Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Peter MacKay and the Flying Piano

I always knew that sooner or later Dumbo MacKay would hit the eject button by mistake, fly into the air, and blame the whole darn cabinet. 

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says cabinet ultimately signed off on the figures the Defence Department cited publicly for the cost of the F-35 stealth fighter program.

The Conservative government has admitted it was aware of the larger price tag weeks before the last federal election, but MacKay's comments are the first acknowledgment cabinet approved the reporting of a lower figure to Canadians. 

Even if it did take him FOREVER to tell the truth.

But at least now  I think we can safely say, they ALL lied to Parliament.... including Stephen Harper.

And that the Con cabinet is REALLY unhappy with Dumbo...

And who can blame them eh? 

Especially after they heard him say this to the Senate commitee:

MacKay went on to defend the stealth fighter as the best available to Canada.

For now they must surely know that sooner or later they're going to have to explain when they all knew they were spending billions on a flying piano.

A virtual flying piano, the F-35 lacks the F-16's agility in the air-to-air mode and the F-15E's range and payload in the bombing mode, and it can't even begin to compare to the A-10 at low-altitude close air support for troops engaged in combat..

The F-35 is an unaffordable mediocrity, and the program will not be fixed by any combination of hardware tweaks or cost-control projects. There is only one thing to do with the F-35: Junk it.

And I very much doubt that Great Musical Leader and his Con Orchestra will be able to play themselves out of that one. Although goodness knows Al Capone knows they're trying.

And no doubt they'll soon issue a statement saying that they are standing wing to wing with Lockheed Martin. In their epic struggle to deny their workers pensions.

Even if the flying pianos they are NOT planning to buy, cost even MORE. Because what's a few billions between friends? And they hate pensions too eh?

But here's the BEST part. Remember how Dumbo hit the ejection seat button by mistake, and flew into the air? Well don't worry. It turns out he might have a golden parachute. 

So he can get to arrest anyone who tries to arrest him for gross incompetence, or acting like an idiot in a public place.

Get a police chopper to take him fishing.

And still get to keep this video from Lockheed Martin...

To remind him of the fun times he had as Defence Minister.

Great eh? Hang on to your wallets everyone. 

The Con mob is on the move.

And that piano is still flying...


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