Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Stephen Harper's Big Majority Party

It's been one year since Stephen Harper stole an election and finally got his majority. 

And you should have seen him at his Great Majority Party today, wearing a silly hat, and blowing his own trumpet. 

The latest federal budget “contains provisions of lasting benefit,” said Mr. Harper. “It is to sustain a vibrant, growing economy for all Canadians while protecting our environment that we are streamlining our review processes for major economic projects.”

Even as his Big Oil budget is killing tens of thousands of good jobs right across Canada. Just because one of the many voices in his head keeps telling him he's an "economist."  And that austerity programs are really working in Europe.

But that didn't stop some in our Con media from being so carried away by the party atmosphere, they were blowing him like a balloon.

Even blaming decent progressives for the worst, and most morally and ethically corrupt government in Canadian history. A sinister regime, where the truth is whatever they say it is, anyone who disagrees is an "Enemy of the State." Stealth is the Con gang's modus operandi.

And ignorance is strength.

Nearly half of the roughly 5,000 people working at Statistics Canada are being warned that their jobs are at risk, suggesting deep cuts are in store for one of the country’s most trusted sources of information.

When many in the the media should really be blaming themselves for gently inserting a tiny pipeline into Stephen Harper's other major orifice, and inhaling his bullshit fumes.

Oh well. I will always consider this anniversary as a day of infamy. I think this post speaks for itself.

Although I feel it's only fair to add, the angelic fair haired fascist didn't sing.

All we got was the Con zombie Vic Toews bellowing like a walrus, the Con wanker Woody Woodworth wailing like a banshee, and of course, the Con hog Larry Miller...

Singing for his supper, and accusing the opposition of being Nazis, just like his glorious leader did.

And as for the version of Tomorrow Belongs To Us, I now think I prefer this other one, that ran in Britain on the night Margaret Thatcher won her third election victory...

Because her Cons remind me so much of our Cons eh? All that's missing is Bev Oda at the Savoy. And because it was Thatcher's last victory. The ghastly old haggis was bounced three years later. 

Just like Stephen Harper will be bounced by this guy.

New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair declared the Conservatives are nearing the end of their reign one year after they formed a majority government. “Twelve months ago, 4.5 million Canadians came together to say: ‘Enough is enough! We can do better than this and we will be heard!”

The writing is on the wall.

The Cons better enjoy their Big Majority party while it lasts.

Because their days are numbered.

And tomorrow belongs to us...


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