Monday, May 28, 2012

The Triumph of Thomas Mulcair

The Cons and their stooges in the right-wing media have gone after him like a pack of rabid hyenas.

They have attacked the man, claiming he was too angry and divisive to be a leader. 

They have mocked him for pointing out the dangers of the Dutch Disease, that is ripping the guts out of our manufacturing sector and hollowing out our country, just to make Alberta rich.

They have gone after his home and his mortgages for no good reason.

The serial refinancing of a home does not necessarily indicate personal financial difficulties, however. There are plenty of entirely legitimate reasons why someone would borrow against a home. He might want to draw on the accumulated equity to remodel, send a child to school, invest in the stock market, buy another home or cottage, or just get a better interest rate.

The Liberals have gone after his four-car four go kart garage.

And only made themselves look cheap and DESPERATE. 

But nothing it seems can stop Thomas Mulcair.

The nationwide poll suggests the New Democratic Party would form a minority federal government if this were election day and a strong majority of Canadians believe the country suffers from an income gap, where the rich are getting too rich and the poor are getting too poor.

Nothing can stop the tilt to the left. How about that Occupy movement? How about that Dutch Disease?

Also, 45% of respondents said a low Canadian dollar that supports manufacturing was better for the country than a high dollar bolstered by resource exports, compared to 35% who disagreed. The issue was recently championed by Mr. Mulcair in his comment on Canada suffering “Dutch disease” — when a high currency value hurts blue-collar manufacturing jobs.

The issue that our Con media said would hurt him, because it's too "polarizing." Oh really?

By far the most polarizing leader was Mr. Harper. When the number of respondents who disapproved was subtracted from those who approved, Mr. Harper’s net approval rating stood at a gaping -26, compared to -5 for Mr. Rae and +10 for Mr. Mulcair.

Muahahaha. Suck on that one Rex Murphy, you bug-eyed little Con.

And as the country slides into recession, and the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, who do you think is going to get more and more popular?

Yup. Progressives finally have a leader who won't just defeat the Cons he will DESTROY them. And it's time for all progressives to join his winning team.

Go Tom go.

Hit them where it HURTS....

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Kev said...

Hi Simon something to make you smile

fem_progress said...

First victim of Dutch disease is Ontario estimated 232,000 job losses. Quebec second with 55,000. But Harper is a psychopath and he hates Ontario with a passion. he was born, and bullied in high school, in Ontario. Almost all photos of his childhood there have disappeared.

He WANTS ON, QC and the Maritimes to suffer. Oh and BC, he is gutting the Fisheries Act out of sheer perversity.

Simon said...

hi Kev...Wow. That's great news. Never mind the smiles I want to dance. I knew older Canadians were too smart to be fooled again by the Harper gang. Now all I have to do is help herd younger Canadians to the polls, and how can we lose? :)

Simon said...

hi fem_progress... when I look at your list it shocks me to see how much economic damage and human suffering those miserable Cons are causing.
And you're quite right about Harper. If you look at his life it's obvious he enjoys destroying things more than he does creating anything good.
I mean the guy tried to destroy the student council in high school AND university. How normal is that? Luckily it seems more and more Canadians are finally understanding what kind of person he is, and hopefully we can defeat the Cons in the next election (if they're not arrested first) and bury them for a generation...

Anonymous said...

It's not a "four car garage" anyway.

The photo is distorted to make it look much bigger. You can see it on Google Streetview, or get a better picture here:

It's a standard two car garage, and some people owe Mr. Mulcair an apology.

Gloria said...

Well, it is said, Harper isn't a Conservative. He is a Neo-Nazi Reformer of his, Northern Foundation Party from 1989. They said, the skinheads helped organize that more than shady party. Harper is most certainly a dictator.

Harper is permitting China to buy up large chunks of the tar sands. China refuses to pay Canadian wages so, they are bringing their own people, to work their vast tar sands holdings. The refining jobs will also go to China. Harper is permitting China, to bring thousands over, to build the Enbridge pipeline. The tar sands, are pretty much all owned by foreigners.

So, you damned right we need to hang onto manufacturing jobs. Our resources are foreign owned, and so are the jobs. People need to damned well wake up.

Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell forgot to tell the BC people, he works for Harper. Campbell thieved and sold BC's assets and resources. BC mills were shipped to China, along with BC's raw logs. This put 131,000 BC mill people out of jobs. There may be 12,000 more BC mill jobs lost. Freighter after freighter of raw logs have gone to China. Some mills will be laid off, because a shortage of timber. There has been, no reforestation in BC. China also owns BC mines, they are bringing their own people, to work those jobs too. Between Harper and Campbell, BC was financially destroyed. They also signed a secret deal, before Campbell got the boot. The agreement was, Harper can force the Enbridge pipeline, onto BC.

Over 75% and counting, BC citizens are supporting the F.N. people, to stop the atrocities of the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty tar tankers from destroying the F.N. food sources. Not one of the s.o.b's said one word about the F.N. food sources being under threat.It's bad enough, Harper and Campbell permitted filthy diseased fish farms, to kill our wild Salmon. Salmon is also a staple for F.N to feed their family's. Bears, eagles, wolves and many wildlife species, rely on the Salmon for food as well.

