Friday, May 18, 2012

The Naked Emperor and the Con Regime

If I had painted this picture of Great Ugly Gorgeous Leader, I would have put a crown on his head, and made his buttocks more fleshy, like one of Picasso's women.

Or the ridiculous Con prude James Moore.

But apart from that I quite like Margaret Sutherland's Emperor Haute Couture. 

I think it captures the power structure, and the moral corruption of the Harper  regime better than anyone has ever done before. 

The three suits on the left are obviously his bosses from Big Oil, with either an envelope full of money, or his marching orders, or his separation papers for commissioning this study.   

The two guys in gangster suits on the right are clearly sinister Con operatives, and maybe even Pierre Poutine himself.

The woman bringing him a coffee, is either Bev Oda doing penance for her OJ gaffe, or a stand-in for all Con women. Because as we all know Harper likes them submissive eh? Just ask Helena Guergis.

And as for the doggy, he clearly represents the Con media. For who else would so shamelessly lick his toes? 

I also like the way Margaret Sutherland chose to give the Emperor the genitals of this well known statue...

Because she's so right eh? Power hungry nerds with tiny pee pees are simply the WORST. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

As well as having the insatiable urge to cover up EVERYTHING. 

But of course now that I know that Harper himself has nothing to cover up, I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my humble artistic impression of the mad Emperor.

From now on, no UNDERWEAR...

You know, I'm really happy that more and more Canadians are realizing that our mad Emperor has no clothes.

But when they start laughing at him it's even better...


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