Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Day They Turned Montreal Red

And so it came to pass. On the 100th day of their amazing struggle, they refused to be intimidated by a totalitarian bill, and turned Montreal RED.

A sea of students, their numbers swollen by trade unionists, teachers and other supporters, flooded through the streets of Montreal in a massive turnout marking the 100th day of a protest movement that is growing broader and bolder. 

Reported estimates placed the number of protesters Tuesday at between 100,000 and 250,000.

And it was awesome sight...

People of all ages marching peacefully together to send a message to Jean Charest: Take your fascist bill and shove it.


“We are all students,” a student shouted to the crowd at the start of the march, which began in the heart of downtown Montreal. One student carried a sign reading: “Just watch us.”

And this evening in neighbourhoods all over the city they were beating pots and pans...

As the great freedom party continues.

Oh boy. All I can say is I'm so proud to be a Québécois and a Montrealer tonight.

And let's hope Jean Charest got the message: One mad Emperor in Canada is bad enough eh? So we don't need  another one. 


For if he didn't, then as it said on the big CLASSE banner at the head of the parade: Ce n'est qu'un début.

This is just the BEGINNING...

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Anonymous said...

Of course, change would come from Quebec. Finally.

thwap said...

I'm proud of them. And disgusted with anyone who would sign with the forces behind the "emergency" law.

e.a.f. said...

I am happy to see all the protestors coming out in Montreal. It is clear people are not happy with the latest bill which is a clear violation of our consititution. If the people in montreal do not protest this, we can anticpate other provincial governments & the feds doing similar things.

The size of the crowd reminded me of the days of Peace protests where held in Vancouver.

horseoutside said...

Vive le Quebec Libre!
Smash the NWO!

Anonymous said...

About freaking time we stood up to our government and told them to stop bullying us.

fem_progress said...

My daughter is somewhere in there ♥

fem_progress said...

Oh my country, my country, our children, my children! What have they done to you! (no pictures, too gruesomne). *cries*