BC will fight to the last ditch, to stop those atrocities on our beautiful province. BC is under huge risks of, pipeline bursts and tanker spills. Harper has moved the oil clean-up crew, to the Maritimes. The fool even closed three search and rescue coast guards on the BC coast.

Well, they don't call Harper, spiteful Stevie for nothing.

mizdarlin said...

As someone who was a bit hesitant about Mulcair (thought he was too middle of the road) I am pleasantly surprised, not only by what he has to say, his obvious intelligence and wit, but the fact that the gLibs and CRAPs are throwing everything and anything at him, hoping something will stick...and it won't..his numbers get better every day..and as someone once told me when I was being unfairly attacked.."Keep doing whatever it is that is pissing them off so much, you are obviously doing something right (small r!)"

Anonymous said...

We've refinanced our mortgage four times over the last nineteen years - home repairs and renovations, vehicle replacement and kids education funds. The fact that the leader of the NDP went through a similar process tells me one thing - he's in the same boat as me.

ck said...

I'm going to play devil's advocate here.

First, about that seemingly mundane, light fluff piece regarding Mulcair's mortgage. I have a feeling that Glen McGregor just handed those Harpercons a gift--the beginnings of a new attack ad. I can see it now: "He can't handle his own finances, how can you trust him with the finances of the country?"

Next, that latest poll. Like any poll these days, it should be taken with a huge cue ball of salt. The Alberta election should've taught us that lesson by now.

Also, Mulcair and the NDP riding high this early since last election? There runs a risk of peaking too early. Ask Francois Legault and CAQ about that one. Stephane Dion and Iggy as well. The precedent is there.

Another reason I wouldn't take these polls seriously is that not too many of them, including this one calculates for 308 seats, not taking into account that C-12 passed. We're gettin' 30 extra seats, mainly in Ontario, BC and Alberta--all 3 still fertile con country--particularly Alberta. Knowing Stevie and those Minions of his, they will be sure to have a hand in redrawing that electoral map in a further attempt to ensure future Harpercon majorities (Ontario's 905 region--now Harpercon bastion comes to mind). Elizabeth May has figured that out. Let the gerrymandering games begin. Since no one knows exactly as of yet how the new electoral map will be drawn and where exactly these new ridings will be, it will be even more impossible to come up with a poll that is even realistic.

Also the last federal election--everyone got it wrong. No one predicted Stevie would get a majority. I did.

Also, we haven't seen Daniel Paille and the Bloc in action yet--I assume we will only see this after Quebec's next general election, which I think will come sooner rather than later. Quebec is being further shoved outta Canada and I can see Paille capitalizing on this. Unlike La Marois of the PQ, Paille actually has personality.

CAnadians haven't quite woken up yet. They're still in that "Quebec students are a bunch of evul bratty anarchists" arrogant complacency. Hell, just the other day, on a facebook page, one woman lectured us about how "we're the luckiest people in the world". Scary!!

As for that CARP poll, well, I don't put too much stock in that neither. There was a period during the campaign when CARP's polls put the Liberals on top. We know how that turned out in the end.
I still contend that neither the NDP nor the Liberals can beat Harper on their own. They will need each other's help to beat him in 2015.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...of course it's not a four-car garage. That's why I called it a four-go kart garage. And thanks for the link which makes that clear. I honestly don't understand why Kinsella would suggest that, just like I don't understand why someone would write a story about the number of times Mulcair mortgaged his house. It's simply pathetic, and of course it's not working...

Simon said...

hi Gloria...I spent five months in BC a few years ago, and I was enchanted by the beauty of the place. So I think Harper has underestimated how strongly BCers will fight to save their province from all those pipelines and tankers. I'm sure they'll rush the process and try to start building the pipeline before the next election, and the first thing an NDP government should do is scrap it. With all that orange in BC, the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, the prairie provinces, and now even in Ontario I am quite confident that we will be able to give the Cons the heave ho, and won't that be a wonderful day?

P.S. I want church bells and fireworks from one end of the country to the other. Except in Alberta of course... ;)

Simon said...

hi mizdarlin...I never doubted that Mulcair could handle Harper, I've seen him in action in the National Assembly and he did a real number on his PQ opponents. And if he can maintain his support, as the election draws closer, and people realize he is the only one who can defeat the Cons, it could become landslide. Of course I'm a dreamer eh? But the little ducks in the pond are lining up just perfectly and Harper WILL pay for what he has done to this country...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes, and I think most Canadians will feel that way, so once again what is intended to hurt him will only help him. I couldn't have written a better scenario myself... ;)

Simon said...

hi may be right and we could end up with a coalition government, and as long as the Cons are driven from power I wouldn't mind at all. But I think that since so many Canadians now hate the Cons, whoever is ahead as we approach an election, will benefit from the last minute support of others, and I'm pretty sure it will be the NDP. I also realize that Harper will no doubt offend Quebec in order to try to drive more people to the Bloc, but I also don't think it will work. Despite the convulsion in Quebec I see no signs of separatist sentiment rising. I think Quebecers want to get rid of the Cons so badly the NDP will get their support at least for another election. So add it up...Quebec in the bag, BC turning orange, the Atlantic provinces now massively NDP, and even in Ontario the NDP is competitivec with the Cons. Just between you and me, I'm going to predict that the next election will be an NDP landslide. If I'm right I will crow about it forever, and if I'm wrong you can make me eat my words... ;)