame others. Fortunately more and more Canadians are starting to see the fatal pattern, and sooner or later enough will be enough...

  5. As an old fossil. and a news junkie, I have seen my share of dust-ups in different Parliament-type situations, broadcast from all over the Asia, there are actual fisticuffs..
    These Konbots have neither the stomachs for or the backbone necessary to back up their bullshit with actual physical action, which is, I suppose a good thing...
    I read a funny tweet about this said "Oh Boy, Canadians must really miss their hockey," and sad to say, they are probably right, at least about the hockey lockout..
    No one would miss these KonKlowns if they disappeared in a puff of hot air and chubby fingers...

    1. hi know if the Con sheep were suddenly to become violent and charge the opposition it might be a good thing. Because judging from those woolly mammoths we would make sweaters out of them. I mean we might have to throw a net over the beast Vic Toews, but as for the rest of them no problem. I don't know whether Mulcair would be able to run fast enough to catch the fleeing Stephen Harper. But if he did watch out... ;)

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    "When will we regain our self respect?"

    We did, when we tossed people like you to the curb.

    1. Is that you, Mr. Harper?

    2. hi anonymous... Oh boy. Cling to your illusions, like a deck chair on the Titanic, until the bitter end. The only ones who are heading for the bottom are your pitiful gang. You better start learning how to swim, or building a Noah's Ark, because you guys are going to need it...

    3. hi double he probably works for the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation (Blogging Division) where they pay them ten cents, or a double nickel, per line. And you get what you pay for, unfortunately for them... ;)

  7. Peter Van Loan is the squishy stool who consented to being made to stand for an entire meeting with harper and some other assholes isn't he?

    harper was mad at Van Loan for fucking up the delivery of a bad piece of legislation crafted by harper and his "brain trust."

    Anything to keep your power to strut about like Mussolini right before he was hanged.

    1. hi thwap...thanks for reminding me about that unfortunate photo-op when poor Tubby was forced to stand there like a dummy, in case Harpo needed a coffee or wanted his brow mopped. I'm sure I have the picture somewhere, and I'll be sure to use it soon... ;)

  8. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Canada has become a very, shameful, disgraceful dung heap of corruption. This is the lowest depth of lunacy, this country has ever sunk to. We used to be so proud of our country. There is nothing left in Canada, to be proud of anymore.

    Harper is totally to blame for all of the disharmony, in this entire country. Harper and his Cons have been a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics and, Harper cheated to win the election.

    Just when you think, Harper couldn't possibly get any lower, he does. Harper has shamed and embarrassed Canadians, at every meeting of Nations. Other country's detest Harper dictating to them. They can't stand his hissy fits and sulks, when he doesn't get his own way. Harper always manages to anger and insult, every country attending.

    I can't think of another country's leader, who would sell their country, out to Communist China? What other leader gives his country's jobs, to a Communist country? Who other than Harper, would have a completely deranged omnibus bill? An insane crime bill?

    Harper started out with a, $13 billion surplus. Harper has Canada, six hundred billion in debt. What kind of a P.M. gives billions, of his peoples tax dollars to, corrupt greedy banks, mines, huge corporations and big oil? Gives the wealthiest outfits in the world, huge tax reductions? Harper steals from us, to give to the greed of the wealthy.

    The House of Commons is nothing other than, a disgraceful joke. Dictator Harper overrules everyone anyway. Harper has no ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. That's what an evil leader does to their country. They shame all of us, in the eyes of the world.

    1. hi anonymous...I always thought Harper would embarrass us abroad, but I never could have imagined he could do so much damage. And what makes it even more inexcusable is that so many great Canadians worked so hard to give us a good reputation, only to see it all destroyed. It will take a long time and a lot of work to regain the trust of the world. And it can't even start to happen until we fire those Con klowns...

  9. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Dear Mr. Van Loan and Mr. Mulcair...Good to know my tax money is supporting you acting like a pair of ass clowns. Grow up! My nephew's hockey games demonstrate more decorum than your sorry asses.

  10. hi Way Way Up...I suppose Mulcair could have been more polite when he told Van Loon to go back to his seat. But Tubby did start it, when he's inflamed he's totally obnoxious, so I don't blame Mulcair as much as I blame him. The NDP did make an honest effort to bring some decorum to the House, but the Cons have been out of control recently, so frustration takes its toll...

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      For me its not so much as who started it. I heard that sort of line many many times as a classroom teacher.....particularly in grade 5 and younger....and that's giving these clowns more credit than they deserve.

      "Van Loon" is a good one though. Did make me chuckle, I must admit. I'll grant you that one.

  11. actually, with tempers frayed from all those amendments voted down, it was only with great restraint that a real brawl didnot break out
    Watching the body lanquage, Dewar seemed ready to swing but the Minister of Defence arrived just in time to shepherd the Con hounds away.