Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Cons and the Trojan Horse

Well, let's put it this way eh? It wasn't exactly democracy's finest hour.

First the Cons rolled their Trojan horse budget, packed to the rafters with non-budget stuff that will gut our environmental laws, into the House of Commons. 

Then when the opposition demanded the bill be split up so it can be properly studied, James Moore, fresh from mutilating the CBC, replied by twisting stretching strangling the truth. 

“Mr. Speaker, budget 2012 is about creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians,” he assured. “We tabled this bill on March 29 and it is now May 7.” 

That today is May 7 is beyond dispute. But while the Finance Minister delivered his budget speech on March 29, the actual bill was not tabled until April 26.

Then it was Joe "Oily" Oliver's turn to emerge from the Black Lagoon, flap his wings furiously, and squawk that anyone who doesn't agree with the Cons is an Enemy of Canada.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver defended his government’s sweeping changes to Canada’s environmental laws saying those opposed are standing in the way of jobs and growth.

Because it's all about making Alberta rich eh? And what we don't know won't kill us.

And then as if all that wasn't horrible enough, the Speaker of House of Commons ruled that the Cons hadn't misled the House by lying about the real costs of the F-35 boondoggle. 

Scheer said in his ruling Monday that he was being asked to determine if statements made in the House of Commons were truthful but responded that the task is beyond his role as Speaker.

Because he can't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. And like all the Con robots he's programmed to do and say what Big Oil and Lord Harper tell him.

So you can imagine what he's going to say when he's asked to rule on whether the RoboCons stole an election.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Peter Van Loan made an absolute IDIOT out of himself? Again.

Q: Let’s go back to something your Prime Minister said, which I assume you’re familiar with this quote by now, but I’ll read it just for the sake of clarity. This was 1994, dealing with the implementation bill that year. He said, ‘First there’s a lack of relevancy of these issues. The omnibus bills we have before us attempt to amend—’ 

A: This is from an argument on a point of order? 

Q: Yes.

A: What was the ruling of the Speaker? 

Q: The Speaker ruled it out of order. 

A: Well there you are. 

Q: But then are you saying you don’t agree with your Prime Minister of 1994? 

A: I think the Speaker’s ruling speaks for itself.

Oh. My. Godzilla. I can't stand it. The stupidity BURNS.

But there is some good news eh? The day these Con klowns are defeated, and our democracy is restored, we'll be asking a JUDGE to rule on their fate.

And if there is any justice they'll ALL be going where Stephen Harper is going...

And won't that be a lovely sight?

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them win...


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ThinkingManNeil said...

With each stupid utterance, with each declaration that any Canadian who disagrees with them is an Enemy of Canada, with each passing day the Harper regime seals its fate. Our brothers and sisters across North Africa, in Yemen, and in Syria have paved the way. Now, in Greece and in France, they are finding their voices and soon many others across Europe will lend their voices and muscle to the fight to free themselves of these parasites. And here, in Canada and the Americas, the wave of progressivism will continue to swell and grow and spread, setting deep its roots and restoring humanity and justice to our land, and we will take this corrupt, cancerous Harper regime THE GODDAMN FUCK APART!!!

karen said...

Hey Simon, do you know about Leadnow? Grassroots organization, putting together all kinds of initiatives and actions to get people informed and mobilized to stand up to just this kind of thing. There is a petition to stop the sell out of the country, which is what the budget bill will do.

sassy said...

Our rage is shared with others.

h/t James Curran

Simon said...

hi Neil...sometimes it's not easy to be optimistic, but I agree with everything you say. No matter what THEY say, or what their stooges in the MSM repeat, the world has to change if is going to survive, so it WILL change.
As for the Harper Cons...I don't doubt that history will record that they came, they conquered, and then they went so hog wild they were banished for a generation.
And if I have anything to do with it even longer... ;)

Simon said...

hi Karen...I do indeed know about Leadnow, and I admire them a lot. And thanks for telling me about the petition. Let's see...where's my rabbit hat?
Whoooosh. Here it is now:


Sign it everybody.

Lordy I'm amazing ... ;)

Simon said...

hi Sassy...what a powerful statement. I hate to see art destroyed, but real life comes first. Good for him...